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M Jul 09, 2019

Purchased a sofa sectional and chaise August 2018. The delivery was a nightmare, was given a 4 hour time frame when delivery would occur. No delivery and the chaise was damaged so they couldn't deliver. One day wasted. Rescheduled on a Sunday, they delivered one hour after promised time. I can't just stay home and wait for deliveries. I work! Now, fast forward to July 2019, the sofa sectional and chaise material is unraveling and the frame to the sofa sectional is breaking. I have no children, no heavy weight placed on it. Not a lot of use. Very cheap materials used to manufacture the furniture and poor workmanship. Customer service was just as bad. Called to confirm to have a technician come and take "pictures" of the damage and they scheduled from 9-11:00 am on the day I have a doctor's appointment, never mind it's for my cancer care. Told the representative I had a medical appointment and if she could schedule for later and she said she doesn't know the technician's schedule so she can't promise me anything. She then asked me when my doctor's appointment would be done and I told her that's a stupid question to ask because I can't predict what would happen at my doctor's appointment and she said' "I'm going to end this call" and hung up on me. Several hang ups and hours later still waiting to resolve my problem with this defective furniture I purchased. This was my first and definitely my last purchase with Jerome's Furniture. Their commercials tell you they have a better price and they do because it's cheap crappy furniture they sell. Good quality furniture is worth the price but you won't find it at Jerome's.

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