KPN Travelsworst travel experiences!

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This is to bring to the notice of all those people traveling in KPN travels. I traveled in this bus on May 16 2008 from Bangalore - coimbatore by AC volvo. The bus started from bangalore late by 1 hour. I had a very high hope that I will reach coimbatore on time no matter how late the bus started.But I reached Coimbatore again 2 hours late the next. The story doesn't end there, the AC temperature was very low, all of the passengers were freezing inside with only a small stinking shawls to cover us given in the name of blankets. To my surprise there is no one to complain except for the driver.

There are lot more stories of my horrible experiences with KPN travels.Once I travelled from Cuddalore-Bangalore.I was seated in the last seat(the long seat at the back), it was raining outside and the rain water was leaking on me.Though I complained to the driver he very cooly refused to provide me with another seat or with any other solution.Ultimately i travelled like that all the way to Bangalore.

This is yet another story... once they didn't bother to inform me about the pick up van and had to miss my bus on that day and traveled next day by train...they said I could cancel this ticket... and with that hope I sent them a letter with an xerox of my ticket... they replied back asking me for the original ticket to give me 25% of my ticket money... to my surprise I never got any reply from them or never got my ticket money.

Though I have quoted these as stories... this is the reality which happened to me...I request all those traveling by KPN to act wisely after reading these... now that after learning so many lessons from KPN I have decided never to travel by KPN travels.

All the information in this complaint are reliable and I request all to forward to as many people as possible and it is high time KPN travels should learn from the mistakes.


  • Sr
    Sreekanth Nair Oct 04, 2007

    Below find the mail which i forwarded to [email protected]


    I traveled on October 4th night from Chennai to Bangalore on Volvo at 10.45 pm. I was accommodated on seat nos 1 and 2 and had the worst experience of my life. I am not sure whether you people there will care about a customers complaints.

    I boarded the bus from Egmore-Chennai and was having sound sleep and was disturbed at 4:30 morning somewhere before dharmagiri when we were asked to get out of the bus and board an ordinary airbus if we wish to reach Bangalore. when we enquired for a reason one of the KPN persons replied that the bus AC is not working and another person said it has break down and both was not the case. I heard them planning while leaving Chennai, however never thought it will really happen. After this we had a horrible journey in a horrible ordinary airbus which was stinging filled with insects and bed bugs. All the customers who usually travel was mentioning that now a days they have the same experience in KPN. I am sending this email as I wish to convey the same if anybody in KPN travels cares about the customers as mentioned in your logo and as mentioned in big impressive words in your website. Thank you for such a wonderful journey.

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  • Sa
    Sankara C R Dec 31, 2007

    I had a horrible journey in an ordinary KPN airbus which was filled with insects and bed bugs, when i had a trip from Thirunelveli to Bangalore on some other day.

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  • Zo
    zorro Apr 06, 2008

    The service provided by KPN travels is ofcourse the worst customer service.
    I too sent email to customer care mentioning to treat customers properly and help them when needed.
    Earlier days when KPN came to business, they are so good because of the heft competition. These days not many have so many volvo's (some with same number plate ;)) .

    What I am asking people like you is, if you see the service is so bad, why you want to pay again and take this journey? (I am sure you are not a one time traveller to KPN).
    If everyone takes it seriously, then KPN will have no business .We are demanding something what we pay for.
    Will they accept a penny less when you get ticket (never!!!). So why compromise only on customer service??

    I am frequent traveller chennai-bangalore through KPN for simple reason madiwala (my house in BTM) to tnagar (My house in GN chetty road). I see to that atleast i have made my point by mailing the customer service or calling them regularly.

    I even got a suprise call from their "customer service manager" and she was totally accepting all the words, but no solution.. SO I see that they are also working on it in the background.


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  • Ku
    kumar Jul 23, 2008

    I have stopped travelling in KPN's buses. Travelling in the 5.30 pm A/C bus to Trivandrum is horrible. The bus is always late and reaches only after 11 am. The driving is very slow and the bus stops at many locations. The driver is not at all in a hurry and drives the bus in a slow manner talking to other staff on the bus and on his mobile.

    The most irritating part is the videos. Even though all the passengers are malayalis, KPN will only play Tamil videos and films. The video songs are downright vulgar and most of them show actresses in skimpy outfits and perform obscene steps. Why can't they play Malayalam films on buses to Kerala?

    The government should withdraw the license of KPN's bus service to Trivandrum. It is such a painful journey.

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  • Pe
    peter Sep 24, 2008

    Features of KPN(AC Volvo/Normal)

    1. Bed Bugs
    2. Stinking Seats
    3. Bad Service
    4. Very Very Very Late(about 2.30 hrs )
    5. Moves Like a Bullock Cart

    Guys its adventerous to travel by KPN.

    KPN Travel can be compared to Treking, Sky Diving, Mountaineering.

    Tourism can be improved by KPN.

    People who like to loose weight can travel by KPN(credit goes to the Bed Bugs)

    Really a very good experience

    KPN is like a gentle breeze(feel it once, u will realize the pain)

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  • Ha
    Hari Oct 14, 2008

    September first week we booked AC KPN airbus but in the last moment we informed that AC bus got breakdown and had a very worst journey in an alternate KPN airbus which was filled with insects and bed bugs we couldn't sleep .
    there is no proper response from the Customercare, and the manager replies that it will happen more often with KPN travels.

    On seeing these comments Did the Mangement come up with good solutions to the travellers?

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  • Ma
    mani Dec 28, 2008

    I have stopped travelling in KPN's buses. 2 weeks back. i came frm hosur to chennai.The bus started from hosur late by 1 hour.then travel starts after 1 hr. then in bus no video its ok no problem. then in bus small small injects starts bitting paricularly (lice)..really i wexed.finally im not able to sit itself. then start standing. for 3 maintainence at all.then wat for they charging so much.

    Now that after learning so many things from KPN I have decided never to travel by KPN travels.

    All the information in this complaint are reliable .now the fact they got the name kpn.thats y they r doing like this. so people be aware of this kind of buses.

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  • shabarish Apr 01, 2009

    no all this complants r very stupidely do u all complanties know on thing "i am the regullar travelar for K.P.N travela i am very proud to say that the travels proveding the very good fectlies in the bus the talk frendaly, they reach th place at correct time the bus are clean and they are at good condition Whwn u compare to SHARMA TRANSPORT i can say u people that the K.P.N TRAVELS is best and safe when compared to K.P.N TRAVELS, SHARMA TRANSPORT is very verst and the buss are uncleaned and they dont reach the place @ correct time i cane proudly say that K.P.N TRAVELS is the best travels
    thank you

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  • Na
    Nalam virumbi Apr 10, 2009

    KPN travels became very worst longback. Better go by normal Government bus which is better that KPN and cost also very less. Main problem with Govn., the frequecy of busses are very less b/w cities, thats why all preferred to go by this kind of humbug transport services like KPN (K - Kallan, P-Porruki, N - Notorious) driver and cleaner are very rude in answering the passengers. The solution for this kind private transport is to have several pickup spots for Public transportation on the way like private. I'd very bad experience in KPN with bedbugs, careless treatment of baggage, dusty seats with broken supports, windows will not close properly during winter or rainy season (poor maintanance), most important thing...Passengers please don't use the Blankets provided by KPN services as most of them are getting allergy (It was not washed properly)...Try avoiding window seats, especially in KPN travels (More bedbugs and insects) are making us scratch our entire body (We need to spend more money f0r treatment)...

    We poor public..doesn't have any other option this SELEM rular KPN making our life making money from us...we also don't have any other option. Live with it... When one "Anniyan" will come out of us...Expecting day to come. More over...Koyembedu Private bus terminus is also getting spoiled day by day...will Govn. will look into it...

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  • Ga
    Gayathri Apr 14, 2009

    Unless they realise and consider these problems seriously, KPN is going to lose the customer base for sure!

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  • Ra
    ramesh Apr 30, 2009

    ofcourse KPN has worst service of all the private buses I have travelled. even SETC and KSRTC volvo services are far better.

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  • Ns
    nsubbu May 23, 2010

    on 22 may 2010 i booked a ticket from coimbatore to chennai through kpn travels with a huge hope that my travel would be much comfortable. I reported 20 min before the commencement of the travel and i was told to wait. I waited till 8 pm [ boarding time ] and still the bus didn't come. After 5 min the bus arrived and we got in. [ It was 8.10 ] late of 10 min.
    Unfortunately I was given the last seat. the semi sleeper seat had no adjustments for push back, no adjustment lever for leg rest . When i reported to the official, he simply replied, bear that and nothing can be done. I stressed again and the driver came to see and said it is like that adjust.
    The bus started at 8.25 [ late of 25 min]. It was such a rude reply and reponse from the kpn driver .
    The driving was such that the passengers ofen jumped off their seat . the suspension was worst and no maintenance was made. another reason is the driver he never slowed down the vehicle when there were bumps and craters in the road.
    I was not able to sleep even for 5 min .
    after 3 hours of travel i noticed that the bus was standing in the middle of the road for more than 10 min. I thought it might be a traffic jam. when i peeped out i was shocked to see that our bus and an govt. bus in the opp side was soooooooo close that a major accident
    was avoided. Such a reckless driving.
    In short, lack of punctuality, poor maintenance, impolite behaviour of the driver, reckless driving, poor customer care were the specalities of that particular bus. all these are genuine experiences of mine.

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  • Si
    Sivaraja Jun 08, 2011

    I booked 2 tickets to Tirupur from Bngalore in K.P.N Travels on 4.6.2011.MY boarding time is 2.45 from Bhommanahalli(Bangalore).But they started at 4.15 only(1.30 hour late...).its an volvo bus... After 2 hours travel they switch-off A/C's... when we asked they where told problem with A/C..But they way of speaking is very worst...After that they put bus in salem for 1.30 hours to repair A/c...
    They were not on time...
    Its an very worst service... Dont prefer tis K.P.N... its very worst..

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  • Vi
    vigesh Jun 08, 2011

    I have been travelling in KPN for last 6 yrs and their service is THE WORST in recent few days. ppl should really boycott these beggars who annoy the customers and start using gvot services like KSRTC & SETC which is far better in service and charges. I will never turn back to KPN in my life ever.firstly they should keep some cultered ppl in their offices so that passangers are responded properly. their drivers are rude to the core...they even speak unparliamentary words to ladies.paying for KPN ticket is as bad as dropping ur money in a open ditch.

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  • Mu
    muma Jun 09, 2011

    I agree with the above comments on KPN. It is a worst service provider at present, may be due to their monoploy to an extent in the omnibus service. They are rude, no decency towards the customer, who are masters actually for their job.

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  • Bl
    BLR-NAG Aug 10, 2011

    Hi, Today August 10, 2011...7.15 PM Sleeper Bus KA-51 6999 left Bommanahalli to Nagercoil by 10.05 PM..When the bus reached Bommanahalli, driver kept the bus closed mentioning they are cleaning the bus as it has come from someother place and also he mentioned that he has not taken rest after earlier trip...Repeated KPN is taking customer for a ride and they typically delay by 1-2 hrs in Bangalore itself (blaming city traffic) and driver drive rashly to coverup time...Its really scary to travel by KPN Travels...Its worth filing a complaint with Consumer Forum and make them really accountable for the delay in departure and for reckless driving...

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  • Go
    Gokul Shenoy Sep 01, 2011

    Dear All,

    KPN travels is one of the the worst bus services i have ever come across.Truely the WORST - synonyms of this word are welcome !!.
    I booked a sleeper ticket from Bangalore to Cochin from their Madiwala office in Bangalore. The person there gave me a hand written ticket with a KPN seal attached to it (he stated the reason that the system is currently down and hence he is giving a hand written ticket).
    On the day of travel, when entered the bus the same seat was occupied by some other person and when i asked the driver / conductor he said you go check in the office (please note the tone was very rude). When i went to the office they said Go check with the person who announces the arrival of busses (again very rudely). In the mean while my wife was in the bus and the bugger that the driver was started to leave . I immediately ran after the bus and stopped it and asked him to open the door - which he was refusing to . I told hm that my wife was inside, but still he refused to open the door . The person from the office in the meantime was happily sitting and watching the fun .Somehow he finally opened the door and asked my wife got down to get down from the bus . As soon as she got down, the bus left .
    I asked the office guy to reimburse my money when he said you can go to the Madiwala office and get it reimbursed there . I said if he did not do it i will call the police, when immediately he gave me the money .
    Not only are they a fraud bus service, but also very rude people . I will seriously request ppl not to use this bus service for the above mentioned reasons .

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  • Ki
    Kiran BL Sep 05, 2011

    This was my worst experience ever.
    I booked my tickets in KPN specifically for a multi Axil bus. The pick up bus(a multi axil bus) picked us from Madiwala to kalasipalyam and once we reached there we were asked to board some cheap, filthy volvo bus belonging to some Rajesh Travels. I went and asked the KPN office there, what they had to say was it a problem with the RedBus Site. (RedBus Management, you might need to take some action).

    People started protesting and asked for a refund. Some people even booked the tickets by paying 1200 (standard charge for a multi axil bus is 800). Nothing happened.

    The KPN staffs are really rude and mean people. Started raising their voice and threathened if we dont board that filthy bus they would leave us there and go and our tickets would be considered cancelled. We some how managed to get in the bus after running for a while.One lady was left behind. Inside, no seating arragement, anyone can sit anywhere. Moreover after closing the AC value, cold air started coming from the speaker area. Got sick now.

    Friendly Suggestions to all, NEVER book in KPN unless you don't have tickets in any other travels. Esp. when you book a multi axil ticket. becoz there is no gurantee that you will get a multi axil bus.

    Redbus should also take the responsibility for such situations. Atleast you should make sure that what ever you mention in the site is what we get.

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  • Ch
    Charulatha Sep 10, 2011

    Here is my previous review about kpn travels:

    After the above incident, I did not travel again with KPN travels. But recently
    due to an emergency I had to use KPN travels which was again a very costly mistake. They charge in terms of thousand for travel but the experience is always annoying.

    I traveled to Karaikal from Bangalore in a a/c semi sleeper bus on Sep 6th 2011. We boarded the bus at Wilson garden, bangalore at 9.45pm and it started at about 10.45pm due to parcel service operations. The bus crossed Hosur only at about 11.45pm.

    Later I got up around 12.30pm as the a/c was switched off. The bus made big noise as it ran over a median of the road. This happened with no external factors and we guess that it is because the driver slept while driving. The gear box got damaged due to this and a brake failure too. Later the driver used a cello-tape to temporarily fix this and continued the driving.

    At about 5.30am next morning, the bus stopped 160kms before Karaikal in a village and we were asked to wait until the mechanic comes from Vilupram & rectifies the problems or use public transportation. Finally we reached Karaikal by means of public transportation at about 3.00pm which we should have reached by 8.00am in the morning.

    With the recent Vellore bus accident in which 20 people died, this trip became a scary trip for all of us in the bus. The management was irresponsible for any queries and they denied to refund the full ticket amount (they agree only to half the amount refund).

    Apart from the above mentioned fact, other problems are listed below:
    * No proper toilet facility
    * low quality bedsheets in a/c coaches
    * less number of bedsheets compared to the number of passengers traveling
    * 2-4hrs delay in travel time because of combining parcel and passenger services
    * clubbing multiple bus passengers in to one
    * Poor bus conditions
    * taking risk with single driver for long routes and cleaners not trained to manage emergency time

    The emergency numbers provided by KPN travels was useless as it was always unanswered and the calls to 0427-2222 222 was answered by some manager who responded in a rude way mentioning that the bus has brought us till half way and hence he can only refund half the ticket. But how about the problems, the passengers faced? How about the losses due to delay in travel and abrupt break in the trip? Who will consider the trauma we all had undergone the whole night and the next day until we reached Karaikal.

    We are planning to fight against KPN travels legally.

    I sincerely request KPN travels management to take actions for the above mentioned problems. I request public to stay away from such private travels who does not care about people’s life. Safety must be first!

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  • Vi
    VivekShukla May 07, 2012

    It's 1am, I am frustrated and hungry/ thirsty travelling from bangalore to hyderabad in kpn travels bus. I was asked to report 7:45pm at kailasipalya, hence assumed bus will stop on the away around dinner time. To my surprise till 12 pm bus dint stop, driver told me it's non stop bus, hence will not stop any where. Bus driver and cleaner both started arguing and shouting in Kannada, which most of it i couldn't understand. Now I can't sleep because of hunger. Don't know what to do. If this was the case why the pickup / reporting was at 7:45pm. Who can eat dinNer and come before that. Also I booked ticket through red bus and I want to know what Is the authenticity's of picture and video of the bus they put on redbus site. Because according to it this bust should have 2 tv/ video in each cabin where as there Are NONE... Great going KPN... You guys should be ashamed...

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  • Pr
    Prashant Bhaskaran Oct 19, 2012

    I booked a ticket online from the KPN website for a travel from Eranakulam to Chennai. By afternoon of the travel day i got a call from the Eranakulam office saying the bus has some repairs to be done and hence the bus is cancelled. They further instructed that I go online and cancel the ticket and the full amount will be refunded. The moment i cancelled the ticket i got an SMS with an amount amount showing  a deduction. When i contacted the Eranakulam office they said they will also refund the deducted amount soon. Not satisfied with the reply I called on the customer service number. The person told that I could have heard the instruction wrong and that now they cannot  and will not refund the deducted amount. I tried convincing him that the bus it self is cancelled and hence money has to be refunded. The tone of the person who spoke was so bad it was like i made the mistake on my own. The Ernakulam office was still saying we will  do it tomorrow day after etc.

    The sad part is the transaction has been made from their website which is secure and still they do not intend to refund the money.

    I sent an email to the id provided on the net and for that also i have not received a reply yet it is almost 2 weeks.

    This is a bloody fraud company. The moment i felt like putting my comment on the net i was surprised to see such a long list of bad reviews about this company. I should have checked reviews earlier itself.

    But my advise to all, don't travel by KPN ever. 9833970430

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  • Sh
    Shahin Zubair Jan 30, 2013

    I booked a ticket in KPN Travels (Jan 29 th 2013) Time 7pm IST from Pollachi to Chennai. Non AC Travels. It was a worst travel experience. My only complaint is due to the staff behavior. We paid a money to travel in a volvo bus. Y should we need to tolerate their behavior? Y cant they speak polite to the customers. Really its a horrible one. Un expected. Staff collected tickets in pollachi bus stand. (I feel to kill his attitude. Stupid, what he know about us. Collecting tickets in a hurry and he is using singular word with the customers ) I would like to inform to the KPN agents. Please teach to the employees about manners and way of behavior with the customers. Change the persons who is not fit for stand. Irritated fellow. . . Driver who dropped me in chennai, (I dont know whether he have sense or not. Worst behavior) I will never and ever choose KPN. I will convey this message to all my friends for future alert.

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  • Ne
    neerajab30 May 08, 2013

    Never prefer KPN travels to anywhere

    I have travelled chennai to ooty in KPN travels. The bus people left me in middle of the way when i get down for break(not even 5mins). Its very horrible experience in my life. Bus staff not at all taking care of passengers saftey.
    As a girl Im fully affraid and almost cried. Bus staff dint recognize my absence and come back.
    The luckiest thing is Hand bag and mobile with me. So I waited for another bus and got.

    After reaching ooty directly i went to KPN office to collect my things. Office staff was not at all bothering for these kind of inconvenienve and not taking care.
    Simply office guys blaming me n coming for arguement. I dont know the language and got scared alone.

    This is not the correct way to treat lady passengers while travelling long distance.

    All the KPN staff behaving very rude and using worst words

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  • Oc
    octogonal Jul 19, 2013

    I see lots of truths in all the above complaints on the services. In recent times they ha appointed many new staffs as driver & cleaner, those who doesn't know anything about the timings n duration of the travel. what ever u ask they reply...'don't know'!!! this is bad for a bus who charge triple the amount of other travels.
    Also the staffs who work in the office are so irresponsible & don't even bother to say the waiting passengers about the arrival of the particular bus. we had to ask them again n again or else we will miss the bus like a fool! :(

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  • Kp
    KPNISAholemary Aug 02, 2013

    To add to many disappointed customer who feel KPN is the worst of bus service in INDIAhere is my story/experinece... I booked a ticket to travel from Chennai to Salem today.
    Actual boarding point is perungalathur at 1:30 pm . Its acceptable if the bus reaches the boarding point at 2:00 pm. But the bus reached at 3:45 . To my surprise there was a customer who was waiting from 11:00 AM as the bus got cancelled due to very less booking and he was aked to wait to board at 1:00 pm bus then at 1:30 pm and finally he boarded at 3:30 bus..Finally what we found out is, KPN pigs had clubbed all the 3 buses to one fo the bus which will start at 3:00 pm from koyembedu

    This is too much for customers who plan to travel on time ..I dont know if anybody in this forum who gonna take any action. But to my fellow customers .. Please if you plan to reach a destination on time .. PLEASE AVOID KPN...

    And the way these KPN ###s are responding is pathetic.. Not even a single fellow in KPN is educated and know how to speak to cusotmer, Even I called the customer care head and he finally cut the call saying " this is how we do service and we wont refund your money back as per policy".

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  • Ba
    balaji p Apr 27, 2014

    delay timming, window side no screen, more a/c sound, i cont sleep well

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  • An
    Anandchandran Oct 21, 2014

    Such a worst travels which I've ever travlled in my life. Especially please don't book any A/c sleeper busses rather I suggest you to take a govt SETC. They turn off the a/c most of the time for mileage sake and they simply lay bye on the roads for unnecessary reasons. Never boarded on time and never reached on time.

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  • Kp
    kpnworstservice Nov 08, 2014

    7th Nov 2014, I traveled from Bangalore to Coimbatore. It was an AC Sleeper. The bus was so cold & it was freezing. When I went & told the driver to reduce the AC, he did not even react. After some time, other passengers also started asking to reduce AC, the driver or the assistant never bothered to respond also. There was water leaking some where. The drivers / assistants in the bus don't respond properly. They think they provide this service for free. You will have to get this experience after paying 900 Rs for a single ticket. Also, there were 2 buses to Coimbatore more or less at the same time - 10.15 & 10.30. They dint check the tickets before the bus started. Only after reaching Bommanahalli, they were checking the tickets. There were people who had booked for 10.30 & got into 10.15 bus. These people were least bothered, they just said this seat is booked for some one else. So, you get down.

    Why cant they do a simple thing of checking tickets before the person boards the bus?

    The condition of buses are very bad. The ACs don't work almost all the times. Dont understand for what they collect 900-1000 Rs per ticket & throw an attitude as if they provide this service for free.

    Funniest thing is they dont have a grievance page on their website

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  • Na
    nagabushan reddy Dec 17, 2014

    Just now (17-12-2014 @ 10 pm) I saw on of kpn travels bus in anantapur to Bangalore highway it is going with more than 110km speed I think that much speed is not at all required and even it is not safe also

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  • Va
    vara&subbu Aug 28, 2015

    Yesterday(27.08.2015) i travelled from Madurai to Hosur in KPN travel (volvo multiaxle). They charged
    Rs.1240/-(650*2). The driver taken a many wrong routes in Madurai city itself and it took more than 2Hrs to come out from city itself. Then the helper in
    the bus not at all responding and no steps are to pickup the arrival time even. i have to reach Hosur about 08.30pm but the bus has reached around 11.30pm and no city traffic is available. i faced very much difficulty and i thought of having dinner with my family and i could not. my wife could not pickup us at that time since it is late night. Like this in the same bus, an old couples (aged about 70 & above requested for a drop nearby (also it is latenight) the drived refused merciless. I faced this type of problem in KPN travel more than 3 times. wrong dropping. No response for requests & complaints etc. Other my travels are in SETC they are very good & take care of passengers with huge humanity. But for KPN only show is there No humanity and passenger care. I recommend all passengers to travel in SETC and avoid travelling in KPN.

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  • Ra
    rajpsan Sep 13, 2015

    KPN provides worst travel experience. The online booking does not get processed the first time, but the amount gets debited and after complaining to the management, they behave rudly and does not mind to take any action. They are not on time and never reach on time. We need to take this to the consumer court

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  • Ra
    Rajesh90 Dec 05, 2015

    Customer service is worst in KPN. They are not even listening to the customer complaints. I used to travel many cities in many countries but I think service in my home country is worst. I would recommend the government to take necessary action if customer service of any agency is not gud.I felt this type of issue in "Dharapuram KPN".

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  • Im
    immanuel hilton Oct 15, 2018

    Travelled on kpn travels Bus from Ernakulam, Kerala to Koyambedu, Chennai in September 2018. Commenced journey by 7pm, but Reached Koyambedu by 10.30, delayed by 2 and half hours. The bus was just dragging all along. Should avoid this travels.

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  • Sh
    Shivanm Nov 20, 2018

    Very poor service. Least bothered abt customer
    No announcement at pick up stops..Bus always departs late.

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  • Go
    Gokul Jan 05, 2019

    My bus was scheduled at 1.30 pm at chennai, but it didn't arrive at the boarding point till 3 pm. The office staffs are irresponsible in answering the passengers. I was not able to cancel the ticket as it was post the depart time. I completely lost my ticket charges. You have to answer me for the refunds.

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  • Se
    seenu Lakshmi Sep 25, 2019

    My journey is very very sad and two bus change the travel time so many hours waste very very worste travel in this plz stop your trip

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  • El
    Elakya V Dec 02, 2019

    The only reason people are booking tickets here is because of the name. But this definitely should not happen. If there is a negative rating that can be given, I would give -5 to punctuality and -10 for staff response. When I call to ask about the whereabouts of the bus, the one who picks up the call didn't even give respect and also there won't be any correct answers too. For example, when I travelled from tirupur to chennai, the bus is from coimbatore. It has to reach tirupur by 2PM. I was in the boarding point and when I called to know about the whereabouts, the fker said, "1 mani ku coimbatore la irundu kilambina tirpur ku evalo neram la varum nu neeye calculate panika"(If the bus starts at coimbatore at 1PM, you itself calculate the time taken to come to tirupur). There is neither respect not answer in his reply. It came around 3PM. From coimbatore to tirupur its just 35kms. And that a hole doesn't even tell me that. There are so many resting stops. Once in an hour, the driver will take 10mins. 8hrs of travel extended to 12hrs because of this alone. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS BUS

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  • Ma
    MarthaRegina Mar 07, 2020

    Waste of money. kindly avoid using this bus service during any urgent time. this is worst exprience for me. i did book velakanni for my parents at 10pm. but bus came at 1:30. i feel too bad.

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    If you see dozens of complaints about a certain company on ComplaintsBoard, walk away.
    One of the largest consumer sites online. Posting here your concerns means good exposure for your issues
    A consumer site aimed at exposing unethical companies and business practices
    ComplaintsBoard is a good source for product and company gripes from especially dissatisfied people
    You'll definitely get some directions on how customer service can best solve your problem