iUniverseonline newsmaker marketing service

J Sep 02, 2018

I had an agreement with the Marketing Director to postpone my marketing/publicity campaign due to a circumstance beyond my control - litigation with a branch of the Canadian Provincial Government.

My manuscript was completed in December 2015. Without my authorization, someone from iUniverse released it into the market in January 2016. I wasn't ready. Since my project was live I signed up for the 3-month Online Newsmaker Program, to be paid in monthly installments. The MD knew my situation in Canada. We agreed that I could put my payments on hold until I was able to return. I am not in breech of a service agreement with iUniverse.

In the interim, I maintained a monthly subscription for Author Solutions; I paid for that subscription for about 15 months.

I recently cancelled my project with iUniverse altogether, as my situation has not changed. Unfortunately, the unauthorized release of my project went dead-in-the-water, because it was not promoted. I don't hold the marketing director/department responsible for that piece. Only the individual that released my project without my authority. I don't know who was responsible for that.

I have contacted the MD, but have not gotten a response; however, I have had correspondence form staff at iUniverse that have informed me that my situation is known to the marketing department.

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