iPayment Incfraud & theft


We do not even have a credit card machine. Also we did not sign any contract. Some how these ipayment people managed to get some of business information. I frequently kept receiving mail from them for 2 years after having called and terminated their service because we had never signed up for any such company. Naturally we thought that the problem was dealt with since we had called multiple time to sort the matter out. So this month we noticed that money was being withdrawn from our business sporadically. We had not given any permission for any company to automatically deduct funds from our account. Our bank was very helpful, they traced the money being withdrawn, they always deducted a different amount as to not raise suspicion, they traced it back for two years! Never the same amount! Our bank calculated that they had stolen around $4, 000 from us. When at the bank the staff called the number on the bank statement to no avail. The reason that we found out about the money was that they had deducted two payments of $50 or so and than credited one of the payments back. This was what raised the red flag for us. The company name did not appear on any of the bank statements. Today I was going through some mail and saw the I payment envelope... Lo and behold everything clicked, it was these people who were stealing from us. I called the number and got a hold of a woman, I immediately proceeded to tell her that I was taping this conversation due to legal issues concerning theft from our account. Normally when employees are subjected to mad people the immediate response is to pass the call on to a superior, she did no such thing, instead she started telling me that she did not give me permission to tape her... Lol! They can tape my conversation but yet when you try to hold them accountable they run with their tail between their legs. She repeated herself 3 times than hung up on me. I was not mean to her but she sure as h* did not want to talk to me. I have heard that other people out there that this has happened to have not been able to contact them, this is the number and address that I have for everyone that wants to get their money back from these scam artists.
I payment, inc
Po box 3429
Thousand oaks
Ca 91359
Let me now what else we need to do to put these pieces of # behind bars so they can stop stealing from honest hardworking people.
Thank you.
Other names I have found for this company are ics, integrated card services, merchant service, card payment solutions, 1st national processing, first federal financial services, global ipayment... So far. Other phone numbers that I hae found are as follows:
[protected], [protected], [protected]. [protected]

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