Istanbul International Airport (Ist) / at the security at international transfers

To whom it may concern,

My name is Salwa Jaffal. On Friday, August 9, 2019, I arrived to Istanbul International Airport with my twin girls. When we were going through security at international transfers, a man and his two kids had pushed past us to the front of the line, but I had just ignored them. But what had frustrated me the most was that the security guard who was working at that time was talking to the other people as if they were friends, ignoring me and my kids, and left me on the other side of the metal detector without my bags, carry-ons, shoes, and phones. I tried to ask the guard about my stuff in a loud voice so he could hear me, he began to laugh at me, telling me to come back to the other side to get my belongings myself. When I tried to talk to him, he was teasing me saying that I was a bad Muslim, and the other people who had pushed past us before were saying they were better because they are Christian. So I went up to the information desk, telling them what had happened, they didn't care about what I was saying until I had stated that I was an American citizen, then they gave me more attention because I had threatened to sue the airport. I have a picture of the complaint I wrote at the desk that includes all of my information, so please contact me through email, because I felt, as a Muslim woman, humiliated, in a Muslim country, feeling as if women with the hijab are not valued. For my next trip, I will be using airlines that respect women better than you have, and will be giving you bad reviews.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to hear back from you,

Salwa Jaffal

Istanbul International Airport (Ist)

Aug 13, 2019

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