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My mother passed away in 2007. For five years since her passing, she/I have been bombarded with all sorts of junk mail. The mail trickle in for a while, and she/I have not received any for more than four years.
Today (July 2019) she/I received a mailing from Jerry Baker. Inside the mailer is a Business Reply Mail (BRM) card preprinted with my mother's Customer Number, Name, and Address. On the front of the BRM "Rush the Card back for your (underlined) Free Look and (underlined) Free Book! ". "Free" apparently means "just four installments of only $7.99 each, plus shipping and processing". Then they say they will send you the next book, unless you tell them to stop before they send it.
I tried to stop future mailing via their Customer Service on their website. I filled out all of the required information and the optional customer number, but I did not give them an email address. I tried to submit the form, at which time they declare "an error occurred" and a prompt to call their customer service.
1. Embedding a BRM card with an open ended subscription inside a mailer is unethical.
2. One wishing to opt out of their scam should no have to provide email, phone number, or any information that they can abuse or sell to other abusers.


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    HermanHermit Dec 26, 2019

    The best way to get off your back is to file a complaint with the better business bureau, at
    Start an official complaint there, fill in all information truthfully, give all the details you have, and they should cancel your "bill" just to save their bbb rating (which is much too high to begin with!). If you review other people's complaints there you'll find this exact scam repeated over and over and over.
    We did that and it worked for us.

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