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A Jul 15, 2019 Review updated:

Wi Fi went down 5 days ago and I checked and re-checked all hardware and they keep sending me a checklist of things to do which I have done over and over for 5 days now. I'm not a novice. I think their signal is being blocked and I keep asking them to check and they keep ignoring me and sending the same check list.

I probably have been a customer for 20 years or more. I'm paying for a temporary hook-up with xfinity and I keep telling Juno I need to get back up and all they do is keep sending me the same checklist of things to do. I certainly know how to check all my hardware. I've done everything on that checklist over and over for 5 days now. I'm not a novice. They need to check if the signal is getting into the Montgomery Village/ Gaithersburg area.

A few years ago that was the problem when I went down and it took them a few days to make the repair and get me back up. I keep suggesting that may be the problem since I've reset the modem, also turned it on and off, bypassed the filter, changed cords, disconnected and re-connected equipment, tried a different phone outlet, had Verizon check the line. The modem has green blinking lights suggesting it's working and is searching for a signal. I don't think their signal is getting through to their area. I'm tired of them sending me a checklist of things to check when that is not the problem.


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    kittykats Feb 14, 2020

    I have been a customer of Juno since about 1990 - first it was free - then when we started getting access to the internet - then a user started paying a fee once a year.
    I have enjoyed using Juno for 1 main reason - able to create a file for members in order to send out information for a Masonic group that I belong to - so easy to create this type of file
    I allowed Juno to access my account for a payment agreement once a month but then I get a message that they need me to update my account due to a change that does not allow them access to my account & when I try - my computer tells me that is it a scam - go figure
    so far Juno has been the most friendly & user friendly system that I have found - if I could find a similar system to use that gives me better service & possibly free - I would go do it

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