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I placed the mentioned above order on 01/12/20. I requested return, because the material description was incorrect.
I ordered Prada pants, the price was $491.78; VAT - USD 0.00, Customs Duties - USD 0.00, Sale Tax - $43.64 and shipping - $0.00. So the total is $535.42.
When I tried to request return the total refund is $303. They deducted VAT $191.96 and shipping $40. I agree to pay shipping cost, but VAT $191.96 I do not want to pay. VAT must show when placing the order, but it does not.
This company id doing the business is not right way. Customer must to know how mush is VAT before placing the order.
EIN Company [protected].

Thank you
Liliya Yevlentyeva

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    Hi Claudia, in my case VAT and duties were 0.00 there was the price and sale tax only. That means there is no VAT. Is it correct?
    I used to buy before from Mathesfashion (few years ago when VAT was not included into the price) and I could see VAT, so I knew how mush I will not get back.
    I would suggest to show VAT before check out to avoid confuses or change return request (it has to show the exact amount for refund). I am bookkeeper and for me check out and return request do not look professional.

    Thank you, Liliya


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      Jan 15, 2020

    Dear Liliya,
    sorry for the misunderstanding and for the issue with your order.
    If the item is wrong or not described correctly we always grant our customers a free return. Our customer care will take care of it. Do not worry ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
    We also show all duties and taxes at check-out before the payment, in case of orders to US VAT is not applicable but you have to pay import duties and sales tax.
    Best regards,
    have a nice day

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