Intex Recreation Corporationpure spa jetted joy tub

C Sep 11, 2018

Bought this hot tub after my bestway went after 5 years of crystal clear water.
The spa has 2 filters to draw water in and filter through the tub. Only one worked. I used my warranty and received a replacement spa base that was not the correct one and did not fix the problem anyway. Now they want me to pay to send back the base to send me another one. They discontinued the hot tub so sent a base that was supposed to be compatable. (Water shoots out of the tub when I use the water jets and the second filter still doesn't work and it will cost quite a bit to send the base back especially since this didn't solve the problem the first time.
If something is under warranty and it does not work even when replacement parts are sent it's time to replace the entire spa. At this point I'm not even going to fight about the water jets ( which cost twice as much as the bubble air jets.) I would just like to go out into my back yard open my spa and not see a pool of slimy bacteria. I've sent emails and made phone calls before I actually posted this my first complaint. I really believe in giving a company a chance to live up to their reputation because I know reviews from customers play a big Part in people doing business with a company.

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