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My husband and I checked out of this hotel and paid cash after the clerk told us our debit card had not been debited yet. I held the room with me card on the phone but at check out paid for the room in cash. The amount was also deducted from my bank account. I have called and complained so many times and was told they couldn't reverse the debit. I now have to try to go through my bank and fill out a dispute charge form. This is crazy. La Quinta Inn is ripping people off. They need to be stopped.


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    clintgebert Aug 26, 2016
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    I recently stayed in the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Nashville, TN at 2345 Atrium Way on 8/2/10. I had a friend who is driving in from New York to pick me up and we are going to drive back up to New York, which is a 16 hour drive each way. My friend got in at 5 am. At 9:00am sharp, CONSTRUCTION begins on the roof of the hotel! We were in room 617, which was the highest floor at the hotel--the roof being directly overhead of us. There were hammers, saws, air blasters, electric sanders, and God knows what else going on simultaneously--and I don't think I have to explain how EXTREMELY loud this was! At a hotel, where people pay to sleep, it is absolutely absurd that La Quinta would find it ok to be working on the roof of the hotel at 9:00 am. The level of noise the construction crew is making is astounding. I'm listening to it right now as I type this. I contacted the front desk, and the only thing they had to say was, "Well, we assumed ya'll would be out of the room by 9:00 am!" Oh really?! Why on earth would you assume someone would be up and out of the hotel by 9:00am the following morning. My friend cannot safely drive 16 hours on 3 hours of sleep, and unfortunately she cannot fall asleep very easily. So after being woken up by this preposterous incident, falling asleep again in a different room that was given to her will be extremely difficult if not impossible. If something happens to us on the roadtrip due to lack of fatigue or sleep, I will hold La Quinta Inn fully liable and responsible for their incomprehensible management that would book paying customers on a floor where a construction crew would be wrecking havoc on the roof directly above them at 9:00 am. This is the most absurd chain of events I have ever encountered, and something needs to be done to rectify the situation, as the front desk here is less than accommodating. So much for your glorious satisfaction guarantee, huh La Quinta? I'm sure it sounds good on paper, but heaven forbid you actually put it into practice! The hotel here literally is acting like I am out of line for being so upset about this. I have frequented La Quinta Inn's all over the country for quite some time because I have a dog and its a great hotel for dogs, and this particular La Quinta Inn in Nashville is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in. The employees here are nasty, rude, and unaccommodating to guests. Where is the corporate quality control to make sure the hotels within the chain of La Quinta act and operate as they should? Never again will I stay at another La Quinta Inn.

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    Juan Manuel Roa Aug 26, 2016
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    Lastima night I had a terrible situation at La Quinta Inn - Convention Center in San Antonio, Tx.

    I made a reservation in March 3rd (almost a month ago) to stay at La Quinta Inn from March 31st until April 3rd. Unfortunately once we arrived, the front desk Assistant informed us that the hotel was oversold, so we had to go to a different hotel far away from the conference we were attending during our stay.

    During the discussion with the front desk Assistant, the hotel security guard (Mr. Alfaro) who was next to me, threatened me and assaulted me by pushing myself. I am really concerned that besides this hotel changes conditions that affect customers, the staff is able to attack guests this way.

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  • Be
    Betty R Camarillo Aug 26, 2016

    Good Evening!
    Just a note to let you know we have used inorder to get the best hotels at the best rates. We travel to see our nephew with the Miami Dolphins and we
    have used Hotwire and have been very satisfied in Denver and Boston.
    However, I just booked a hotel in Peoria, Arizona tonight and was matched with the La Quinta hotel in Peoria, Arizona, for a rate of $113, which I thought was ok. Then I wanted to find out more about the hotel and the facilities, map, etc. Their ad lists their rooms at $109 for King size rooms!! With Hotwire I don't know even know if I have a King, non-smoking room??
    i don't understand the price difference? Hotwire is supposed to have the best deals, but this is not the best deal. Why go to HOtwire when I can go directly and get a better price???
    I am Very disappointed.
    Betty Camarillo
    [email protected]

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  • La
    LadyMcG Aug 26, 2016

    One morning around 9:30 AM, I was awoken by a greasy, dirty man in my room. He broke the latch lock off the door by kicking the door after he used his main key to unlock the dead bolt.

    Their reason..

    They didn't know if someone was dead in there because they hadn't seen anyone going in or out and the dead bolt had been locked for 3 days. Well, considering the fact that my husband had went in and out of the room for the entirety of our stay (they had even talked to him in those 3 days) I took it as a pervert trying to break into my room.

    I called LQ to make and complaint and they did NOTHING about it.

    The place was dirty and the employees were miscreants. They were very very loud while they were doing their daily duties such and cleaning. They hung out in front of the hotel and had their friends come by to meet them and hang out. They also let kids come their during the day to play in the pool like it was was day care center. Very rude. I didn't even want to go to the pool with all the children screaming and splashing about.

    This was the worst LQ I have ever stayed at.

    They did nothing about my situation... and I'm and Elite member. What does that say about their company?

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  • Si
    SICK Aug 26, 2016

    La Quinta - Pasadena.
    Hotel Guest Safety... There has been 21 vehicle break ins since April '08. All you have to do is give the police the address and it is in the open records. The management at the hotel knows and NOW the corp. office knows, but since it is a franchize hotel. NO ONE is worried about it. But April 13, 2009 we were 1 of 3 guest that had our vehicles broken into. The hotels comment was "we are not responsible for auto break ins, file your loss on your home owner insurance.

    What would have happened if someone was hurt in the parking lot...????? OH WELL I am sure they would say.

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  • Me
    MEP1 Aug 26, 2016

    LaQuinta's Abilene, Texas hotel on Catclaw is listed on their website and elsewhere and gives the distinct impression that it is open for business. IT IS NOT!

    We made a reservation online for that location and they sent us a confirmation.

    We just called to confirm our reservation (one day before leaving to go to Abilene) only to find out the property isn't open and NO ONE CONTACTED US TO LET US KNOW!

    Then, the reservation operator said there was nothing she could do about it, could not/would not help us locate another hotel room, then hung up on us.

    WOW LaQuinta -- nice going. I will not stop until I've made sure as many people as possible, as many media and social media outlets as possible are made aware of this shoddy, unforgivable service!!!

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  • Ar
    Arvid Aug 26, 2016

    We were not able to leave the hotel for 2+ days and nights because of lack of snow removal. Elevator broke and still no urgency. Hotel never called and never even offered to open up their breakfast coffee bar. But the worst of it was the walkways to and from our room and in front of our door were covered with ice fron Dec. 20th through Dec. 25th 2008. Being seniors, while we slipped many times, it was a miracle we didn't break something.

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  • Db
    dblessil Aug 26, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I stayed at the LaQuinta @Orlando International Drive 8300 Jamaican Ct, Orlando, fl from Dec 27th through Dec30th.Check-in time was 1300.I planned my arrival time to arrive pretty close to check-in time.I arrived at 1:10.I went to check-in and the lady at the front desk said it would not be ready till 3:00pm.I had a pet with me so I really couldnt go anywheres, so I parked my car outside of the room that i had been given which was 103.Now keep in mind I had a wedding rehearsal to attend @5:00PM.We are watching the maid service going from room to room the whole time we are in parking lot.It is now 3:45 and quite upset and stressed at this point because time is short now to attend rehearsal.At this point I go back up to the front desk and ask them how much longer on my room.They told me that it has been ready!Are you kidding me!I told them no it hasnt, I am watching them clean it right now.She said she was sorry, that they were very busy. NOT MY PROBLEM!She did give me the key so I waited some more till the maid finished the room.Needless to say, I got into my room at 4:05.I missed the researsal, THANKS TO POOR MANAGEMENT!My room was not up to my standards.I am not a high class person, but do expect a clean room!Hair on bathroom sink, vanity and floor as well as around coffee maker!How gross!!!Next day, I did not get my room cleaned! I had to go to front desk to get my clean towels and a set of sheets.Yes, I did have a dog! I always respect other peoples property and always travel with a crate, and my dog was crated every time I was not there.Now lets talk about the breakfast bar!There was a assortment of things but please, muffins everyday!How hard would it be to maybe switch up the muffins for maybe danishes or donuts every other day!This was a very unsatisfied stay!Whenever I book a room whether it be through, etc I always request a LaQuinta if one is in the area of where I am going.This stay will certainly.I dont know if I will ever give LaQuinta a second chance!

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  • Su
    Supernatural006 Jan 15, 2016
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    I agree. I just went to Laquinta in Orem Utah and the guy at the front desk overcharged my card by $335.00 for a $85 one night stay (military rate). I was told to wait 7 - 10 business days. Here I am now, at the 11th business day and I am now having to dispute the charges, through my bank, due to no response from laquinta's customer service department. This is no way to treat customers, especially those who are are on an elite level with your company. This will fall on deaf ears but I am done with laquinta and will not step foot in any of your hotels.

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  • Ph
    PHarmon Aug 13, 2013

    Front desk clerk offered sex to my boyfriend before I showed up and asked for a quote bag of weed I complained to manager who seemed to be friends with her and didn't seem to mind am now contacting the cooperate office GM could or would not be reached 2170 delk rd. MARRIETTA GA DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE

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  • Id
    Idocare Apr 02, 2012

    Attack? Are you alright? Did you contact the police? Did you fill out an incident form? Did you contact corporate??
    This sounds terrible

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  • Wa
    wayne jOHN Jul 15, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I stayed one night and promply checked out the next day. Upon returning home I checked my bank account ans they had charged me twice. Made 5 calles to hotel to talk to manager. Finally had to call corporate after manager woulkd not return my calls. This is a rip off hotel. I travel alot and stay at La Quinta alot but those days at that chain will never happen again. I was treated very rudly when I challenged the bill an absolutly no satisfaction from Corporate offices. They pass you from one phone number to another
    and no noe seems to held accountable.

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  • Kj
    KJMinPA May 06, 2011

    Sorry, JSC, but 10 p.m. is NOT a "late check out". Lots of guess simply assume that because they checked in "so and so many hours after "official check in time", that they are somehow due those hours in some sort of make-believe "even out" situation. A "late" check out by hotels is considered and hour or two after official check out. At La Quintas, official check out time is noon, so a "late" check out would have been 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. at latest. NOT 10 p.m., when the room was dirty and could not be rented, and there is no one to clean that room until the next day. You cost that hotel a night's revenue after you left because you might not have been there, but you did indeed stay there 2 nights.

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  • Ch
    Chichi2010 Nov 06, 2010

    Every la Quinta I stay at has been very ethical and fair. They always have a late check out option at 12 noon. Most will allow 1 or even 2 o'clock check out if they have rooms to spare that evening. Keep in mind they have staff there to clean rooms. A 10 o'clock at night late check out is unheard of at any hotel chain. Some people try to find a way to take advantage of businesses, I personally thing la Quinta inn and suites is one of the best hotels out there! The friendly staff during my travels are second to none! Anyone reading this should make your own judgement.

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  • Pa
    Paula Millican Jun 22, 2010

    There were bugs in our rooms, no clean towels, sheets not changed, pool closed earlier than posted, breakfast not stocked. A nasty hotel.

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  • Re
    Really? Feb 21, 2010

    Something doesn't sound accurate here...

    Is this really what happened? You really made reservations for a closed hotel and La Quinta hung up on you?


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  • Ha
    HappyJack Aug 03, 2009

    I was overcharged over $1, 000.00 on a debit card for a pre-paid reservation at La Quinta in Clearwater, FL. It took over a week to get it resolved and tied up my vacation money. The manager, named Chris, won't return phone calls and promised to refund me around $135 in overdraft charges but won't follow through. I can't recommend this particular La Quinta.

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  • Jo
    john hassen Aug 01, 2009

    la ouinta northwest tallahassee new general manager ken hirchman bad service, un friendly, i had permission to park my 73 classic convertible cadillac and atown car left phone number with the front desk, bad decision i wont trust this guy tryin to steal my cars 2905 north monroe street tallahassee florida 32301, why do they hire people like this, i left my cell phone number, i am a return member, i have reciepts staying more than 200 times at this location now i dont feel confortable what can u do

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  • Js
    JSC Jun 11, 2009

    I checked in this hotel late on 11:00 PM the usual check-in time is 3:00PM.When I checked in I have told the front desk that I will be checking out late which they made a note.I was told specifically that they charge for a night.Now when I see my credit card bills it seems they have charged for 2 nights.Now they are giving excuses that the late check-out cannot be so late (10:00 PM) at night.My question is they could have informed me earlier that I need to pay for an additional night.Infact I could have stayed an additional night.This is a trick to eat money as they have the credit card number to do anything.Never ever stay here.Be very cautious to stay in these type of hotels.Its better to give a penny to a beggar rather that to the money making attitude these hotels have

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  • Su
    SUSIE Feb 07, 2009

    I work at a hotel and think you may not fully understand how this works. When you check into a hotel and give your credit card (sometimes when you reserve) to hold your room for the night, it is always pre-authorized. The credit or debit card has a hold placed on it for the amount of your stay plus 5 to 10% in case you have other charges. This assures the hotel that the room will be paid for in case you choose in the morning to continue on with your trip or leave the charge on your card. If this was not done, many guests would leave the next morning without stopping by or come down to sign their card and it would be no good (over limit, declined, etc) and payment may not be received. If you choose to pay cash at check out, the card will not be charged and the cash will be processed. I have worked for 4 chains over 25 years and there is not a way to double post a payment. However, the hold on your account will remain for 3-14 business days, depending on your banks hold time for preauthorizations. Many guests, because of the way it appears if you check your account by computer, think they have been charged when it is a preauthorizaition. If you are using a debot card, there is a chance if you have a small amount in your account these holds could cause you to overdraft. This is a chance you take based on using debit cards instead of credit cards. Do not way an entire chain for one hotel issue. You may need to contact the GM of this hotel or if that fails, call the toll free number guest assistance for a resolution.

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