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I have a serious issue with customer service at this particular location. I had my wedding band re-sized -- basically a smaller band was ordered -- and was told I would be called when it was ready.

We never received a call. Finally, after a month of waiting, we called the store and was told by a kid (with attitude) that it was going to be sent back to wherever it came from because we had waited too long to come in.

We went in to the store and sure enough, they had sent the ring back. I proceeded to explain to a different kid behind the counter that we were never called. He told us we were called twice. I told him I would know whether I was called. (And I later went through my phone records. There was no record of any calls from Kay Jewelers.)

In the end, I was less upset about the fact that they didn't call and more upset about how both of these kids had such a bad attitude and had no idea how to treat customers. It indicated to me that there was very poor management at that location, and perhaps company-wide. I am incredibly thankful that we did not buy a more expensive piece of jewelry there and will never shop at Kay Jewelers again.


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      Feb 23, 2010

    I agree with the customer service as well. It's company wide. They have terrible customer service I just experienced that myself. My husband and I had to get my ring dipped after one year. They said it was white gold but it started turning after two months I had it. They called us about the ring being ready I went to pick it up and they would not give it to me told me that my husband had to pick it up. They are full of it and I will never buy from them again ever.

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      May 09, 2011

    If anybody is planning on purchasing jewelry from Kay jewelers in Lancaster, PA I would definetely auggest you look somewhere else. When coming to this store with my fiancé to pick out my engagement ring we were treated great, obviously because they wanted us to purchase, but this was the only Ike I have ever gotten good customer service and respect from these people. I loved my ring but now seriously regret that we bought it at kays because once you buy something from them you basically are dirt the next time you come in to get you jewelry cleaned and inspected. Each time I've visited after purchasing my ring I've had a horrible experience were the same sales lady will act like she doesn't know I'm standing their waiting for about 15 minutes and then when she finally decides to help me she is rude and very disprespectful, if you ever get her initials BJ you will know what I mean. Basically with kays if you are planning to purchase they will treat you like gold and after that they will treat you like crap. I hate hat I have to deal with these ignorant jerks for the rest o my life and will never ever ever ever purchase anythig from them again.

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