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I contracted with JG Wentworth several years ago agreeing that my annuity would be sent to them from METLIFE in return for a set amount of cash at the start date and then the payments would return to me at the end of the contract. It was nearly impossible getting them to send a letter to METLIFE releasing me from the contract and returning the annuity back to my name. They sent a letter to METLIFE informing them that the payment sould return to me. I checked with METLIFE and they stated that the annuity payments would be placed in my checking account, but the actual owner of the annuity stayed in JG Wentworths name. I called JG Wentworth and spoke to a young male by the name of Chris W. . I requested that they send METLIFE a letter stating that my contract with JG Wenworth was fulfilled and the ownership of the annuity was now in my name. Chris W. stated that he sent METLIFE the letter, but METLIFE stated that they never received the letter. I called back at least 10 times and asked Chris W. to please send the letter. Chris W. was the very worst customer support person I have ever dealt with. He was rude and arrogant. I was treated with total disrespect. After speaking with METLIFE customer service agent, Rita L. she was able to get JG Wentworth to send the necessary paperwork, Rita L. was wonderful. Prior to having this problem I would have dealt with JG Wentworth, but never again. I believe they want to keep the annuity in their name because it's a lot easier for them if you want to sell the annuity to them at a later date, shame on them!


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      Mar 14, 2014

    Only suckers agree to viatical got what you deserved, "Thomas Augustine."

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