KIA Motors Corporation2013 kia optima sx turbo

G Dec 05, 2018

I have owned this car for 5 years in that five years I have had to have the right front steering system replaced. The transmission replaced and at least 3 factory recalls completed. Now I have a gas leak where the high pressure fuel line cracked and I am told that this is not covered under the warranty because it is no part of the drive train? The cost to me to fix it is almost $700. Since when would the fuel system not be considered part of the drive train? Fuel is the main part that make everything in the drive train work. I have had all service work done at the dealership. This car has average mileage and is in great shape so I should not be having a crack in my fuel system unless the parts were faulty from the factory. Advertising a long warranty and not covering the repairs is bad marketing and acting in bad faith. I was planning on doing next month after this experience I can also assure you that I will not buy another KIA. I know this is a known problem because there are stories all over the internet about people having the same problem with earlier model Optima's. This problem endangered me and anyone who was riding in my car by inhaling the fumes from the leak and any problem like that should be covered automatically. What if I was hit by another car and the sparks caused and explosion?

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