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Sofa recliner

Purchased in July 2019, from Rye's furture in Dickson Tennessee. It makes my leg's, and back hurt, and the wife leg's also hurt from sitting on the sofa, cannot keep it need to up grade to a differant one that would be coffortable, this one is style 549145, S/N 6395380. please advise if there is anything we can do to get an exchange my e-Mail [protected], phone [protected]. thanks for any help on this.

article # [protected] power bob-0-pedic recliner made by catnapper serial# 5287063 style #565417 reg# 95a9436 purchase date 09/16/2018

The steel frame on the right hand side of the foot rest mechanism metal snapped off, so the foot rest raises on the left side and doesn't raise on the right side! I called bob's and was told the 1 year warranty has expired that service man would have to come for $79.00 to look at it to see if
Parts were still available for me to purchase from the manufacturer! After I receive the parts I would have scheduled another service visit, I tried to find out if this covered under the original service visit, which the person that works for bob's could not answer and put me on hold again till I was cut after 50 minutes. I feel this should be covered under the limited life time warranty, because this workmanship defect! I emailed catnapper 2 times with no response. This purchase at bob's discount furniture 241e. Sunrise highway freeport new york 11520
[protected] on 09/16/2018 along with fcp-bd-po5 goof proof kit insurance policy, which will not cover it because it needed to a accidentally breakage! Total amount spent $542.02 now I am a owner of worthless piece of crap sitting in my den! My happiness of owning this
Chair has turned into heart break! I have purchased a lot of furniture from bob's discount furniture, living room, dining room and den furniture! Never again nor will purchase anything made by jackson furniture or the catnapper brands. So much for buying american
Made furniture!!! I am enclosing photos of the broken piece under foot rest on right side of my catnapper recliner!
Catnapper designed for comfort... Made to last proudly created and assembled in the usa since 1933 jackson furniture we have come a long way in 80 years. Why don't you prove it and warranty catnapper recliner and defective frame???
Joseph coniker 3468 roxbury ave wantagh new york 11793. [protected]. [protected]

article # [protected] power bob-0-pedic recliner made by catnapper serial# 5287063 style #565417 reg# 95a9436 purchase date 09/16/2018


I bought two catnapper recliners from Allen's Furnature in Princeton West Virginia. I have had them less than a year. One recliner is fine so far however, the other one is ridiculous. I didn't notice it when I first got it but the top started to slump and the back is going back slightly. I called Allen's Furnature in October and a repair man came to the house December 31, 2019. He looked at the recliner and compared it with the other one. He found that the recliner had no springs in the back of the chair. He recommended that I should receive another one. When they brought the new one I examined it and it had no springs either. I did not except it because the same thing would happen to that one. I have called about every week and I get the same response. " We are trying to find you one". This is February 15 and still no satisfaction. If I would have read the reviews I would not have bought these two recliners. We were planning to buy a loveseat to match what we have. Now I'm not sure what to do. My chair is not the most comfortable thing to sit in. Especially since the top slumps over. Allen's Furnature states catnapper stands behind their products I guess I will eventually find out.


catnapper lift chair

I bought Catnapper Lift Chair in April for over $1200. One arm of it was sinking in more and more. After I had it for 6 months, I made a few calls to furniture store they send someone to see and repair. There is a piece of wood that goes front to back on top and attaches at each end to cross pieces. The long one that is front to back was much too short and not attached at back end; it was just hanging there. The man replaced wood and did a good job. I'm pleased.
BUT - I sent message to Jackson Catnapper Company ONLY to let them know so they can probably check that department quality control.
Ha! I received an apparently GENERIC email, (from Tamra Ford), telling me they don't take care of repair issues but they have a limited warrant, and to call the selling dealer to get my repair done. The woman didn't even address my issue/concern. *I already had told them repairbwas done. So, I sent another email to let them know I didn't appreciate the Generic response and to suggest they check quality control. I never heard back.
We want another lift chair and I am sure it won't be a Catnapper.
Jackson Catnapper does not care about customers.

lift recliner

I have purchased two catnapped lift recliners and we are having trouble with a sand like grain coming out of the seems and maybe through the leather type covering. I have taken samples back to the dealer ( Laughlin Furniture) a they spoke to the factory representative and I sent pictures. This has been several months past and I have not heard anything. My sister who is an amputee and has no use of her other leg stays I. The chair 24 hours a day ( she sleeps in it also). Her mobility is from the chair to a wheel chair, to the restroom. She uses a transfer board for her mobility. Every time she transfers out of the recliner there is the sand like material in the seems and in the seat that she has to nick out. My concern is what is the sand grain and where is it coming from and is there any thing in it that might cause infection or posion.

We purchased the chairs because she liked the comfort of it and the softness of the leather covering. The other concern if the sand grain material is coming from the padding will the manufacture replace the chairs. There has been on abuse of the chair or leather material.

Please contact me
David E Ellis


Bought a recliner, first day noticed footrest doesn't come up right. Day two the springs begin squeaking when reclining, day three springs sound like a 20 year old mattress, chair leaning to left... Day 4 moving makes squeaking noise. Went to dealer promised to fix (waiting). When opened back cover noticed rust on springs and wood chips... Apparently they use old worn out rusty springs, paint them and build chairs from scrap parts. Day 10 threads coming out of footrest, one seam is almost threadbare. Upholstery on front side panel is bunching up. This company is ripe for a consumer protection act lawsuit, class action maybe.


catnapper couch & chair/ottoman

We have the couch & chair with ottoman. After having this for about 3-4 months, the set started peeling. We contacted the furniture store and they sent us new cushion covers. This proved to be a temporary solution to a permanent problem!!!
The peeling is down to the fabric in a couple places. The stitching is also coming out in a couple places! Very Very poor quality!! We have a very nice house & this ruins the looks of our entire room - EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!
We would gladly take a credit toward new furniture of the same brand & try a replacement or perhaps we pay shipping on a new set - this needs taken care of ASAP!
I have provided pictures & as you can see... we do not live in filth and take care of things. There are two of us and very minimal wear on our furniture.
Please let me know what we can do to get this taken care of!! We are asking that you do what is right & we will continue to be a customer... however, we have spent lots and lots of money with your company and depending on this outcome may never buy your brand again!!
Please let me know what you can do to help us. We are very reasonable and never write complaints! This is fully justified & I hope you will do what is right!
Thank you-
Mike & Donna Hermes

catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman
catnapper couch & chair/ottoman

dual recliner

After 2 years leather started cracking and busting on the seat backs and headrests (both sides). The handle...

catnapper sofa and loveseat

Purchased these both to remodel our living room. It took two weeks to delivery, we had them about 4 months when the padding on one side of the sofa seat bunches up. The store we purchased from came back to pick up and send to company for repair and it took one month to get it back! Now the loveseat is doing the same! I do not recommend catnapper furniture!! $2500 just thrown away!! They used to be a good brand, not anymore!

fabric peeling and cracking

We purchased this sofa and dual love seat from Cleo's furniture on 9/20/14 after returning a defective...

reclining dual sofa with drop down middle

Purchased the lay flat dual reclining sofa from Catnapper in 2017. The inside plastic pull latch broke. I called the company and was told that part was not covered under the lifetime warranty. Of course it isnt..they only cover the metal parts of the mechanism. Using subpar parts seems to be their way. People...dont waste your money on this cheap furniture. They know its cheap..and from what I see from all the other reviews, they know they sell junk and have no intentions of backing what they sell.

concord collection sofa & loveseat w/ console

I purchased the Catnapper sofa and love seat 2/26/14 and it's has just fallen apart. One arm has literally...

couch and 2 recliners in bonded leather catnapper brand

Bonded leather couch and 2 recliners catnapper brand purchased at wayne furniture in monticello ky 42633 by...

loveseat and couch

I am contacting you in regaurds to a couch and love seat we have through your company. We have only had the...

recliner with heat and massage

Horrible furniture and even worse customer service, I bout 2 identical recliners 5/2014, almost everything about them has broken except the fabric coverings, one brand new if you sit back in it would go over completely backwards hitting the back of your head on the floor, the other has been an electrical nightmare burning out several heating and massage elements. Repair guy came to the house and completely rebuilt one chair and replaced all electric in the other, they broke again, , they have broken 3 of the cheap plastic handles, now the springs broke under one of them and they cry out of warranty..I had to argue 2 months just to get them to reply. this is straight out of their warranty """ SPRINGS - Limited Lifetime Warranty The spring units of Jackson Upholstered products are warranted against breakage due to defective material or workmanship for the lifetime of the product."" but they say tough, , send us a check to buy the parts..These chairs are so sorry I am conflicted whether to buy the parts or just drag them out in the yard and burn them live on YouTube.

recliner with heat and massage


Hi my name is Rachel Frederick, I bought a catnapper chair under my maiden name Rachel Berryment, at...

remote no good

I have attempted to reach you by phone with ZERO, NO luck. I've left a message for someone to call me and No luck. I purchased a Cat napper recliner 12/24/2015 and as of a few months ago have had several issues with the electronic part as far as the recliner going up and down. When it goes back down it goes down crooked and makes a popping noise when it tries to lock in the complete down position. Also the remote cord that the wire is in is so CHEAP that it has dried out and cracked in 3 places severing the very thin wire inside and leaving me in my chair with the leg part in the up position. I am disabled and this left me stuck in my chair as the remote would no longer work so I could not put the recliner in the down position. I called my neighbor who is a Fireman and thank God he was home and he came over to help me. He had to open the remote and splice the remote cord wire approx.. 12” and soldier the broken wires in 3 places to get it to work for me again so I could put the recliner back down. So disappointed that the chair has given me so many problems.
I called the store where I bought it, bottom line they said they called you to request a new remote, being I have had the chair just over a year you all told them you WOULD NOT help me and send me a new remote to replace this CHEEP PIECE OF CRAP one that came with the chair. They said It would cost me $50 to replace it, seriously, I paid $1200 for this chair and just over 1 year the remote stops working because the cord dried out and cracked in 3 places breaking the wire……SERIOUSLY!!! Again, I'm disabled and on SSDI and live on under $1000 per month and you want to rob me of the cost of a remote replacement because or broken wires just over a month? WOW
I'm asking that you all do the RIGHT thing and send me a replacement remote ASAP at NO COST making a wrong right. I can Only pray you will help a SR disabled person by doing the RIGHT thing.
My Chair model # is 64257-[protected] and the remote says model # HC 6022 PR2 CAT Look forward to a speedy reply….


John M. Farace
19444 Arcata Ct.
Apple Valley, CA 92307

remote no good
remote no good

brown sectional

I purchased a catnapper sectional from Bush and Gilles furniture in Cameron wi one year and half ago...

chair and couch

I purchased a catnapper sofa, chair and love seat 3 years ago. Purchases a 5 year warranty at the advice of...

Jackson Furniture / Catnapper


Purchased the sofa and 1/2 Loveseat from Nebraska Furniture Mart which was delivered with Guardsman on October 2015. Last month, I heard a crack and within a few days the springs on the right half were 4" higher. Called Nebraska and Jackson. Today paid an upholstery expert $75 to find out that Jackson never glued or constructed the frame correctly. I am 59 years old and only weight 140lb. I sit on the sofa at the end of the day. There is absolutely NO REASON THE FRAME IS BROKEN BUT THEIR POOR CONSTRUCTION. I have had 2 now grown children with all of their friends at my house all the time and NEVER EVER HAD ANY FURNITURE BREAK.


Cat mapper sofa

Bought a Cat mapper sofa about 2 years ago and have nothing but issues with it been waiting for parts since...

Recliner sofa

I bought a recliner sofa from the jackson warehouse and the pull button broke on the right recliner and...

Customer Service

Worst Customer Service ever! Called and left number twice for a call back and never received one. E-mailed a question in twice and did not receive a response. Finally contacted some one in the business office and they were rude and offered no help. This company has no Customer Service.

power lift recliner chair

I purchased a recliner from a company for my husband on a friends credit card approx. 1-1/2 yrs ago. the flat...

poor quality and unacceptable customer service

We purchased a CATNAPPER furniture set from Bare Bones Furniture on 9/7/13. We paid $2, 387.46. After only...

Catnapper Furniture - a piece of junk

I bought a sofa and love seat from Jackson Furniture. Bad choice of fabric. It started balling up in the first few months. I thought maybe that was normal, but it got worse. I also have problems with the cording coming out of arms and pillows.

I am about 120 lbs and live by myself, not much company so my furniture does not get heavy use. I decided that I needed to start setting more on the love seat since it is not used much. I discovered that there was a tear in the fabric and also a frayed place on the side of the bottom cushion. It looks like it was never sewn in right at the factory. So when I sat on it a few times it just started coming loose. I did not expect to have to inspect all the seams when I got this. If you order one you had better inspect everything. Now that I have sat on the love seat a few times the cushion next to the main loveseat cushion is crooked. I cannot straighten it back up. This is on one side and the other side looks fine. It is like the frame is crocked. The cushions do not have enough stuffing to fluff back up like they say and when you put your feet on the reclining footrest you have got you foot against a board. It says fluff the cushions and there is nothing to fluff. Not right in my opinion.

I have had this 2 years this month. but have left several msgs for Jackson Furniture to return my call about problems I was having and no call. I contacted the place that I bought it from CSNTVSTANDS (changed to Wayfair now) and he Joseph agreed that this is unusual. He tried to call Catnapper and had to leave a msg and was to get back to me and it has been about a week with no call back. I called them again and after he made 3 calls to the factory they said nothing can be done. What happened to warranties and customer service????

The Jackson website describes these cushions in glowing terms providing lasting seat strength and comfort precision. Inspection insures that stitched seams are build right every single time. Edges smoothed with foam and fiber padding and careful attention is given to all edges to ensure long lasting showroom appearance. All the ways that they described these pieces are completely a lie. The cushions have a 3 year warranty, but they could give it any warranty they wanted to since you cannot talk to them. Stay away from this product and I would say all catnapper products, since their customer service is non existent. Piece of junk!!


Catnapper Furniture is Jackson Furniture out of TN. They are marketed on several online sites. I oredered...

Not available

I had ordered a catnapper recliner. The money was immediately taken out of my account, but no correspondence on when it would be delivered. I waited three weeks with no word. I then called the company and was kept on hold for over a half hour. I then e-mailed the company and they were very apologetic and they would get right on it. Heard nothing for 2 weeks. I then called again and was put on hold a second time. I e-mailed again and I was told the Home Direct had my chair. Called Home Direct and they had nothing in their system from Cymax. E-mailed Cymax again and they blamed it on Home Direct. Nevertheless, I cancelled my order. Now I have yet to get my money. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE

  • Ti
    timbob May 25, 2011

    Your complaint should be with the retailer. All furniture manufacturers have their retailers handle warranty claims. If the retailer is saying its a manufacturer's warranty and telling you to contact them, it is grounds for the manufacturer to drop them as a customer (in most cases).

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  • Bo
    Bob Malboeuf Aug 21, 2018

    Purchased it for two thousand dollars. Eight months later the vinyl starting cracking and small pieces fell off each day . Four years later and the set looks terrible.

    Shame on you Jackson/ Catnapper !

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  • La
    Landon1989 Sep 18, 2018

    I purchased a leather couch and loveseat, 4 years ago. After 3 years the couch started to peel. It now flakes off and gets stuck to me after sitting on the couch. The bonded leather is horrible. It should not wear this badly after only 4 years. The head rest and arms are the worst and the leather is completly off the couch in some places.

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  • St
    storm287 Aug 07, 2019

    Never buy again, handles are junk.

    The handles are plastic and break easily. The handle on our recliner broke after 4 months, and our sofa handles broke after 16 months (no warranty after 1 year). My husband and I didn't abuse the set, we would never buy Jackson Catnapper again.

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