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This complaint is for the KS unemployment Dept.
I attempted to file for unemployment 11/21 became unemployed early Nov. 2021 I understand the increase of unemployment cases and why.
I was denied unemployment for reasons not understood. Employer told me he didn't not deny or dispute unemployment claim. Terry's Hauling Kansas City KS.
I did quit so I understand my claim was looked at more closely but again the reasons I left were safety reason outlined by OSHA and The Dept. Of Transportation. My safety and health were in question and the public's safety due to equipment that failed DOT roadside inspections twice thus causing my PSP report and CSA points to be greatly increased making me a risky new hire or not hirable at all. I'm a driver of 25 years and never have I been ticketed or been given such a huge number of points in my career due to the companies failure to preform maintenance repairs specified by law DOT. Yet I lost income, denied unployment, turned down a potential new job due to points on my almost perfect PSP report.
Also the company I quit from did not give me the raise promised, or any vacation pay for the year of 2021, or any bonus like the year before.
Then I missed my phone interview with the unemoyment person because I was on the phone with the unemployment office trying to figure out why I couldn't log on to because of a typo with my email address. Which was never fixed. I called twice to resolve issue.
Paul M. Rodriguez 3773
2427 n. 68th pl Kcks 66109
Last time I got unemployment was in 2015 and M&S the company I was laid off from during the winter fired me while on unemployment for job searching as instructed by the state of ks. Because a potential employer call them to inquire about my employment. I had to call said company Transwood of Edwardsville ks and demand a job because of this action. I don't know if you can help me but I truly feel I needed assistance and was pushed to the side for no reason. This has been a huge burden of my family I'm a single home owner. I'm currently employed part time but 4aly cold of used ks unemployment's help for just a short time.

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