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K Aug 01, 2018

Director of Operations for Jiffy Lube: Craig Linington

On April 27th, 2018, we brought our car into Jiffy Lube in Beaverton to have the brake pads checked. We were told the rear brake pads were in great condition, but the front brake pads needed to be replaced and the brake fluid in the front of the car flushed. We also had our oil changed and all other recommendations by the jiffy lube staff completed that day. Less than two months later our brakes were making noises again. We brought the car back in to the same Jiffy Lube on 7-20-18 and were told that the rear brake pads were in such poor condition they were basically metal on metal. Jiffy Lube staff were able to tell us this without even taking the wheels off of our vehicle and gave us a repair estimate of $500. We explained that the rear brake pads were fine in April and we were apologized to and given coupons for oil changes. I called to speak to a manager that same day to discuss reimbursement for the damage to our brake pads and was yelled at by the manager. He then told me we "probably couldn't afford to have all four brake pads done at the same time" and that's why our rear brakes were now in such poor condition. He also said he didn't work at that location at the time of our repairs so he didn't know. He said he would have another manager call me. An hour later, Deandre called me, profusely apologized and promised that someone from corporate would call me within the hour. If I didn't receive a phone call, he assured me I could call him back. I never received a phone call. When I called him back, I spoke to a staff member who told me Deandre was taking his second lunch of the day and would not be returning. I never received any return calls. On 7/21/18 we took our car into Brake Lodge. After inspecting it, they found that our rotors were damaged and our calipers had frozen due to brake fluid not being flushed and brake pads not being replaced. The repairs cost $602. I called Jiffy Lube and spoke to Ted who told me I was not telling the truth about the services I received at Jiffy Lube on April 27th. After calling me a liar, Ted rudely told me to bring in my Brake Lodge invoice and nothing would probably come of it. He refused to give me the number of someone else I might speak to. We brought our paperwork into Jiffy Lube on July 27th and I received a phone call from the regional manager of Jiffy Lube. Again, I had a conversation that can only be described as unprofessional and borderline rude. I was told that he tried to check camera footage of the day of April 27th but found nothing and there was nothing he could do. After a few minutes, he refused to speak to me or answer my questions. I was told his boss was out of town and would get back to me when he could. I am seeking reimbursement for repairs. My father and I have brought in three cars to Jiffy Lube over the last 20 years and supported the establishment as such. This needs to be made right.

Jiffy Lube International
Jiffy Lube International
Jiffy Lube International

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