Kubotaz723-kh zero turn commercial mower

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I have had this mower for 2 years now, and have used less than half of the hours on it due to long extensive "diagnosis" of the main issue. The main issue started day 1, mower sputtered and within a couple turns of mowing it started to blow blue smoke (burning oil). I shut the mower down, and backfired immediately. I did not have the means to take the mower back to the dealership in which I purchased it (athens tractor, athens texas), and the decided to come and pick it up almost 2 weeks later.
They explained that it had blown a head gasket. Just to clarify from what I will be explaining later, by this point I had not even mowed enough to put gas in the machine. After having my mower for almost a month they brought it back to me, with no paperwork, nothing. The guy took it off the trailer, and as soon as I escorted him off my property I got on the mower to mow my tall grass (since it has been so long from them repairing it). The mower didn't even go 150 feet and it died on me. I called them up, but of course they were closed. I called the following monday since this was the weekend, my mower sitting in the same spot. Tried moving it several times, and it would die immediately. Also, still backfiring as it would shut itself down. They picked it up the following tuesday or wednesday (I can't recall the exact day). Had it for almost a week (I called the following monday). I talked to the repair manager who told me I must have put plastic in the gas tank because they found debris in the tank. Funny, since I had not even put any gas in the mower since I got it. They stated on "good faith" they would fix the issue at no cost. Kind of funny how they literally just replaced the heads, and had to remove the tank and lines, but decided it was my fault even though I had not put gas in the machine. It left my house with less than 17 hrs, I got it back with 30+. I talked to them about returning the mower due to it being a lemon, they said it was under warranty so there should be no issues with it from this point on. When they returned it, well it was another 2+ weeks. So, moving forward since yet again I did not receive any calls from them, and I had to call to check up on the mower, and being frustrated with their outrageous claims, I decided I would never go back there. So, for months I dealt with the pos dying on me, and backfiring every time I turned the machine off (at low idle for at least 30 seconds). Still backfired. Also, the machine ran very hot, being air cooled I understand that if it is not moving it is not getting cooled off. Well, I have had several mowers in my life time, and not one of them ever made my back literally bead sweat while going max speed for less than 5 min. This one however does...
So, I found a different place to take my mower to, and was told it was out of a certain person's territory, and not wanting to deal with the ignorance of this person I decided to bring my mower there. I also, bought a b2601 first, then brought my mower up. Rucker equipment in palestine tx, which is over an hour drive (not carrying a trailer and equipment), but almost 2 hours away from my home. They had the mower for a month. Supposedly could not recreate the issue of it backfiring. Kind of funny, since when I brought it home, and not even 2 seconds off the trailer, and doing one stripe (100ft) I move it back to the barn; surprisingly it backfires. Never would have guessed that! So, I got it back this time with over 60+ hours on it. Awesome! I love how I have used my 8k paperweight less than the diagnosis people have. So, I continue to mow, and deal with the idiocracy of this mower dying on me when it feels like it, and after about 2 months (barely even mowing for fear that it would die in the middle of my property). Well, it did die... Right in the middle of my field. I call up rucker's, they said bring it up to the shop, and as I explained I would when I can (I work about 80hrs a week, and live almost 2 frickin hours away), so 2 weeks later I took off some time, lost some money doing so, and brought them the orange paperweight. I called week 1, week 2, week 3, and on week 4 they explained that a rod had bent, and they were waiting for a specific solenoid to fix the continual backfiring issues that all kubota's of this specific year and model had. Hmmm, they finally found the issue that I always recreated, but they could not. Hmmm. So, I get a call on week 5, "you have water in your gas tank, and you have bad gas cans". Well, for one, that same gas goes into my honda (4 wheeler), my push mower I had to buy because of this pos, my mom's vehicle, and also my brand new truck. Funny how nothing else is affected by this supposed bad gas. Couldn't ever be something that might have gotten introduced to the machine going 70 friggin mph in a pouring down rain on the way to the shop almost 2 hours, or the fact that is sat in the field in 2 flash floods during the 2 week period I didn't have the time to get my paperweight worked on. These people would not get past the point that the supposed water was not causing any of the issues, and never had! So, week 5, and week 6 I refuse to pay for a tank to be flushed since it is not the underlying issue, and i'm not about to put any more money and time into a paperweight! Again, they can't understand the issue at all. During this time I was told every week that the territory manager has been trying to get in touch with me, which is 10, 000% bs. My phone is attached to me like an appendage due to the nature of my profession. He called me twice, after week 6, and week 7. Yes, that's right 7 friggin weeks at the repair shop. I explained everything that he already knew, and at the end of the conversation I asked about the lemon law and this orange paperweight, which was when he instructed me to contact my lawyer.in the process of this right now actually, but I am trying to give them some more time to process the idiocracy as well as rectify this situation. So, week 8 I pick up my mower, not touching it at all besides strapping it down on my trailer, and when the gentleman drove it up to my trailer it was sputtering, and blowing smoke. Sure doesn't seem like it is fixed, wouldn't you agree?
As I left rucker's I contacted kubota customer satisfaction, being transferred 8 times did not help my general disdain for the company in general at all. Finally got to annete in customer satisfaction, and made sure she did not transfer me again (she had previously twice transferred me out). I explained I needed to speak to her supervisor, in which she stated they were not available, and she could help. Having absolutely no confidence in her level of "helping capabilities" I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and instructed her to write my information down for them to contact me later. She was given not only my cell, but my office number as well. Guess who did not call? I bet you can guess... So, on my way to work the next day I started the customer satisfaction cycle yet again. John got me to the supervisors voicemail (funny how they couldn't do this the previous day, or maybe she didn't know how to), and I left a rather professional fu call me back voicemail. Low and behold angel the supervisor called me back. Finally got through to someone with some common decency, and ability to hopefully help this situation. This is now 9/5, and I spoke to him on 9/1. Lets see if I actually receive any resolve in this situation, and if not I will proceed to use hootsuite to my full capabilities.
I am still waiting for a call back...


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    JohnEstes Sep 16, 2018

    I also have a z723. 140 hours and $1044 in repairs. 7 hours later it blows a head gasket.

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