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ITVfearne cotton's the truth about online anorexia

i was shocked and horrified at fearne cottons very biased view of pro anorexia sites. not only did she suggest these sites, which are used for support by many people suffering with eating disorders, are triggering and dangerous; she also read out some of the comments on one sites! i think this programme was biased and judgemental and has left many people who use these sites for continued support shocked and horrified at the shear audacity of the remarks made on the programme.


  • Ka
    Kathy Lewis Oct 29, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I received a weight loss cure book and want to send it back. But every time i call i get put on hold for 30 mins or more and then when i call a second time they say they are closed and to call back when they are opened. The paper work that came with my order says their hours are 8am to 8pm est and i am in central time. I called at 1pm and at 12pm and at 8:30am and the same thing happens to me. I am printing out all these complaints and sending them back... They had better give me my money back. I am making copies of everything they sent so i have proof and they can't say i didn't try before i sent it back. This really does seem like a big scam. I am getting tired of buying things on the phone or the internet because i keep getting scammed.

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  • Ni
    nichola Feb 05, 2009

    I wish to complain about last nights coverage of the football match between Everton and Liverpool. My partner and I passionatelywatched the whole match only to find that ITV cut to the adverts when Everton scored their fabulous goal. What was ITV doing?? It completely ruined our evenings entertainement. I really hope that any future important football matches will never been shown on ITV.They obviously do not understand the importance of such a game. Furthermore, when the commentators stated that it was a technical fault - how ridiculous - It is my belief that they just didn't want to be fined for not showing the sponsors.

    I would like to take this opportunity to state that I have never complained about anything before, but sincerely felt that ITV should apologise for such a huge mistake!

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  • An
    annoyance234 Apr 11, 2009

    i agree! she showed a very biased oppnion and was bang out reading comments out

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  • Ma
    maria Apr 12, 2009

    I was shocked how she slagged off the diets, and couldn't even try them herself!
    She didn't even manage a day on the Rainow Diet, how pathetic when she gets paid so much?

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  • La
    laurie Apr 13, 2009

    and you think her succeeding with the diets would have sent out a good message to people? not really.
    there's nothing good about these sites, nothing good about these diets, and as much as i can understand what people are saying, i mean of course it's gonna be biased - itv aren't going to advertise anorexia as something positive, anorexia is something that needs dealing with really, that's not gonna work by watching fearne cotton go on ridiculous diets and lose weight in a matter of days unhealthily.

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  • Ki
    kirstyy Apr 13, 2009

    Well no. i totally disagree with what your saying. Laurie is right, these website promote diets that can kill you and fearne just saying what everyone was thinking. And how is she pathetic for not sticking to an apolsutly ridiculous diet? She couldnt stick to it because its impossible! because you shouldnt be able to stick to it! She was not biased at all, she was ver sympethetic with everyone and obviously showed her views; views which echos everyone elses opinions on such a sensitive matter.

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  • Mi
    miss Apr 25, 2009

    I think your all stupid, she has done it for awarness. Its not a competiton to be skinny. You need friggin help! Fern did an amazing job!!!

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  • Ro
    Robin Apr 29, 2009

    As a recovering anorexic and someone who used to frequent these sites, I find them extremely triggering and not at all conducive to my recovery. And while there are people on there with true eating disorders struggling daily and looking for support (not necessarily healthy support just understanding and sometimes even competition), the majority of people on there are just dieters or wannarexics looking for a quick fix. Its obvious in their language and behavior and the stupidity of their comments. Thinness and the attitude that food is evil and bad is VERY pervasive there. 14 year old girls are being given advice on what's going on because they cant induce vomiting on their own. There are constant opinions being shared about why America is so "fat". When someone admits to purging a meal or binging out of control, they are met with responses that it is ok, dont beat yourself up, there is always tommorow to start fresh. These people could die anytime (from electolyte imbalances, esophagal eruption, etc) and this is not an acceptable answer if you ask me. Eating disordered people can not stop this behavior on their own. Its a deep seated mental illness that begs to be addressed by a professional or someone with strength in recovery.
    There is no real moderation or monitoring of these sites due to the sheer volume of posts and the lack of responsibility and while there are "rules" they are constantly broken. And who knows what perverts are enjoying the half naked sometimes emaciated photos of young girls constantly being posted. Yes the posts are usually locked to members only, but do you trust all the members of these groups to be truly there for positive support?
    I agree with fern cotton's observations 100%.

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  • Cr
    craig38123 Jun 19, 2010

    After watching a poor performance from England against Algeria yesterday I found myself also dissapointed with the post match analysis given by Adrian Charles and his colleagues. I am ignorant of ITV's popularity compared to the BBC in this area, but I think there is a lot that can be learned from the BBC format. After any footballing display I think technical analysis of what was done well and what was done not so well, whether its the fault of the players or the manager, needs to be highlighted coherently. I felt as though blatent attacks to the tactics used by Capello would have been identified by the BBC as there seems to be a desire within their philosophy to analyse the game and make greater use of knowledgable pundits. Instead ITV choose to focus on "entertainment" and use Adrian Charles' light hearted nature to fill out the half hour that they are given after the game. I would like to think the majority of footballing fans are given a greater sense of fulfillment by listening to experts in the field talking directly about tactical issues. One of the best things about football is people's varying opinions on how teams should be played and being fed opinions from people that have a real understanding of the game improves the country's outlook of the game as a whole.

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  • La
    lauram68 Jul 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    if thats all u got to moan about then dont watch itv

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  • Js
    J. soffe Dec 02, 2010

    I would like to make a complaint about Coronation Street and the attitude of Sally Webster's eldest daughter towards breast feeding on the 8pm viewing on 2nd November 2010. I feel that this portrays very negative opinions of breast-feeding and may deter some mothers from feeding their baby the way nature intended.

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  • Ca
    C A Bush Jan 13, 2011

    i would like to complain about the images shown on the itv 6 o'clock news covering the floods in Brazil one of the clips showed a woman stranded holding a small dog as she was throw a safety line she jumped into the water and viewers saw her drop the dog and it disappears into the water while the woman was clearly in danger. Firstly i was extremly upset there was no warning that images maybe distressing, secondly it is well before the water shed and children may have been watching and finally as an animal lover i don't expect to see images of that degree without prior warning. The events are awful but showing images of a woman clearly trying to save her pets life as well as her own and unfortunatly failing were unnecessary.

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  • Wp
    w pollard Feb 07, 2011

    dear sirs.
    I watched dancing on ice on the 7/2/2011 and was discussed by the comments made the judge Jason Gardiner to his fellow colleagues and to the contestants to be totally offensive and his worth has a judge of what I am not sure and by itv, s lack of response I can only assume that they condone this disgusting way he attacks them personally and instead of doing what he is there for to judge the skating I can state that we will not be watching the program in the future.

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  • Jo
    JOHNSON 167 Apr 04, 2011

    Dear Sirs
    I have never before written in to complain about anything but feel quite strongly about the following subject, I have watched several times Alastair Stewart interview people and upon asking a question to the guest he then talks all over their answer. Firstly this is very rude and ignorant but to be honest what sort of example does this set to youngsters I am sure people wish to hear the answer not Alastair Stewart blabbing all over their response. I do apologise for writing but feel strong enough to do so.
    Mr Sean Johnson

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  • Ma
    Margaret McIntosh Apr 16, 2013

    Oh please can you do something about the lovely Mary nightingale
    If she fiddles any more with her papers I will is most unsettling and distracting.
    Also Alistair Stewart starts to do it when he is paired with her.
    It seems so unprofessional, as if she has just arrived at the studio and not seems like nerves, but I can't listen to the news.Help !

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