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I recently bought a home from Keystone Homes because I had read great reviews and heard that they build nice homes. However less than year into my home and I have been fighting to get my warranty work completed.

To get my driveway corrected took eight months. The company working for Keystone even told me to stop calling. My siding is peeling away and they have not yet put a work order in, after three months. I called the siding and made my own work order and they told me that they have not heard anything about coming to look at my house. The doors on my house do not line properly and have had to replace all my locks. After the winter the flowerbed and other areas around my house had settlement up to a Foot. What they decided to do is drop off clay not even dirt in my front yard and leave it up to me. So why did I buy a brand new house with a warranty, from keystone it so I can do all the work. Also I had a customer rep. quit half way through my first year. I found out that I was lied to by Keystone. The way I found out is because some of the items were listed as complete and I was inquiring about getting them fixed. Another complaint I have is ALL my trim work is pulling away and the caulk is cracked and missing, KEYSTONE HANDED ME A TUBE OF CAULK IT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

Also Keystone lied to me about my land. They said it would be level and it is not and the final grade is less than satisfactory. The yard has divots all through it and you can see exactly were they buried wood, rocks, concrete, and singles. All you have to do is look for the spots with no grass. They also told me I could plant trees in the back where a gas line is, that was not true. I was also told I could put a playground set on the line, since no digging is required, that also was not true. So now I have land that I can not do anything to because I told misleading information throughout the entire time about what I can and can not do.

So buyers beware!!!


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    mpater1 May 26, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Update on property in Ivy Ridge after 1 Year.
    Yard took thousands of dollars to fix Keystones lousy preparation and landscaping. Yard had huge water problems prior to building and was pointed out to keystone who said not to worry grass will fix it. They did not fix the problem other than garbage fixes that did little to fix the problems. With 3 stories of homes above us where did they expect the water to run off too? Swale lines were never done correctly and than used as excuses when a fence and pool were installed even though the water was running in the same exact place as it was prior to building. Only after I installed a 10x10 pit with rocks did this problem get fixed. The whole line of homes on my side of the street have the same water runoff problems and keystone will not address the issue. Plenty of excuses. Fact is land was never developed properly for the hill runoff from the homes above. Keystone is well aware of it as so many homeowner's are affected. Keystones District/Regional overall manager was no help at all in fixing this problem, made excuse after excuse and was arrogant at times. Fact is again that Keystone has sold homes here with land water problems and refuses to address the issues except to blame the homeowners. Interesting that there are 10 homeowners that complain about the same issues and have been left to fix Keystones lousy and improperly developed land.
    Advice on Yard: Do your own if you can get a good price on the home. Don't plan on good landscaping unless you love weeds, rocks, and allot of water problems.
    Here the problems were much less. Keystone built a well built and constructed Home. At the one year point I have had only very minor problems, namely some minor caulking do to settling. I am Happy with the House. One problem that I did have was the garage floor which had about 30 sections in it that chipped off from the surface cement. Obviously poorly prepared cement work. Keystone did patch these spots in a timely manor, though the garage floor does look like a patchwork quilt now. I painted and epoxied the floor and it looks better. The local overall home warranty manager has handled house repairs in a timely manner.
    Overall Advice:
    Keystone seems to build good homes. Options are expensive and very limited. Design Galley is the only place that you can select from and does not have much in selection and you are forced to use them. Stay as far away from the landscaping as possible and make sure you check the yard after rain prior to closing. Do not believe in landscaping promises if you have problems after closing, get it fixed before closing.
    One other comment:
    Certain sale program was wonderful for us and worked very well. Look at all options, and get any promises in writing.

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  • Up
    upset client Mar 02, 2016

    We are in the process of getting out of contract... we were told that we could get out until they started digging.. well that was a lie.. they were to have our house built by March and nothing yet... so I have requested to sign release papers.. I was told by the woman who sold us the house she would send it over.. then she called me and threatened that they were gonna build my house wether I liked it or not ... so I told her I didn't want it to release it ... after waiting a week with nothing I contacted her and she contacted my agent and told her she didn't understand me but would get it over.. well its been a month now so I contacted the man in charge of the releases now they are threatening me they said if I will sign the release they will keep the money I put down and still possibly come after me... the stress they have caused me since the first of the year is now causing me health issues and they don't seem to care... I have called several times and emailed several times to resolve this and never hear from them... who wants to purchase a house from people who will lie to you and not even care

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    mpater1 Nov 30, 2015
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    Keystone built my home in 2015 June, Home had drainage problems from day one. Keystone knew about the water problems in the yard prior to starting building and did absolutely nothing except to make excuses improper drainage for various puddling in the yard which was all clay and rocks. No decent topsoil was brought in in the yard was mud and weeds. Talking to the regional manager who incidentally was an arrogant person accomplished nothing but more excuses. Beware because Keystone landscaping personnel are terrible in their landscaping is just a big rip off as is there landscaping warranty. Do anything to the yard and they will tell you that you changed the swell lines even though there was a river running in the backyard prior to building. Stay away from Keystone as they are arrogant and lie to you.

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    mpater1 Apr 16, 2015
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    Verified customer

    does anyone have info and how they feel about the IVY Ridge community. How Is Keystone doing with building there? Any complaints with the homes they are building? Service afterwards?

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  • Mi
    Missliz Mar 06, 2015

    New to the area/being relocated. Thinking of buying in the Stonehenge Reserve community. Anyone live there or have any newer feedback on the builder? We were also looking into Charter Homes, but understand they have had many lawsuits against them too! Need help!!

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  • Sc
    Scared and confused Apr 27, 2014

    We are in negotiations with Keystone at Sweetbrier Creek in Manheim, PA. Has anyone had an experience at this community? They seem to paint a good picture so far, but after reading all these comments, I'm really second guessing myself. Throwing up a 3, 200 sq. ft. house in 49 days seems a bit too fast but they keep saying that the price is so low for what you get and all the comparables cost much more other places than what they charge. Any info on this community?

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  • Ka
    Karrie24 Mar 25, 2014

    We bought a Keystone Custom home in 2011, and our house has been falling apart ever since. Our shingles blew off, water in our basement (we purchased the foundation liner), creaks in floors, pipes leaking, and an improperly installed gas fireplace. I would never recommend Keystone to anyone! Poor quality for sure!

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  • Fo
    For your information.. Sep 20, 2013

    As a warning to future homebuyers, Keystone is being sued by an entire

    Hopewell Ridge homeowners file lawsuit against developer and homebuilder

     18 Sep 12:44, Published by ACL, Categories:  In Print News
    By Steven Hoffman

    Staff Writer

    Twenty-three homeowners in the Hopewell Ridge community in East
    Nottingham Township have filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District
    Court against the developer and homebuilder of the 29-lot subdivision
    as long-simmering sewage issues continue to be unresolved more than
    five years after residents started moving into the homes.

    The defendants named in the filing include the developer, Wilmer and
    Joyce Hostetter, and builder, Keystone Custom Homes, as well as Willow
    Creek Holdings, LLC., which is a subsidiary of Keystone Custom Homes.

    The plaintiffs are all represented by the law firm of Feldman Shepherd
    Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig, LLP.

    Keystone Custom Homes entered into an agreement with Hostetter to buy
    lots in Hopewell Ridge and then sell the lots with homes built on
    them. All the plaintiffs except for one are original purchasers of the
    homes in Hopewell Ridge. The one plaintiff who is not an original
    purchaser bought the home from the original purchaser.

    When the community was being planned, the Hostetters prepared a Sewage
    Planning Narrative that stated that all lots will be serviced by
    on-lot sewage disposal and water wells.

    The lawsuit asserts that Hostetter and Keystone Custom Homes “had long
    been aware that serious issues existed with the feasibility of using
    on-lot sewage systems and private on-lot wells.”

    According to the filing, “The Sewage Planning Narrative further noted
    that 20 of the 29 lots in Hopewell Ridge were unsuitable for standard
    septic systems due to groundwater nitrogen plume migration off-site
    and that a workable solution proposes the use of individual on-lot
    nitrogen control treatment systems on these 20 lots.”

    Instead of standard septic systems, the developer or homebuilder
    proposed using individual on-lot nitrogen control treatment systems
    called MicroSepTec EnviroServer wastewater treatment systems on 20

    The homeowners contend that the nitrogen control treatment systems
    have not worked. High levels of nitrates in drinking water pose
    various health risks, including being a contributing factor to
    methemoglobinemia, also known as blue baby syndrome, a condition that
    children under the age of six months can be susceptible to. The
    lawsuit notes that pregnant women, adults with reduced stomach
    acidity, and people deficient in the enzyme that changes methemoglobin
    back to normal hemoglobin are all susceptible to nitrate-induced
    methemoglobinemia. Prolonged intake of high levels of nitrates is also
    linked to gastric problems. Nitrates are tasteless, colorless, and
    odorless compounds and can't be detected unless the water is
    chemically analyzed.

    The Sewage Planning Narrative further states that the EnviroServer
    technology had not been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of
    Environmental Protection (DEP) for nitrogen control, and consequently
    an Experimental Water Quality Management Part II permit would be
    needed, as well as another backup alternative if the systems failed.

    According to the lawsuit, the Hostetters reached an installation and
    maintenance agreement for on-lot sewage disposal systems with East
    Nottingham Township in October of 2005. It was noted at that time that
    the Chester County Health Department required Hostetter “to maintain
    repair and replace the system in perpetuity, at their sole cost and
    expense, in good and adequate condition and repair, so that the system
    functions at all times hereafter in accordance with its intended
    purpose and in accordance with the regulations of the {DEP and Chester
    County Health Department}.”

    The DEP subsequently approved a revision to the Township Official
    Sewage Facilities Plan regarding the Hopewell Ridge community, and the
    state agency noted at the time that “The DEP considers the
    EnviroServer to be experimental technology for this use. Therefore, a
    conventional backup sewage disposal method is required. The department
    acknowledges that the subdivision will be connected to public sewage
    facilities tributary to the Oxford Area Sewer Authority, in the event
    the experiment is deemed a failure.”

    According to the lawsuit, on or about March 2007, the Hostetters began
    conveying the lots in Hopewell Ridge to Willow Creek, LLC. Willow
    Creek acted as a seller of the homes to third parties. The Public
    Offering Statement filed by Hostetter did not disclose either the
    existence or the role of Willow Creek, LLC, and did not mention the
    entity at all.

    In April of 2008, representatives from the Department of Environmental
    Protection conducted an inspection of the Hopewell Ridge sewage
    systems. During this inspection, several areas of concern were
    identified, according to the lawsuit. They included the following:

    “Several of the systems showed evidence of erosion problems resulting
    in soil deposits around treatment unit risers and across drain

    “There was unauthorized access to the treatment units and several of
    the lids were secured on the treatment unit risers with standard
    screws allowing unauthorized access.”

    “To date, the DEP has not received any sampling results from the
    functioning units. However, it was learned that five of the units that
    are operational have reverse osmosis units on the house water supply.
    The units appeared to be unexpected and have the complicating effect
    of removing the alkalinity from the water. Alkalinity is essential to
    allow the treatment process to occur properly.”

    Then, on July 23, 2009, the DEP notified Hostetter that they had
    received the influent and effluent sampling data associated with the
    EnviroServer units in the Hopewell Ridge Subdivision and, according to
    the data, the EnviroServers were not consistently meeting the effluent
    limit of 10 milligrams per liter.

    According to the lawsuit, prior to closing on their homes, the
    plaintiffs were told that the EnviroServers were “state-of-the-art, ”
    “green, ” and “no maintenance.” At or just prior to the pre-closing
    walk-through on the homes, many plaintiffs discovered an additional
    faucet in their kitchens and were told by Keystone employees that it
    was a “free upgrade” for filtered water.

    In truth, the additional faucet in the kitchen was actually a reverse
    osmosis system required by the Chester County Health Department due to
    elevated nitrate levels in the well water. These elevated nitrate
    levels in the water were not disclosed to the plaintiffs, the lawsuit

    Furthermore, the plaintiffs were not told that the experimental
    EnviroServers were required in an attempt to reduce nitrate levels or
    that there were inadequate funds for a backup system for public sewer
    and water in place.

    On Feb. 28, 2012, the DEP sent correspondence to Hostetter and the
    township advising that it received a report indicating that the
    EnviroServers had demonstrated continued non-compliance with the
    nitrogen limit contained in the sewage permit and, as required by the
    Special Conditions in the permit, public sewers must be extended to
    serve the residences in Hopewell Ridge.

    The lawsuit notes that there is no connection to public water or sewer
    systems readily available for Hopewell Ridge, and that homeowners
    depend on well water. The cost to connect the plaintiffs' homes to
    public sewers and water is believed to be in excess of $10 million.
    The township does not have enough money held in escrow to pay for the
    cost of getting public sewers and water to Hopewell Ridge.

    The lawsuit says that “The defendants knew no later than 2008 that the
    EnviroServers were not performing as required by the Sewage Permit.
    Despite this knowledge, the defendants caused declarant control to be
    turned over to the Homeowners Association of Hopewell Ridge, and the
    executive board of the homeowners association—comprised of Keystone
    Custom Homes employees—resigned, effectively leaving the residents of
    Hopewell Ridge with drinking water that has elevated nitrates. There
    are no properly functioning septic systems, no access to public water
    and sewer systems, and insufficient funding held in escrow to connect
    to public water and sewer systems. Without being connected to public
    water and sewer systems, residents can't sell their homes, and the
    home values have fallen.

    “As a direct and proximate result of the defendants' conduct as
    described throughout this complaint, the plaintiffs have suffered the
    diminution in value of their homes, the loss of marketability of their
    homes, and expenses related to high nitrates in their water, including
    adding maintenance costs in order to achieve functioning septic
    systems, and plaintiffs will continue to incur damages indefinitely
    into the future.”

    The Hopewell Ridge community is now known as Wyndham Creek. In August,
    the East Nottingham Township Board of Supervisors approved a
    feasibility study to look at possible options to address the
    unresolved sewage and water issues in the Wyndham Creek community. One
    resident responded that a feasibility study at this point is too
    little, too late. The lawsuit was filed a few weeks later.

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  • Se
    Searching for answers Aug 18, 2013

    @ I love keystone, is this the Angelsea community?

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  • Il
    I Love Keystone Jul 31, 2013

    I don't have time to write the length of our complaint start to finish. I know some of the comments on here are a bit older and more of the wow that's bad, but I really like this development, that can't be happening in my development right? My house is currently for sale and I know the salesperson in our development is telling people they can build bigger, newer, and cheaper. Yet my house is less than 4 years old. The base price of our home has jumped up 25k since we've built - so if you take the stamped concrete patio, kitchen, bath, and fireplace alone, Keystone's costs would be about 5k more than we are asking, but we have another 25k in upgrades on top of that. Here is what I want to do at this point: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT - can't stand this company.
    if you are considering to build with this sham company please do the following two things. 1) Run as far away as possible 2) If you don't listen to me and the hundreds of other complaints on websites go door-to-door in the community you are considering building in and ask what their experience and impression of Keystone has been 3) I added this - because if you are still not listening or following my directions at this point you need to hire a lawyer because you will need them later.

    Oh in my development Keystone is currently building new homes on top of what used to be a water run-off/drainage basin for the last 5 years that was 15 ft deep. They filled it in, and are now building on top of it. Classy all the way around!

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  • Se
    Searching for answers Jul 29, 2013

    Wow this is a lot to digest. We were looking at buying with Keystone in their Angelsea Community. Does anyone have anything to say about how things are over there? Need to know, thanks

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  • Su
    sunshine1019 Jul 02, 2013

    Considering buying an already built house in the Wallingford neighborhood in York. Any comments on this community? Maybe I am 'safer' since it is an existing house and we are not the ones building?

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  • Ru
    RunFromKeystone Jul 02, 2013

    The same issues are abound here in Castleton/Marietta. The neighborhood was supposed to be beautiful townhomes and single family homes that lined the street with a few UPSCALE apartment buildings that intertwined. Well the market crashed and before you know it, they build 6 or 7 of the apartments and the tenants immediately became an issue (drug arrests, violence, no regard for the community, etc). One of them the put up behind a neighbor a month or so after moving in without notice. They moved out in the first year and took a loss on the house. One nice touch is that Keystone pushed a community pool and fitness center to new homebuyers as a free perk of the development. So what do they do, they build it and then ask homeowners to pay $250/yr to access it and give the renters access for free. WTF?!
    They also encourage borrowers to commit fraud at closing. My employment situation changed before breaking ground and I no longer would have qualified for the program. I advised them of it and after arguing even agreed to walk away from my deposit. I get a call a few days later threatening that they will also sue me if I don't move forward, even though they were aware of the change in employment/income. I got fed up and moved forward, but in hindsight wished I would have called them out and got a lawyer involved to point out the illegal practices. I also had MAJOR MAJOR issues with the building process but was very fortunate to know the builder csr personally or the issues would not have been fixed. His integrity I believe eventually lead to him no longer being employed
    Just about everyone has complaints in one form or another, but this is the one that tops them all. They had a couple agree to build a home in 2008/2009 and the financing fell through right before closing. Keystone agreed to lease them home for 2 years (Sounds nice of them, right?) with the condition that they would have to get financing to buy it within the 2 years. Another family issue came up right before closing 2 years later and they basically kicked them out. I get that part I guess, but what Keystone did later is 100% illegal. They took over the house and gave it new paint, carpet, etc where needed and marketed it as a brand new home. So they get a buyer, and when the buyer is doing the final walkthrough they notice some definite signs that the house had been lived in. whoops! They explain it away as someone was leasing it for a few months or some other BS and urge the couple to settle. I believe it wasn't till after settlement that the new owners actually found out it had been lived in 2 years. Disgusting!
    Also beware if you are one of the first homes in a development. My friend and I were both early builders and watched as Keystone slashed prices in the first few years to sell homes. Nothing like watching 10-20% of your home’s value stolen away from you so they can sell a house
    Overall Keystone does a great job of putting together aesthetically pleasing homes and developments for the price they charge, but beware of what might be behind the walls

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  • Mf
    MFG HOME Jun 13, 2013

    My husband and I built our home in 2000 and we were so excited that we could not say enough great things about Keystone. One day in early summer in the year of 2009 our septic tank was erupting on our lawn and we did not understand, we always had it drained every couple of years, we asked the septic people what was going on and they researched it . The outcome was the system was not put in properly and their is no where else on our property for it to perk. It was even taken to 10ft down. We called Keystone and they pretty much said not our problem. The year warranty is up and you are on your own. I wrote letters to the CEO and to the gentleman who has taken over for Mr. R. I was given no compassion or thought. I shared with them that my husband is ill, and I am on my own with so many responsibilities we don't have the money to fix the septic and we cannot even sell our home because of this situation I pleaded with them to please us help out of the kindness of their heart. Let me tell others about the good things that you do. The response back was, we are sorry for you but we are not able. I believe in people who have integrity I thought that's who they were .

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  • Sa
    Sandy9231 Jun 13, 2013

    We built a Keyston home in the fall of 2012 and we are very disappointed. Here a few things that have gone wrong: First week our basement flooded because the person that installed the Geo Thermal did something wrong, First time I ran the dishwasher water ran all over the floor because the person that installed that accidently damaged the water line, Our shower upstairs leaked down thru our living room ceiling which they did fix but it took them about 2 weeks to finish and we had this huge machine in our living room that was so loud we couldn't have a conversation downstairs. They then had to fix the drywall and we already had the walls painted which now need we painted, Our toilet kept clogging and it took them 3 times to figure out what was wrong, the caulking in the showers and around the windows looks like my 7 year old did it, Everytime the wind blows our shingles fly off, and the worst is our Hardware floor. We paid extra to have hardware floor and it is already messed up. in our pantry you can actually slide the boards up. It is warped in some areas. They had someone come out to inspect and of course the inspection report came back that nothing is wrong, which I'm sure they benefited by covering Keystone's butt. But when I can stick my fingernail in between each board and slide my feet and feel how uneven each board is something is wrong. Keystone is not on my favorite list that is for sure!!!

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  • Ja
    Jaywil36 Jun 01, 2013

    Looking to have a Keystone House Built before I sign anything how costly are the normal upgrades like gas fire place, Recessed lighting... adding a window or two

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  • Ho
    HomeownerPA May 07, 2013

    I forgot to mention, we are having our own home inspector coming to inspect the house once it's ready for inspection. I would never trust a home builders own home inspector, regardless of the company.

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  • Ho
    HomeownerPA May 07, 2013

    Keystone breaks ground on our home in about 3 weeks. So far everything has been really good. Only issue I had was with the Certain Sale Program. They make you pay $400 dollars only for them to give you a low ball offer on your house. Don't waste your time with Certain Sale unless you don't care that they want to give you about 20% less than what your house is worth.

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  • St
    Striffo Apr 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Clarification on comments directly above...the grass is actually coming up again, so keystone did fix that problem. Also, the mushroom farm smell must be seasonal because we barely noticed it for the last couple of months. Keystone has been prompt(ish) with getting back to us -we will see how our 13 month appointment goes - overall we are very happy with our home.

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  • St
    Striffo Jan 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I purchased a keystone home in 2012. we have experienced poor quality with some cosmetic items in the home, and a grading issue they finally fixed in December. We moved in June, lawn was dead except for a million weeds. we paid a few hundred dollars to scotts lawn to fix the problem and begged keystone to come out and regrade before our seeding appt. They came months later, and tore up half the backyard and planted seed in thats obviously not going to grow. That said, we havent had any big problems with our home. I feel this is a well built home and has proved to be very energy efficient. At 3000 SF our utility bills have been more than reasonable. If we could do it over again, we would still choose this home in this community. A word of caution for anyone thinking about Lamborn can get smelly with the nearby mushroom farms. I'd say about 20% of the time you won't want to be out on your property. Whew!

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  • To
    toby1 Sep 06, 2012

    I am considering building a home with Keystone in the Apple Creek farms development, Susquehanna Twp., Dauphin Co.. I too am in the ask and answer stage and will be giving an initial down payment on Monday (9/10). I am not sure what to think of the builder as I am completely floored by the comments I've read. I have found complaints online but nothing to major and I would expect that there are going to be some issues for a builder of their size. I also checked the BBB and found that they have only had 13 complaints in the last 3 years. I think, perhaps, it to be prudent to talk to existing homeowners about their experience and what they think of the quality as well as Keystones response to complaints.

    Anyone have any input, good or bad about Apple Creek Farms?

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  • To
    toby1 Sep 06, 2012

    WOW! I am considering building with Keystone Homes in the Apple Creek Farms development in Susquehanna Twp., Dauphin Co. So I read every single word of each residents post regarding their experience. I am completely flabbergasted and now reconsidering my decision! Does anyone have information to share about Apple Creek Farms? If so, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you in advance

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  • Ru
    Run Run Jul 19, 2012

    All I can say as a resident of another Keystone Custom Home community Darlington Hunt. I have one word for you RUN. By the time they suck you in and you think you are getting a good deal, boy you will find out you are in a hole and you cannot get out. They call their closing day as a Celebration Day they invite you to their design center and wow you in a false bravado and then when you get your key to the front door it really is a key to hell. There are so many good builders out there and our community has nothing but major issues from day one. I will carefully consider before getting into bed with the devil himself.

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  • Mr
    mrshall28 Jul 15, 2012

    Does anyone have any information good or bad on Cheltenham development off of 23 in east earl? We have been sucked in by the beauty and price of the homes, but have not met with anyone from Keystone Homes yet. Any information would be helpful before we jump head first into this. Thank you!

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  • As
    assumingleo Jul 08, 2012

    Stay as far away as you can from any Keystone Community. I don’t want anyone else and their family to suffer the way we have and continue to as a result of our experience!! I am the mystery previous homebuyer of 100 Buttercup Drive. Don't believe anything Keystone tells you about this being a model home. My new husband and I chose this lot to have our dream home built and yes, we were able to get a mortgage with no issues regardless of the story Keystone personnel are telling potential customers; that being the deal fell through because we could not get a mortgage. This is a 2nd marriage for us. We have four children between us and thanks to the lies and deceit and horrible issues with Wyndham Creek, we are still not integrated as one family. The current homeowners within the community were kind enough to invite me to a homeowners meeting prior to our home even being started. Thank goodness I was made aware of what was really going on. I put Keystone on notice immediately that we would not be moving in based on our findings (unless they could offer us an alternative septic system), but they started building anyway and ignored any correspondence from us or our real estate attorney at the time indicating we signed an AOS and that was it. During the signing of our AOS, they pawned the septic system off as the latest and greatest, state-of-the-art, low maintenance, low cost unit. I have asthma and high nitrates would have depleted my oxygen level further, not to mention subjecting our children to potential health hazards of the water situation. Additionally, the money pit of a septic unit that they put in that supposedly your quarterly homeowners dues covered, that homeowners association went bankrupt as a result of the repairs on these units! Had I not attended that meeting, I would not have been the wiser and would have made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I went through their Certain Sale program whereas Keystone guarantees you will not have to move twice if your current home does not sell. I was fortunate enough to sell my home and had a settlement date scheduled prior to being made aware of the covered-up issues in Wyndham Creek. Two days prior to settling on the current home, I had no housing for my children and was looking at a hotel to accommodate us while putting our belongings in storage. At the same time, this was during the school year and I had to find a way to keep them in the school district. To make things worse, this was December 2011 and a few weeks prior to Christmas. We ended up finding a rental property the day before that home’s settlement whereas we had to sign a year’s lease and that’s where we are at this stage. This is not to mention the fact that Keystone forced us into settling on the 100 Buttercup Drive home and refused to just let us out of the contract. We were willing to even relinquish our deposit money. They wouldn’t hear of it. Therefore, we had to hire litigation attorneys to file an arbitration complaint. Of course Keystone denied everything and bullied us like they do everyone else they come in contact with, if they can’t win them over with their lies and deceit. Needless to say, we are out thousands and thousands of dollars; not to mention being forced into a rental property last minute and the tax implications with not having home ownership. While all this was going on, we had personal issues we were dealing with . . . my children’s father was and still is on a liver transplant list and it’s touch and go each day. Additionally, my mother had been diagnosed with dementia and had to be put in assisted living. The point being that we had major life issues going on and had to deal with the bullying from Keystone in trying to push us into buying this home. I have to say that this experience has changed both my husband and I, but at least we can lay our heads down at night with a clear conscience, something that Jeff Rutt and his brainwashed employees can’t do. He can hide behind Hope International all he wants, but anyone who can allow these types of dealings to go on and destroy people’s lives as he pockets their hard-earned money, is the lowest of low. I am a good Catholic Christian woman and you can spin this any way you want, but I know this is not a man with good charitable intentions. We may have not been able to afford going all the way with our complaint, but we are not going away and are breathing easier now that Keystone’s true colors are starting to shine through as seen on this complaint board. We are ready to go public and tell our story and are hopeful justice will eventually be served to these crooks as the truth continues to unfold and their reputation continues to spiral downward.

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  • Ke
    Keystone covers up Jul 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Reading above the major situations with Keystone Custom Homes in that community I was looking into purchasing a home in this community. My real estate agent that I was working with that knows this area luckily knew about the issues with this community and the local reputation of Keystone Custom Homes and she referred me to another community Century Oak, the builder was Rouse Chamberlain. My agent explained to me all the issues and the devious tactics of the way Keystone Custom Homes conducts business. Keystone led us to believe that the abandoned house on 100 Buttercup Dr was the model but in reality it was a custom built home for a former potential home buyer who had to file legal action just to get out of the contract because of what was uncovered by the residents regarding a failing experimental septic system that now has officially been deemed a failure by the DEP and the fact that the community has contaminated drinking water. At least in Century Oak the builders are straight forwwarded and honest and you know what you are getting. I at least used a real estate agent who at least how our best interest at heart. Keystone led us to believe this was a great deal because this was the last home available in the community. They failed to inform us that the vacant lots are vacant because they are estopped by the DEP to move forward to build any more homes because of the issues. My agent he was able to stop us from falling into Keystone's grip and we are happy he did.
    Keystone must spend a lot of money in advertising and marketing and they do so because they have so much to cover up because the way I see it there are not just complaints on this website but if you get through all their fancy advertising tools and get down to the real websites and read all the complaints you will find out the truth.
    Luckily thanks to our guy who was a good agent we were able to stay away and choose a builder who may not have the fancy advertising campaigns but at least he tells you everything up front without lies and coverup.

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  • Ta
    taken advantage of!! Jul 05, 2012

    The above letter written by Keystone is just another attempt at deceiving potential homeowners. Obviously, the truth has been reveled and Keystone is worried about their reputation. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Keystone to my biggest enemy. Nobody deserves to put their life savings into a “dream home” and then discover that the water does not meet applicable government standards AND the septic system is an experiment that is profiting some idiot that is in the hopes of getting them approved in the state of Pennsylvania. To make matters worse, the septic system was deemed a failure by the Department of Environmental Protection and we no longer have a valid septic permit. Our home is now worthless because we can never sell it without a septic permit. I guess I will just have to cross my fingers that neither of us loose a job or have to be transferred. You may wonder how Keystone was even able to sell these houses without potable water, well our neighborhood wondered the same thing. Fortunately for us there is a law that requires records to be opened to the public and we were able to discover all the lies and loops that Keystone used to get these homes to sell. We have all of this documentation and can back up these claims.
    I am not rich (and probably never will be thanks to Keystone stealing my money for this dump) so unlike Keystone I did not pay someone to write a ### letter for this complaint board. I am not trying to mislead potential homeowners or have any ulterior motive for my anger. I am just an everyday citizen who works hard for my money and hopes to live peacefully within my home with my family. Now I have to get water brought to my house to drink and cook with. I have to tell guest at my house that they cannot drink from the water out of the refrigerator or faucet because it is contaminated, how embarrassing.
    Keystone does not care about the health and welfare of their homeowners, they only care about making money. If we did not discover the quality of our water ourselves, we would have never known and we would have been giving this contaminated water to pregnant women, kids, babies, and the elderly. Please keep in mind that it took 4 years to discover this, so many people have been exposed to the contamination already. Keystone withholding this information could have been deadly and I truly believe it shows Keystone’s true colors.
    Please do yourself a favor and don’t listen to the ### that Keystone puts out there. I should have done my research on builders before I choose to build my home. I feel taken advantage of, but I hope I can help others to not make the same mistake. Keystone cuts corners anywhere possible. Take a drive through our new neighborhood and enjoy the dead, crooked street lined trees, rippled siding on most of the homes, huge ugly septic alarm boxes on the houses that don’t even work, and many more lovely views. If you plan to make a complaint and ask to get something fixed that is covered by your warranty, plan to get a response weeks later and some crappy excuse as to it’s not their problem.
    Keystone may say that we just need a water treatment system to fix the water contamination, but they neglect to mention that it is not compatible with the experimental system and we would overflow the septic. Keystone, if you want to attempt to repair your reputation then you should spend the time fixing our situation instead of writing a misleading letter. This issue will not go away until you resolve it. As far as I am concern, I bought a house from KEYSTONE CUSTOM HOMES and was under the assumption that we legally would receive potable water.

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  • Ch
    Christina Esposito Jul 04, 2012

    I am also a Wyndham Creek resident and I can absolutely confirm all the major issues surrounding this community. Although we have not been in this community as long as some of the residents. My nightmare with Keystone also began the day we were given the Key. Their so deceitful even when some of the residents warned us not to come to this community that there was contaminated drinking water as well as all types of septic issues. We did not listen. My wife and I could not believe that the DEP which is a government agency that works to protect the residents of the state would allow a builder to use an experimental septic system that was never approved for usage, we could not believe that East Nottingham Township would allow a community to be built with contaminated drinking water and unapproved septic systems. We are living proof of this nightmare. We are a young couple looking to increase our family but with the horror stories on pregnant woman and infants and the elderly it seems that this community should have targeted that small percentage of people that do not fall into this category. Every resident of this community has to have outside water sources brought in for drinking and cooking. We apologize to the residents that did try to warn us and Keystone Custom Homes denied every rumor making us believe that these people were crazy and had a grudge against Keystone. The truth is they denied everything to us and concealed the fact that these systems were an experimental system when we asked and when we asked about the drinking water the salesman stated that they could not obtain the cert of occupancy from the township if this was the case. Boy were we fooled and we now have joined the ranks of the rest paying for outside sources of our drinking water, diminishing property values and a home we cannot sell. Every real estate agent we call all know about this community and we would be lucky to give the house away. So our starter home that we bought to increase in value for the future to upgrade to a larger home is gone. Keystone can deny everything but the residents have more than documentation to confirm the truth.

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  • Ch
    Christina Esposito Jul 04, 2012

    You are absolutely right. We are one of the regretful residents of their new recent community in Avon Grove. They hold you by the hand every step of the way. They treat you like royalty at the their Design Center and show you how to navigate your way around the website called living choices. They give you beautifully planned marketing videos at closing and then when they hand you the keys. That is when your nightmare begins. Everything with them to fix an issue is their famous caulk gun. The customer service rep that they give you is also the caulking expert. We have complained on so many issues and we receive the excuse wait until your 13 month review and it will be handled. They did not tell us that when we were going through the building process everything is wait until your 13 month review. We had siding issues, roof issues. We discovered no insulation in certain areas of the house. Major seperation in the walls. When you call Keystone they refer you to their famous vendor list and when you call the vendor the vendor refers you to Keystone it has been a tennis match to try to resolve your issues. I spoke to many of the vendors and the vendors do complain about not being paid for months from Keystone as well as Keystone constantly beats the vendors down on their prices that they cannot afford to stay with Keystone. Many of their good vendors and it has been a short while for us no longer do work for Keystone and it seems like a tennis match back and forth with them. Beware also Keystone will nickel and dime you to death. Window frames and sills are an extra cost us 1200.00.
    Towel Bars and toilet paper holders EXTRA. Everything they sell you is a very expensive above market upgrade. I as the smart person who went with Cedar Knolls Builders should have stayed with Cedar Knolls but we were enticed with the price Keystone gave us but in the end with all the for granted upgrades we needed that was standard with Cedar Knolls Builders it cost us more money.

    Use your money Wisely

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  • Ch
    Christina Esposito Jul 04, 2012

    I feel sorry for the people who are experiencing the issues with their community. We as well were entering an agreement of sale with the sales rep from Keystone Custom Homes, his name I will not mention. We took the contract home to have my brother in law review it since he was a real estate attorney and he had informed us that this contract was not considered a normal standard contract of sales but if you read the fine print in the contract there is a clause that states that once you proceed to enforce the contract that Keystone has virtually 2 years to deliver the home to you if for any reason there are delays in the building. What that would mean that we would be unable to walk away from this contract and Keystone would have our lives on hold for 2 years and there would be nothing we could do about it. They also have a clause that protects them from lawsuits by locking you in to a mandatory arbitration clause and you would be required to mediate in Lancaster very convenient for Keystone and if you lose your case you would be responsible to pay the court fees and Keystones legal fees. When we heard that we are so happy we did not pursue building with Keystone. We decided to go with an honest reputable builder such as Cedar Knolls Builders. We are glad we did they build our home they may be a little more expensive but they truly were honest and upfront with us and they went out of their way to make our experience a pleasurable one. To this day when reading all the horror stories of all the more people that succumbed to their marketing materials and their smooth sales reps we paid a little more but we are headache free. My friends tell me that Keystone is now branching out into the MD area I hope those people in MD read what the people in PA have experienced and read between the lines before they enter into a contract with Keystone, We at least were fortunate that we backed out and decided to go with a good, honest builder sometimes cheap is very expensive. In reading so many stories we would rather pay the price to go with a good builder.

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  • No
    No Septic Permit Jul 02, 2012

    If Keystone just "built" the homes then why is the "Developer" along with the "Govering Bodies" pointing fingers that Keystone hired and had the contract with the installer of these systems. Only thing that we know is we bought our homes from Keystone, some less then a year old; and now cannot do anything like sell or move becuase we no longer have a valid Septic Permit.


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  • Ke
    Keystone Custom Homes - Lancaster, PA May 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At Keystone Custom Homes, EVERY customer’s homebuyer satisfaction and care during and after the building of their home is important to each of our team members. Our entire team diligently works each day to do their best to provide our home buyers with a great home and buying experience. If we disappoint in this effort, as occasionally happens, we communicate openly and honestly, admit our mistakes, quickly move to correct them without excuses and keep striving for continuous improvement. For us it is quite simple: it’s the right way to treat people and its good business.

    Each of our team members understand living this commitment daily is the principle reason we are blessed to have over 4000 happy homeowners, continuing to earn their confidence, referrals and now in many instances the opportunity to build their second or third home and even their friends and families homes. Our homebuyers “Willingness to Recommend our company to Friends and Family” customer satisfaction rankings are among the highest for homebuilders in the country as independently surveyed by a well respected leading national company.

    Now in our 20th year of home building and independently ranked the Number 1 homebuilder in Central PA for the last five years in a row we understand it always comes to back to serving our customers well, during and after the building of their new home. This is why we are never really satisfied with our rankings and are always focused on improving.

    Even when our customers have concerns that our not reasonably within our responsibility or control we still look for ways to help as if they were our own. This is why we have read every post on this site and evaluated the various concerns and claims with our team members and outside experts. While unfortunately there are many false claims, misrepresentations and even outrageous fabrications in a number of the posts here our team is steadfastly focused on directly working with the responsible parties to solve the real issues satisfactorily and quickly once and for all.

    While this is not the forum to adequately discuss the matter it may be helpful to be aware of the following: The central issue must be dealt with immediately and is only accomplished between the developer and governing bodies, ultimately they alone can solve it. Keystone Custom Homes does not own the development, did not develop the community and cannot make the changes which may be required of the developer.

    Wyndam Creek began as a community of 21 homesites and is one of 45 communities Keystone currently builds homes in. The fact is Keystone Custom Homes is not the developer of the property and purchased the home sites one site at time over time with both representations and obligations normal in this transaction. Keystone represented and built its homes in this community in full compliance with all township and other governing bodies requirements including the Department of Environmental Protection and all homes were inspected and passed by the typical authorities and standards and ordinances in place. When a number of those requirements changed, as the builder, we make changes as required and all homes continued to be settled with all required approvals. Our understanding is the governing bodies are now requiring the developer to come back and make other substantial changes and we have strongly encourage all concerned to make the necessary agreements and changes and do so as quickly as possible for the benefit of the residents.

    Naturally it is hard to address so many inaccuracies on the internet, and it is disappointing that some have stooped to personal attacks which are not just unfair but unproductive to achieving a resolution. Sadly we expect this to continue. However rather than focus on these attacks or refuting every fabrication we as a team are committed to stay relentlessly focused on positively influencing the resolution to the issue. We simply have the strong confidence that fair-minded people will seek the facts and come to their own informed decision rather than rush to judgment unfairly or take as uncontested truth what a few misconstrue as fact.

    While we would like to respond to posts, it would not be principled or productive to trade exchanges with anonymous posts on this site. If you would like to write us your thoughts email us at [email protected] For factual information about Keystone Custom Homes visit our website For the factual understanding of the work and impact of HOPE International visit

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  • I agree with the sub-contractor that used to work for Keystone and decided to move away from them because of their devious ways in the way they conduct business. I myself am a resident in one of Keystone's Community, Wyndham Creek and I agree exactly about the building inspectors that do the home inspections for Keystone Custom Homes. More than likely they are a 3rd Party Building Inspectors contracted by Keystone and at the demands of Keystone; they decided not to use the Township building inspector but their 3rd Party Building Inspector that is paid by Keystone and we have suffered a multiple violations because the building inspector on our project was not the township building inspector but a 3rd party building inspector that was hired and paid for by Keystone. Talk about circumventing the township laws to further your cause and to bring a 3rd party into to inspect our homes, do you really think that they would find any violations. Remember do not bite the hand that feeds you.

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  • Li
    living hell Apr 07, 2012

    Keystone Custom Homes gives you such a good snow job. They make you feel so warm and fuzzy and they are such a good Christian Organization. They are the devil and you will have hell to pay if you dare take the step and into their web of lies and deceit. We wanted to back down from our contract of sale after reading all the reviews. I found out that their A+ rating with the BBB is because they pay to be part of the BBB and therefore the BBB is prejudice to those that pay to be part of their organization. I always trusted the BBB but now that I know the truth about it. Do not Trust the Better Business Bureau. Organizations such as Keystone Custom Homes pay a fee to be a member of the BBB and therefore the BBB sugar coats and make sure that they maintain their A+ rating. I wish I found this website before I was roped into dealing with Keystone Custom Homes. They are the best thing since life's bread until you sign on the dotted line. The entire organization consists of people who fear losing their jobs and are part of a cult of robots who are programmed to keep you quiet. Once you try to get out of your contract, they start the threatening tactics. If you read the fine print in their contract they even protect themselves by putting in a clause that they can stall you for up to 2 years before they have to complete the building of your home. I showed the contract my uncle who is a real estate agent and their contract is written independently of most homebuilder's contract. The contract protects Keystone but the consumer has no legal rights or protection. Shame on me for trusting the BBB but now I know. Keystone Custom Homes should not be allowed to continue their fraudulent practices and there are so many issues that they do not disclose to you that I cannot begin to count and speak about. My sentiments exactly They are the devil and you will pay in hell for contracting with this builder. You cannot get Jeff Rutt on the phone because he hides behind his buffers who have a self imposed script and their Celebration Day turned out to be Doomsday for myself and my family.

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  • Ke
    keystone custom homes Apr 07, 2012

    Regarding researching Keystone Custom Homes on the Better Business Bureau Website. Remember one thing the BBB is paid by Keystone Custom Homes to be a member of the BBB and therefore, they are prejudice in giving any bad reviews to Keystone Custom Homes. Just think about it if you were paid a fee to protect the rating of a business you would indeed tend to give that business a great rating. The BBB is partial to those businesses that pay to be a part of the BBB and therefore you need to research complaint boards or any other website that is not paid by the business to basically hide the facts and push them under the rug. I to built with Keystone Custom Homes and believe me they are so arrogant and yes I find all their people that do the actual work cannot speak english, have no clue in what they are doing and since Keystone is known for cheap labor this is what you get in return. They have a tremendous turnover in their vendors because they either nickel and dime them to death of they do not pay them in a timely manner. All the vendors that built my home are no longer associated with Keystone and believe me it was by their choice. I know many of the vendors that worked previously in my home and they refuse to be associated with Keystone Custom Homes because once you get in to your home they could not care less on any of your issues. I had to threaten to sue them if they did not fix one of my major issues with the leaks in my basement. Everything is money with them. Even down to installing moudling and window sills in your home. Jeff Rutt has so many buffers that it is impossible to vent or speak with him but yet he preaches in his marketing strategies on how Christian he is. Practice what you preach and maybe your company would get back the reputation on years past. Your reputation has a good builder is easy to gain if you pay the right people and the right organization it is easy enough to buy a good reputation on paper but in realty the Keystone Custom Homes Organization cannot hide the truth and the truth is coming out more and more.They have a new community in Blue Bell PA that they are trying to push and believe me I am sure that they did not tell any of the homebuyers that this land was purchased for a song because it is being built on a rock quarry and every potential home has to be blasted out for the foundation. This is only one community that they destroy peoples lives and I am sure that there are so many more communities out there and when people find out sometimes you are so deep into your contract that they intimidate by fear and threaten you with a lawsuit if you try to get out of your contract.

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  • Ke
    keystone custom homes Apr 07, 2012

    I am also a resident of the Wyndham Creek development and I can tell you one thing Keystone Custom Homes practice deception, fraud and lies. They sold out this community back in 2003 and took deposits for all the lots. Then they sent all these potential consumers a letter from Mr. Jeff Rutt stating that due to the elevated nitrate levels found in the groundwater that they would have to install an experimental septic system and they would require these consumers to cough up an additional 12, 000.00 for these systems in order to build their home. Needless to say everyone backed out of their contract and decided to walk away. Then in 2007 they re-opened the project and this time they neglected to disclose to any potential consumers that these systems were in fact part of an experimental septic system that did not meet the county and township requirements and were not proven technology. They told the consumers that these were state of the art systems, maintenance free and believe me that is the biggest joke of the century. These systems are very expensive and require electricity to run these pumps 24 - 7. They are lied and deceived the consumer and not disclosing to them that they had contaminated drinking water and that it would require an RO system to be installed in your kitchen until you were approaching the closing. Then the Customer Service Rep lies to you and tells you that they have given you a free upgrade.Never once notifying anyone that you cannot drink or cook with this water and that the nitrate levels were found to be higher than any other community within the area.There were so many lies, deceipt and issues. Their reps are trained con artists and they are smooth talkers. One thing I can honestly say CONSUMER BEWARE OF THE DEVIL IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

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  • Pi
    pissed at keystone Apr 07, 2012

    The one happy person in Wyndham creek was most likely paid off by keystone. They are the only one. The rest of us were screwd. They were beyond awful to us AFTER we signed on the dotted line. So RUN and do NOT use keystone ever.

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  • Li
    Lies and Deception Apr 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Keystone Custom Homes
    Jeff Rutt the owner of Keystone Custom Homes hides behind the Hope Foundation as if he is doing good for the world, but yet it is only a marketing tool to scam poor suspecting potential homeowners looking to build their dream home which quickly turns into a nightmare. They purchase land that no one else wants and proceeds to build your home and you are thinking you are getting a well built home but in reality it is build on land that no one else wants. As far as septic issues no one can imagine the way every resident in our community was scammed and lied to. Our drinking water is contaminated and these septic systems have now been deemed an experimental failure and the DEP has now declared that our community needs Public Sewers and there is not one resident that can drink our water because it exceeds the applicable government standards for nitrate contamination and low PH levels. Here we are you spend your life savings and you have to bring in bottled water to cook and drink with.Keystone Custom Homes thinks of one thing and one thing only and that is the bottom line balance sheet. I suggest that anyone anticipating building their home that there are so many good builders in the area do not even entertain building with Keystone Custom Homes because you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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  • Co
    copen Apr 06, 2012

    Thanks everyone. My husband and I have been checking out locations and tonight we picked the design we want. After reading the reviews I think we will not use keystone.

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  • La
    Lancoquality Apr 03, 2012

    Here's the deal all of you. I worked as a subcontractor for keystone. During that time I was asked to lie to inspectors, get issues covered up quickly rather then resolved etc etc. Eventually a decision was made to walk away. And we did. We had contracts for several jobs and decided it was better to sit at home then work with liars and thieves. Mike is the biggest of them all. If you live in the Marietta apartments and have a garage pull your drywall back. There's mold every where there. Black aggressive bad mold. Or ask keystone where your top coat of pavement is. Here is an idea. Check your attic. More then one house had no insulation up there. Just for kicks I walked into the Middletown development. Workers there were illegal immigrants with no insurance. Speak Spanish and they will tell you everything:)there work had already passed inspection but was not to code. I called the inspector and let him know. I have been on there jobs where the inspector never got out of his vehicle. Just signed the sticker and handed it out. Not what I want with my house.

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