Intoxalockbreathalyzer ignition interlock device

M Aug 01, 2018

Charged me to set up, told me one fee then billed for more, part arrived very fast, next day, however... It was missing a part, long story short my vehicle was in the shop for 6 days and was never fully installed, yes I said fully, so I was charged by the garage $100 for the partial instal and by the 6th day they were instructed to remove the item of no use and then was charged another $70. Now i'm out $170 for nothing except a headache
They assured me I would not be charged... Lol boy did they ever!

I have spent hours on the phone with the worst customer service on the pant and have gotten no where, they kept my card on file and have charged me again for the non service for a grand total of $162.88 and that's for an early cancelation fee for something that never happened not even a contract signed. So what ive had to do is file fraud charges on my credit card. I would advise that no one ever use this company, they are liars and a complete nightmare to deal with. Just as the person above stated very nice until they get their money then thats all the derps come out.

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