JFK Airportunethical behaviour of jfk airport employee

My sister and I got off a Turkish airline
at JFK on Sep 6 around 11:30pm
after going through the passport check we collected our luggage and wanted to get a cab or shuttle bus through airport take us to NY(EWR) for our next flight to Ottawa. we didn't want to take a cab from the steer at 2am .
at the taxi area a person with suit and walkie talkie said he will help us and he took us outside and told us to go with this person, he will take you to (EWR) . when we got there and its around 2am, the taxi driver asked us for 478 dollars and he wanted cash and had some explanation that why he doesn't take credit card and why it is so expensive, we were extremely tired and the same time we are thinking, we got this cab through the airport so he might be right.
he took us to a convenient store so we take money out from an ATM.
when we got in terminal A and looked at cab ride from JFK to EWR, we were stunt .
at that point we were not thinking about the money, we were so frightened that the an employee from the airport put us in danger . as for we know that driver could have been a killer, a rapist, God know what could have happened to us.
the airport has the responsibility to keep its customers safe, and our experience proves it otherwise. we need answers .
please reply

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    I need answer.

Oct 01, 2019

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