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This law firm is awful. You don't want to hire a firm that is literally handling TENS of THOUSANDS of cases, and each attorney within KEL is apparently expected to handle 500-1000 cases! They have been supposedly "defending" my foreclosure case for over a year. I have had to BEG to get most things done, they don't return phone calls or e-mails in a timely fashion, they won't allow you to speak with an actual attorney unless you demand to (and then you will likely have to wait a week or more), they don't always file court paperwork on time (which could put your case in jeopardy), and the list goes on and on. This firm seems to be way overloaded with cases and clearly cannot handle their caseload.

If you hire KEL, you will be a "number", not a client. And they won't bother to ask you how YOU would like them to respond to the court/ plaintiff's attorney, or what your defense options are. They act as if YOU work for THEM. Not the other way around! If you are considering hiring KEL or if you need an attorney, I would recommend looking elsewhere!


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    Kim in Deland Apr 13, 2011

    I agree with you completely! Avoid this company at all cost, they are horrible. I was told that a 'whole team of folks, including an attorney' would be handling my case when the commissioned 'counselor' was making the sales pitch. When I got served the foreclosure papers, I asked if I would be able to speak to 'my' attorney, the person told me probably not because of the number of cases they handle. They misrepresent themselves from the start. Do NOT, repeat do NOT hire this firm. When it counts, you will be scrambling to find a reputable attorney and fighting with KEL to get your money back at the same time.

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  • Ju
    justme01 Apr 18, 2011

    Before i hired them a Yr ago they had no complaints and now i can't keep up with all the complaints they have. There's got to be a way we can stop this firm from playing with our future. We all depend on them and we can't just sit, complain and do nothing.

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  • I already hired them last year now they sent a letter stating a year is up they are dropping me unless i send them another $2, 750.00 !!! What can I do ????? They did nothing for me !!! NADA !!! Just strung me along like the "HOPE" team at Bank of America did for 2 years !!!

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    Gelbers Oct 12, 2011

    What can I say, they were totally incompetent in handling my mortgage modification. My account was passed around to so many people, they didnt even know what was going on. They changed the address with the lender, but never bothered to check the mailroom to see the lender had sent mail requesting more info. Mistakes in the NPV worksheet from the lender were ignored. They actually gave me WRONG information, that put my house in DANGER of foreclosure, and then said "oops, that information was incorrect, we are sorry". What a JOKE. Stay awya, they have a vancy building and lots of marketing dollars, but the service is awful. They even have an F with the BBB!

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    tired optimist Nov 01, 2011

    I have hired KEL for two years and I feel trapped. Any progress that was made was from me initiating. I can never get anyone to call me back. I believe they missed a court appearance and messed up some paperwork. I have had at least 5 different points of contacts which are paralegals.They assure I will get a modification on my rental property but most people disagree. I have saved all my email and info from them to prove it. I figured with the experience KEL had in the industry they would be an asset on my side. I feel they have made things much worse for me and of course in the next two months I am up for renewal again and the have really done nothing. Maybe I could be wrong and they could be right. But so far it is not looking that way.

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    Peter Griffen Jan 21, 2012

    Please don't waste your time and money with this firm. I gave them $500 for a simple document I could have got from legal zoom for $300. They don't return phone calls. My file has been passed around to so many people. You literally have to beg them to do anything. It took me 5 months to get this done. The document is 1 page long. It's just insulting to say the least about these people. Let me be clear I will NEVER use these people again. They made mistake after mistake. It was like they had no legal training whatsoever. They really have some nerve taking people's money and not rendering services for it. Matt Englett is no better than Bernie Madoff. And his radio show sucks too.

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  • Vo
    Vocalwhenneeded Jun 16, 2012

    I agree with all of the complaints. KEL is awful! Buyer beware! You give them your money and from there absolutely nothing will happen. I have been with them for 2 years and still waiting. I could have accomplished the same results by myself and saved thousands of dollars.
    I had a buyer for my short sale that cancelled due to KEL's lack of timeliness and inefficiencies. Documents are consistently "lost". I have never talked to the same person twice. They seem to be running some sort of labor mill.
    If the firm can't even manage to organize and submit a few documents then clearly they lack the competence to handle any sort of legal case. You have been warned. If you still choose to use them it is at your own risk.

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  • Co
    c.oviedo Jan 08, 2013

    2 years trying to short sell my house. Over $5000 dollars paid and still no end in sight. The only time I got a response back from a real attorney was when I complaint an said I felt they where not doing their job. That time Igot an angry response from a lawyer just going on and on about his expertise in cases like mine.

    Hope this help other to avoid the mess I am in right now...

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