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J Mar 23, 2018 Review updated:

I went for bloodwork this morning and was told I'd be turned away if I didn't pay my outstanding balance in full. I have been having extremely bad financial issues at the moment and didnt have the money to pay the $22 I owed.That's correct - $22 lousy dollars. If I had the money I would have paid it. People don't get American Express cards because the balance must be paid monthly, now healthcare is doing the same?!
I had $94 to make it 7 days until my next paycheck. I now have $72 since it was so imperative to add $22 to the millions you make. Congrats, you made a grown man cry today over getting needed healthcare. You must be very proud of your company. I did not deserve the treatment Labcorp gave me today. I am an honest man with good intentions and you held me hostage today. Shsme on you.


  • SubSquirrel Mar 23, 2018

    $22 or $22k doesn’t matter. Businesses can’t afford to carry balances whether they make millions or hundreds.

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  • St
    steven kleinsburg Mar 27, 2018

    @SubSquirrel I AGREE!

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  • Je
    Jenny Dower May 21, 2018

    As much as I dislike LabCorp, you can't expect them to provide services for free. You probably had ample time betwen labs to pay that $22 balance, but should admit that if you had not been in a situation that forced you to pay it, that you most likely never would have bothered.

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  • Ha
    Hassan Divanbeigi Aug 24, 2018

    Don't worry, 22$ is nothing compare to us! We were charged for one test twice, first time 122 dollars and second time 650$! Then they charged us for a test that we never had and was about 7 months before the time, aids, for deductables was around 80-90 dollars! And let me tell you something, they will delete all the history about you if they needed to! We were in a labcorp for the test that now they say they see our name on list but never seen us before and never tested at all! So don't be upset! There is a reason we, the whole nation, are bankrupting!
    But if any person don't believe me then tell me how to escalate this corruption to higher level, I swear to god I'll put all the information with the real names here! Thanks to those who have enough knowledge about it and god bless them!

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