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I agree with most of the people here. While I like Nick for being humble and honest, Nick is most times too careful and you don't get many trading ideas from him. Gareth Soloway, as one person describe here, is just like a used car salesman. On the nightly videos, you'll be primarily listening to Gareth tell you how many winning trades he did during the day and what the market did. I am primarily a swing trader and do not day trade, and I have lost more money with them than trading on my own. Yes, I'm a bad trader, but following them, I lost more...


  • Ke
    KelvinL Nov 05, 2012

    I was with them for over 2 years, and was one of the first services I used when I was trying to learn this trade. Not knowing a whole lot at that time, I was immediately suckered into the "hype" of a "no-hype" pro trading service.

    Looking back now, they have taught me many valuable lessons. That is, what a truly successful trader is NOT. I'm now able to distinguish snake oil salesmen quicker than than you can say "In The Money Stocks Dot Com".

    In short, they make themselves look like a very legitimate service that is trying to teach a highly proprietary methodology known only to a select few. The reality is, it's just a very basic trading system put together with bits and pieces of very common technical trading ideas like moving averages, gap fills, Fibonacci retracements, pivot points, classical chart patterns (H&S, double bottoms etc..) and candle stick analysis. Of course, to give it their special touch, they throw in a very secret and proprietary "time count" system which is nothing more than an actual count of the number of bars you see. Voodoo trading? That's what you'll get here. All this for a cool 600 bucks to learn.

    All right, my actual results with that. I tried both the professional chat room (200 bucks/mth) and their Research Centre (50/mth). Chat room was absolutely a joke, as most here already said. Gareth will take no responsibility for trades UNTIL they play out. Nick will make only 2 trading calls a MONTH. I did very poorly with them in terms of scalping. e..g making 35 cents on scalping a hundred dollar stock like GS... (it's a joke).

    The swing trading aspect, Research Center, is half decent. 60^% of the trades actually do work well... but if you dig a little bit deeper, you'll notice very big flaws in their swing trades. Very wide stops, that absolutely do not seem to agree with that they preach during their trading Webinars. Why huge stops? Of course, keeps you in a bad trade longer in hopes that it'll turn out a winner.

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  • An
    Andy112 Jul 11, 2014

    I have been trading with these guys for over a year now. Their track record does not show big losers. The losers slowly fall off the track record and these guys seem to think no one notices it. I have given them a fair shot with 12 months to show what they can do but I have just lost money! What's the point of learning their methodology when the members cannot make money following their alerts?

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  • Pg
    PG03 Jun 22, 2015

    As of 6/22/15, some epic fail trades are:

    CHK call option > -70% loss from initial entry, and added at half the initial entry; also bought long in addition to doubling down on options. The longs may work out down the road, options can expire worthless

    AA long > -10% loss from initial entry (added to lower initial entry price, and opened call options, if bought long or call at initial price, screwed), “great entry”, ha

    WMT call option > -75% loss (added long position later, and it could end up covering the call option loss, which most likely will expire worthless), traded simply on trend line and when broke the trend line, should have gotten out of the trade

    DIS short > -5% loss (opened on 4/10, if bought short term put options or even couple months out in the money puts, screwed), does not close even after closing above the stop, probably will hold until the market correction or earnings, and hope for profit

    TWTR long > -9% loss, quick call option played at much lower price and workout on rumor, what a joke

    DDD, SSYS - while made some profit on rumors, has not up trended as touted in the rant, and under performs when the market rallies

    AXP - June option puts expired worthless

    VXX - June option calls expired worthless

    XLF put > -70% loss, most likely will expire worthless

    CORN call > -34% loss (August expiration; could recover; again, bad entry)

    JPC call > -30% loss from initial entry price

    Other losing trades – BIS long (no insight to short term market trend, IBB broke out, may recover when the market corrects later), JPM Puts, CNET long, DE short, ADSK long, SDS long, VXX long, FCX long (from November 2014), PLUG long (opened for over 4 months), VXX long, QQQ short (from October 2014)

    While their methodology may have some validity, there always will be some equities that "fit" into their methodology, just like any other common technical analysis. Buying and selling any equity at their major support and resistance levels and pivots this year would have worked out just as well if not better.

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  • Re
    Reviewer34549 Nov 18, 2015
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    RUN as far and as fast as you can from these guys. Talking out of both sides of there mouths. Do not even think about it. Just keep moving,

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  • Pe
    PEG FourHundred Mar 06, 2016
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    if you can't make money from their calls you ought to get your head checked

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  • Wa
    Warrenrec Jun 07, 2016

    Captain Hindsight AKA Gareth Soloway. This guy is nothing more than a gambler. Doesn't follow his own stops and averages constantly. The best part is when I voiced my concern that they don't post position size of the trade and why stop are ignored, they blocked me from interacting with other members.

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  • Ga
    gareth the snake Jan 12, 2018

    I strongly agree with all the negative reviews of this site.
    I'm not gonna state what the obvious is that Gareth is a horrible trader but he does believe and states he IS THE BEST in wall street.
    Looks like the negative reviews across multiple sites have proven that their are snake oil salesmen with fraudulent track record that doesnt take in account the share size of trades nor honor stops.
    These days Gareth and even Nick has started posting more and more tweets. They never bother to promote their site and always demand and force members to write good reviews about them or he wont give out trades. He demanded ppl send testimonial videos to him. I laughed everytime and ignored him when i was in the chat room. Now that they are posting only shows they are desperate for new sheeps money so they can keep running the site. Even Gareth's tweets are 85% wrong. Take a look for yourself.
    Here a prime example of what you get from Gareth. I guarantee this is the case with him.
    Here posts about a upcoming trade on amzn with defined stop loss. For the sake of guessing i'll say he shorted at 1214 cause that was the high at the time. Then boosts about it.
    Gareth Soloway‏ @GarethSoloway · Jan 4
    Almost +$6 in the money on the $AMZN short posted here earlier. Might get a topping tail today. I would love to see this close flat or negative today. #ToppingTail #TechnicalAnalysis #Chart #Trade #ResearchCenter
    Now, amzn currently 1300, but no stop out, my guess average down and #rideordie, cause thats what his trades are, i feel sorry for the members

    Here's a list back in late november 2016 that a current member sent me and he didnt do the 2016 [censor] move of tax loss selling, so he's ride and dying, see for yourself
    VXX Long 05/19/2017 45.51 28.00 75.00 0.00 view
    FB Short 04/28/2017 161.40 186.25 145.00 0.00 view
    EGLE Long 03/20/2017 5.29 4.50 7.00 0.00 view
    HD Short 03/15/2017 147.10 160.86 135.00 0.00 view
    ADBE Short 03/02/2017 123.75 137.50 110.00 0.00 view
    AAPL Short 02/28/2017 145.45 161.50 129.75 0.00 view
    MMM Short 02/24/2017 197.17 215.50 180.00 0.00 view
    BA Short 02/16/2017 213.35 265.75 150.00 0.00 view
    SPXU Long 02/09/2017 18.52 15.40 22.55 0.00 view
    DE Short 02/02/2017 108.82 129.25 99.85 0.00 view
    MU Short 01/31/2017 32.23 45.00 20.00 0.00 view
    CSX Short 01/23/2017 46.05 55.55 39.85 0.00 view
    AXP Short 01/10/2017 83.12 90.25 65.00 0.00 view
    Symbol L/S Entry Date Entry Price Stop Target 1 Target 2 Notes
    BBBY Long 11/16/2017 20.35 19.00 25.00 0.00 view
    TOL Short 11/10/2017 46.25 50.00 41.00 0.00 view
    SCO Long 11/06/2017 28.55 24.50 35.00 0.00 view
    VZ Long 11/06/2017 45.30 45.30 0.00 52.00 view
    LRCX Short 11/03/2017 206.25 210.50 190.00 0.00 view
    GE Long 11/02/2017 18.92 16.00 22.00 0.00 view
    NFLX Short 10/31/2017 196.30 205.00 175.00 0.00 view
    PG Long 10/25/2017 86.50 86.50 0.00 95.28 view
    UGLD Long 10/23/2017 10.54 9.75 12.25 0.00 view
    TTWO Short 10/12/2017 103.70 112.75 90.00 0.00 view
    TZA Long 10/03/2017 13.20 11.75 15.50 0.00 view
    JCP Long 10/02/2017 3.46 2.95 4.50 0.00 view
    RACE Short 09/20/2017 112.87 118.10 99.75 0.00 view
    SOXS Long 09/12/2017 22.64 19.50 27.50 0.00 view
    MA Short 09/08/2017 137.49 150.50 120.00 0.00 view
    TEVA Long 08/03/2017 22.47 19.80 25.50 0.00 view
    SDOW Long 08/02/2017 28.41 26.45 30.50 0.00 view
    EUO Long 07/31/2017 21.62 19.75 25.05 0.00 view
    SDS Long 07/26/2017 48.48 45.75 52.15 0.00 view
    SQQQ Long 07/14/2017 28.68 25.00 35.00 0.00 view
    NVDA Short 07/13/2017 176.90 207.50 145.00 0.00 view
    APRN Long 07/06/2017 7.77 6.25 10.00 0.00 view

    There's also comments sent to me that the trades they put out are fake and all they have no risk and all they do is take members money and sell their webinars that anyone can google to learn. Absolute crime with INTHEMOENYSTOCKS.COM

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  • Ni
    Nicholas S Jan 17, 2018

    Its true, the trades are fake.
    All of the trades above have magically dissappeared from their website and have not been shown on their track record. Imagine if you were a member and had to follow the trades. They dont update the track record with all these losses cause that will not make them look good. Also, take a look at their options alert, the last 2 years they quit updating due to losses that will make them having to show a losing year.
    The trades they alert are fake!

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  • By
    Byran Leighton Jan 23, 2018

    Chat room review and warning.
    Those who even think about joining chat room with INTHEMONEYSTOCKS.COM, be prepared to be OUTOFTHEMONEY often.
    Many has left the chat room, leaving Gareth, self proclaimed best trader in wallstreet and the world, talking to himself and making trades for nickels and dimes, while risking 2 to 4 average downs to break even and if the trade doesnt breakeven, it becomes a SWING TRADE, then it becomes a PERMANENT POSITION on the portfolio. When he makes on the trade, its for pennies, nickels and dimes. HIGH RISK LOW RETURN, if thats your model, feel free.
    Now lets talk about the afternoon session with Nick. Be prepared to hear a lot noise and no trades, granted the time of day, but simply dont expect much, but him saying his favorite phrase, "these markets are overbought" this is overbought that is overbought. Heres an advice, todays market is about momentum, go with momentum with a defined stop. So in short the CHAT ROOM is about making money for Gareth and Nick, not you.

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  • Zu
    Zubari Apr 12, 2018
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    Verified customer

    You people must all be those who should never go near the stock market. Its actually funny to me when i read these. Anyone who has actually learned from and followed Nick or Garreth would know that they are prob the best traders out there. I am not even going to waste time on here with these people, but if you are smart you will check out the actual alerts (which you can do so for free) and compare that to their nearly decade of trades in the track record, that will prove to you that these negative people should not be talking about anything stock market related. And if anyone was an actual member at all thus far in 2018, then you know how on point their trades have been. Use your brain people, don't be mislead by the losers out there!

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  • Ve
    Vern D Apr 16, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I have been a member of the swing trading service and day trader for a year. If you followed them in the research swing service just this year alone then you know the negative posts are fake. Their calls and guidance is second to none. Oh, its funny too that the reviewers used variations of Nick and Gareths names lol. That shows that its probably one person posting negative comments over and over. That brings up a greater issue, sites like this where anyone can post false information should be taken down. Its horrible that people are able to mislead others with bad information on a company like "in the moneystocks" when they are helping so many people. My only advice to those who read these comments is to remember the only way you can know for sure if something is good is to see it yourself, not by reading fake comments on the web. If you go to the in the moneystocks website you can see all of the trades for free. So do not listen to the fakes. Thanks to Nick and G for being great guys!

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  • Ch
    charlie-o Jul 19, 2018

    I find it interesting that one phone number to call is a NY area code but traces back to Port Charlotte, Fl. And there's a nice picture of a trading room on their site but the Tampa address is a post office.

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  • Ch
    charlie-o Jul 19, 2018

    check photo


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  • Ch
    charlie-o Jul 19, 2018

    @charlie-o double click photo for their Tampa address location.

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  • Ta
    tanger Oct 08, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I cancel my account and still have charges for 99.00 and 89.99 for the same service
    When I called they told me that the website was changes to new one and that way they charge me twice on the
    same day
    When you subscribe to any service and the the payment is $99.99 per month, you cannot be charged for
    99.99 plus 89.99 without any new confirmed authorization from the client, it look like SCAM
    For all clients check your credit cards and when you cancel make sure no more charges
    Be careful !

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  • Al
    Alex g5 May 01, 2020

    You guys are all haters. I’ve been InTheMoneyStocks member for 10 years now. Nick and Gareth are both incredible traders. I only subscribe to them and marc faber. I used marc faber for long term distressed investing. They called this corona downturn to the day and called the bottom. they’ve nailed almost 30 trades in a row. You have to know the market and understand their system. You can single out a few bad trades which everyone has but they’re right a lot more than they’re wrong. Nick and Gareth are both very clear about the allocation and how heavy they’re going in a trade. Honestly I subscribed to several people in the past I think ITMS is by far the most consistently Accurate.

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  • Al
    Alex g5 May 06, 2020

    I have to add my 2 cents on the commons above again. The trades are totally real. I take 80-90% of them. They have an instant text message along with the website that tells exactly when they’re in and out. I’ve been a subscriber for 10 years and have never seen the trade list fudged with like being mentioned above so idk why you guys are talking about. On a side note. Do what they do and don’t deviate. When I was new, I would sell losers early etc. I’ve seen Gareth down 50% or more on multiple trades and then ultimately he gets out with a profit, break even, or very small loss. Don’t overload the boat. Gareth & Nick every single night talk about not overloading the boat. If you lost tons of money, you’re not following their asset diversification/allocation. I got to know many of the subscribers from Dominican Republic & Tampa trip. Many have been subscribers for years and still are subscribed. No one has that much long term repeat business if it’s bad. Honestly, I think their subscription is cheap for what they do. I’ve made thousands fold for what I’ve paid in subscriber fees but you obviously need money to trade safely.

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  • Ja
    JasonTerry Jul 29, 2020

    It's true. I've tried many different subscriptions over the years and INMS is by far the best and most consistent source out there. I have only subscribed to Gareth because I was interested more in options at the time. The key for profits is to keep trade allocations down to a bare minimum and just follow their advice on getting in and out. That's it! For ever 9 wins you must expect 1 or 2 losers. It's that simple. The only negative I have about their service for the option plays is that most of the plays are 6-12 months out in target dates. So, if you don't like to wait for profits, then this is not the service for you. Patience is the key and even though most of the plays have extended target dates, you will find that they cash out in many of them within days anyway. It's just a buffer for any deviation in price swings.

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