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Laser Spine Institute - fraud!!! will not give me my deposit back even though there was no contract and they did not provide any service.

I had heard about LSI on a commercial a few months ago, I am 45 years old and have severe degenerative arthritis. I have been looking for relief and, from their commercials, their product appealed to me. They promised a minimally invasive procedure with little down time. I spoke to a sales person by the name of Julie a few times, she told me about their clinic, the procedure they offer and signed me up for an appointment for Dec 14, 2015. She said they required a $250 deposit, so I used my debit card to pay the $250 deposit. I started to have concerns how only laser surgery, just removing the pieces of my vertebrae would work since one, my bones were already disintegrating as it were. And two, every other doctor I had been to told me I needed fusion, something to build up the spinal column. I also started to do some research on the internet and found many complaints about LSI. My last concern was whether or not they worked with my insurance. LSI said they took my insurance United Health Care), but in numerous complaints, people said that United Health Care did not approve their claims when they submitted them. With all of these red flags, I decided to get a fourth opinion and go to a doctor that was in my network and at a legitimate hospital by my house. I notified Julie that I wanted to cancel my appointment almost 1 month prior to my evaluation date and requested a refund at that point. She said she would not authorize a refund. I never signed any documents or a contract for the surgery. I tried to request this refund multiple times by contacting other people, I did an on-line chat with a gentleman by the name of Kevin who gave me an 888 number to call to reach the billing department, he said he "did not deal with finances". I tried that number and was directed to a voice mail. I have tried to call other numbers as well only to run in to dead ends. i have left numerous messages for various people and never gotten a response back.

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MJ Leger
, US
Apr 16, 2017 1:58 pm EDT

This place is a fraud, just like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America -- nothing but money-hungry people who do things on a grand scale rather than a personal one! That's what MANY fLORIDIANS HAVE TOLD US! "DON'T GO THERE, they warn us! Shame shame! And that awful whiny blond woman with the southern accent on your ad, well we have to mute the TV when that bored, inept complaining house-wife-type comes on the air! We wouldn't go to Laser Spine Institute for ANYTHING after hearing her!

, US
Aug 05, 2016 10:40 pm EDT

Contact your bank & dispute the charge. I did that once with a transaction that was 10 months old & I got my money back.

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