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C Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

To make a long story short: several of my items I received were missing and replaced by different ones. They were completely different and had nothing to do with the ones I ordered.
I contacted them and asked why they made this strange decision because honestly, I would like to hear the truth rather than receiving something random I didn't pay for. What would I do with these clothes? I don't need extra problems. They found nothing to tell me and ... hung up on me. Great. What a "professional" support!


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      Dec 08, 2017

    At least you managed to speak to someone, they've disconnected both their US and UK numbers. I'm honestly not sure why they even ask for your # during the checkout process because they never call you even when something strange happens to your order. This company is up to some fishy stuff, they never even sent my order but claimed UPS picked it up (UPS vehemently denies it) to cover for them basically doing something disingenuous for a quick insurance claim for a shipment that was never actually lost to say the least.

    DO NOT, order big orders from this company, they will happily screw you and then give you the run around.

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  •   Sep 03, 2018

    If this happens again with ANY retailer - File a claim with your bank to get your money back. It's worked for me every time.

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