ITVadvert of man vomiting in the sink having cancer


Please could you not show the advert of a Gentlman vomiting in the sink having Cancer
Every. Other advert it seems is thrown at us
Cancer, Cancer Cancer
I lost my Husband to bowel Cancer. In 2014
I’m devastated but I don’t want to be reminded over and over again .
I’m sure I’m not alone feeling this way .
We all understand there are wonderful nurses and Macmillan helping .
It upsets me so much m
Please take the vomiting OFF !!!
Kind Regards Mrs Rose Smith from Hednesford in Staffordshire


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      Oct 24, 2017

    I completely agree. My father died from stomach cancer, so I appreciate that the advert shows the hardship of a horrible disease and the effect on him and his family. Yes, it's good that they say that a 'dad with cancer is still a dad' but there is no actual need to show the poor afflicted man vomiting into a sink IN A TV ADVERT.
    If this was in a drama, or a film, fair enough. If the event happened in Holby City or Casualty - OK, it's about illness and vomiting happens.
    But, I am a person who is not keen on the showing of vomiting even in fiction or comedy where it is needed or it is required by the plot as it's just not nice to see it. But, if it happens in a film or drama I have chosen to see, so be it. But in an advert break? No way. No build up to it, no warning, just a guy being sick.
    Anyone with any sense of chemo or illness knows that vomiting may be a factor in cancer...but what's wrong with the dad being with his daughter more? Why not show him lying in bed - at least we see that he is sick, we don't need to see him BEING SICK.
    Plus, what if someone is at home minding their own business and they are emetophobic, and the sight of it makes them vomit too? How is it fair on anyone to show it in an advert? It should be edited out immediately. And, I would love to argue with someone who tries to get all holier than thou and tells me that cancer 'is horrible' and 'it happens'. Yes, it does, but you don't need to show it in an advert. Would we have him on an operating table having his operation in close up then? Should we show him on the commode?
    It's an act of insensitivity and it's patronising. It should be edited out.

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