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Complaints & Reviews

Spitting concern

Could Irvine Company Corporate please let your workers and groundskeepers in your communities know that spitting on the ground and in the grass where dogs and people walk then walk into their owners apartments is unsanitary. They could keep a napkin, tissue or piece of cloth in their pocket if they need to spit. Thank you for your kind help with this issue.

trimming trees

This incident took place Wednesday, March 4th, around 7:55 am. We were walking our normal route to Brywood school and we couldn't go because the road was blocked due to trimming the trees. We were almost late to school. I had to run back home with my 2 children and get in the car and drive. This is very frustrating because there is no notice to when they will be closing the road. We leave to walk to school at 7:50 am and get to school by 8:10 at Brywood. They need to start later if they are going to close the road. The way we go is Escudero onto culver and we take the green belt there between Trabuco and Escudero. We live off of Andele Way in the Raquet club and take Andele Way To the green belt to Deleware to Brywood. I have attached photos and a map and drew in red our route to school. I am just so upset that we didn't go to school our normal way. Something needs to be done about this.

trimming trees
trimming trees
trimming trees
trimming trees

very horrible experience

I have been with irvine company for 8 years, since I moved from my country and my wife family for 32 year...

unethical behaviour, intimidation

I have lived in different Irvine Company Apartments for the last 15 years, Most of the time it has been decent for me until I moved to Villa Siena. I have been harassed for 4 times and was told I have been making noise and the tenant below is uncomfortable. I am living single with my cat, no parties not even friends come over. I am at home for 8 to 10 hours a day which I mostly sleep or watch TV so there is definitely no noise apart from me walking to the fridge and to the bathroom once in a while. The last time was the manager of the community and wanted me to show her how I walk and to see if I walk hard and if I do not walk lighter or wear slippers (that is what she said) I should be receiving a letter from the Court. So I believe they are trying to intimidate me by telling me they will sue me because I walk heavy according to the tenant below.

poisoning the bees

Hi, I live in Irvine, Ca at one of the Irvine company's apartment complexes. Last couple months I have...

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poorly managed construction project at rancho tierra

I live at Rancho Tierra Apartments. I received a notice that the carports where we store our property wa...

stained stairs

My family and I have been living at 560 Saint vincent (Brittany at Oak Creek) for about 3 years now and we complained about stairs being dirty and stains on stairs many many times! The management never took care of it and im reaching out to you guys! Im letting you know that if the stairs are not moped and clean weekly and maintained neat and clean, i'll write a review on yelp and google and wherever I can and attach the photos and videos I collected during these many year!
Attached recent documents!


We have a large complaint. We have been living here at the village since september of 2018. Since then we...

unfair security deposit deduction

Letter of Demand 2801 Kelvin Ave Irvine, CA 92612 [protected] [protected]@uci.edu Hello, I am a previou...


My name is robin and I am currently a resident at avella apartments. I normally never complain, but the lack...

apartment complex

My husband and I paid close to $4000 as a security deposit to move in to the apartment in mid March. We were...

front office staff brennan

I work graveyard I'm a medical professional and called earlier in the week to make sure their scheduled non authorized entry to my place for them to install new thermostat upgrade, be possible for them to do right when I got home so I can shower and sleep because I don't want to be in the shower or alseep when someone enters my place and be unaware and come out with my bat. As I said to office staff they then keep talking over me and I said enough and hung up later to have my door knocked on my cops saying I was brandishing a weapon and threatening them . WTF!?! No I got off a 12 hour shift and was on cell phone with them and asked if work could be done within time of my arrival so I would't be caught in shower or asleep and startled when they arrive, which as a female if someone enters your home while you are showering or asleep, you will naturally be afraid.

rude management who asked us to leave the office

What do you call folks who are trained to give half information until you're trapped? When there will...

move out charges

I lived at Serrano apartments from Oct 2016 to Dec 2018. After 6 months, my bathtub had a hole that appeared out of nowhere in the corner (see pic). I reported it and they told me they needed at least a full 24 hours to reglaze and for it to dry, etc. if finally got done in July 2018. When I moved out, they included it in my move out expenses for $263. They also included another $50 to "power scrub" the carpet when they charged me $50 to "clean" and another $25 to remove stains. Plus $125 for apartment cleaning. My apt is 560 sq feet, so there's only about 400 or so of actual carpet. After some back and forth with Sam in the leasing office, he provided pics and said that I did not indicate there was a hole when I moved in. This apartment was built in 2004 and most likely, the bathtub is from 2004 so it was 12 years old. This is obvious wear and tear. I have reported this to BBB but I feel that reporting this on Yelp and other sites will help with decision making for potential as well as current renters who may have this same issue. If this does not get resolved and I end up paying before it goes to collection, I will file a small claims lawsuit.

move out charges
move out charges

lease broken; unlwful entry

This email is regarding the apartment my wife and I currently rent in the Las Flores Community of Rancho Santa Margarita. I have been unfortunate enough to witness and stressfully deal with a careless and un-abiding managerial staff. The Community Manager Brennan Hawkins and his assistant manager Martin Moylan. It has been less than thirty days living in this community and the lack of care couldn't be more disrespectful. My wife was at home, who at this moment is pregnant with my child due to be born in a matter of weeks whilst three men organized by the assistant manager Martin Moylan approached our door and entered without consent from my wife who was home at the time. They rang the doorbell and knocked, did not announce themselves, did not give us a notice of entry on this date, gave no approximate time of entry for service repair, and proceeded to unlock the door and begin to enter. I am beyond uncomfortable and disappointed that we cannot trust our community staff with abiding by the lease agreements signed and acknowledged by both Staff and renters (Lance and Rachel Leonard). This is not a matter of situational "what if's", rather as stated by Law, now broken, an unlawful entry to our home. The assistant manager called my wife a liar and denied any of this while understanding he was not present at this moment. I (Lance Leonard) spoke to Martin Moylan at approximately 11:30 am on today's date 2/11/2019. He refused my request to speak to his direct manager, and only brought forth their service manager. When asking the service manager Freddy, he admitted to the fact that the service technician in fact unlock and open the door to our apartment without any consent by myself or my wife (Rachel Leonard). This apartment community broke their lease terms and agreement. I have also brought to their attention what appears to be black mold on our canned lighting of our main bathroom. The window seals were not repaired when the service technician Sunday 2/10/2019 was requested and authorized to repair this. The front door service repair for replacement of the weather stripping was not replaced and instead fastened lowered on the door and caulking set into the corners. We currently use packaging tape to keep insects (centipedes, spiders, fleas, snakes).

My home was intruded upon by the staff and then denied by the corresponding staff when brought to their attention. It is unsafe to live in this community and we feel threatened by the large male technician who consequently unlawfully entered our domain. Under no circumstance unless authorized or by emergency is a member of the community staff to enter an apartment. If either my wife or myself were not properly clothed, my two dogs were harmed in anyway this has bearing for a lawsuit which is being discussed by my advisors.

woodbridge apartments

Hello, We moved out of the Woodbridge apartments a few months ago. We were given a list of what to do when...

move in experience

I recently moved into the one of the Irvine Company Apartments in San Jose, CA named North Park Apartment...

made mistake of our lease term

Here is a thing about bad efficiency and attitude of Rancho San Joaquin leasing office. In August, a staff from Rancho San Joaquin's office called Alexus Jones called us to tell: our original leasing apartment cannot be fixed on time and we can be adjusted to a new apartment has same floor plan better price, if we agree, we need to reply on time. we replied to the email immediately, but the leasing office had no response that day. one day later, we worried about the adjustment and found nothing changes in our leasing. So we sent email to Alexus, but that day it seemed she was not in the office. After a day later, we sent her email again and she replied to me, she helped me to change the leasing at the same price but she changed our lease term from 11 months to 13 months. we went to the leasing office to argue with her and she promised us to fix that. But the result is she told us the manager will help us, but in the end, no one helped us. And during that time, we went to the leasing office several times to figure out, every time the staff said manager will help us. In the end, we have no method only signed a new lease in Park West. During that time, we were trying many times to solve this problem, and Alexus never sent us a quote but she asked us to provide it to them, we provided them the quote from the official website and all the emails to prove we replied them on time. But their attitude and efficiency made us very upset. If you need, I can provide all the emails to prove the whole process.

construction, health risks and fraud

I am a former in-house paralegal of the Irvine Company. I've been fighting them since 2016. We all know how hard it is to be heard through media and news channels where they are involved. WE MUST warn residents and current residents about defective construction, mold, risk of structural failure in an earthquake (or over an unknown length of time).


https:///link removed/

no response on my emergency maintence call at deerfield

My name is Ping Nip. I live at Deerfield apartment 46C .

On August 21, I got locked out the door, and I have to rush to work afternoon, and I tried to call maintenance line for emergency for lock out service for 6 times attempt. No one ever called me back or next day, and I was in rush to go home to change my uniform and to get car so I could go to work at hospital that require strictly on time manner.

To be fair on my side, I am demanding the Deerfield company to be responsible for the cost of the window or at least partially compensate some cost of the window due to the fact that no one response to emergency maintenance or even the next day no one response me. I have expressed this to the manager onsite, but i feel my voice is not being heard.

This is not acceptable service to ignore tenant's call for any kind of service regardless emergency or not. This is not first time and everytime I basically had to run to the office to express few times for maintenance. Therefore I want to express my concern and I am hoping someone will address this and reply me with an answer why no one ever return my emergency maintenance call on that day or next day.