Kraft Real Mayo30 fl. oz mayo

A Nov 26, 2019

I thought I would let you know that we bought two 30 oz jars of Kraft Mayo at Harps in Heber Springs, AR last week. The jar of mayo had a very bad tast on one of my sandwiches and I just took one bit and had to trough it away. Well it is now Tuesday Nov, 26, 2019 and I made another two more sandwiches and eat one and had to though the other one away again. I opened up the other jar of Mayo and it was good. The bad 30oz. jar of Kraft Mayo had an use by 21 MAR 2020 — 18:28-cpo3. But get this the good 30zo. jar had an use by 27 Dec 2019-00:03-cpo3. I think you need to check this out before anybody gets sick on that production jar.
I'm retired and 77 years old and my wife and I cannot afford to be toughing away good money for goods that we trust. If you can I would like a refund for the mayo and the three sandwiches that was wasted. I love fried bologna and I hated to put it in the trash.
Thank you for your support on this matter.
Aubrey Bentley Sr. — email me at [protected]

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