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easy setup above ground pool

I purchased a pool for my son for his birthday. I kept having to fill it up every so often and I thought it was due to splashing. We were out of town for 4 days and I came home to a flooded yard. There was a tear on the inside between the inflatable tube. I called and the first representative hung up on me. The second gave me a lengthy process of things I needed to cut out of the pool. When I told her I could not cut the drain plug as there was a foot of water in my yard she advised that was policy. So for 3 days I drained this pool. I have the pictures and mailed my receipt and delivery confirmation. I live in Iowa so warm days are numbered. Now, nobody will return my emails and I can not get through to customer service. My yard is ruined, I did my part and now we have nothing. Here are the photos.

intex 22x52 above ground pool

We were given this pool to us as a house warming just over a year ago. Just a couple weeks ago the seam on the bottom edge started ripping. Try to patch with patch kit and flex seal tape. Not working and losing alot of water all the time. I asked our friends if they still had receipt but they don't. We take very good care of the pool . we are just very disappointed at how quickly the seam ripped. For such a big company I was very disappointed. Would love to have this rectified by your company. Dont let bad reviews take over. Sending pics of the pool. Please contact me by email... [protected]

intex 22x52 above ground pool
intex 22x52 above ground pool
intex 22x52 above ground pool

intexcorp support parts and supplies

On June 10th I placed an order for several parts for my 18' metal frame pool and saltwater filtration system. I received the parts towards the end of June and found that most of the parts would not fit my pool because the parts were for a later model even though the info on the Intex website said that they would fit. I also ordered a titanium electrode replacement for my filtration system. The o-ring on the electrode appeared to be stretched or pinched and leaked when installed. I had to use the old electrode o-ring to replace the electrode. I attempted to call your support number many times over a period of several days and was unable to get anyone to answer the phone. It kept looping me back to a press 1 (or some other number) for help but no one ever answered. Today (July 15th) I decided that I would most likely have to eat the parts that didn't fit and that I would have to order the o-ring myself. I did order the o-ring but your system would only let me order 1. I went ahead and ordered the 1 o-ring but was frustrated that I had to pay more than $4 in shipping for a single o-ring so I decided to attempt to contact you support to see if they could add another o-ring or two to my order so that I could at least feel good about my purchase. The woman I spoke with was absolutely NO help. She said I can't order more than one so that is that! I asked if she would send me one to replace the defective one that was on the new electrode. She then proceded to tell me that I was too late to request a warranty replacement even though I explained that I had attempted to contact them many times. She had NOTHING to say except that she couln't help me. I was willing to eat the parts that don't fit but after her attitude I am filing this complaint. I have an intex pool (2nd one in 4 years) and am very happy with the product but your support absolutely SUCKS! First your website says that the parts I ordered will fit and they don't and secondly when I attempt to call you for support you don't answer your phone (over several days) and when I finally get in touch with you, you tell me that I'm the one at fault for not contacting you. VERY UPSET CUSTOMER!!! My email is [protected] and my phone number is [protected].

16x32x52 intel pool

We love love loved our first intex rectangular pool. It lasted about five years. We just bought the exact...

river run float

I bought a case of these for summer fun. Was very impressed yet one has been deflating since inflating it. I can't find a visible hole. I am a loyal intex customer. Have a pool, sand filter, vacuum etc.. what if anything can be done. It wasn't used but 1 time. It wasn't improperly handled either. I have all my grandchildren coming in two weeks and wanted each to have their own to use.

Thank you

Janet E. DINottia
406 Jackson Avenue
Endicott, New York 13760
Phone-husband, Pat- [protected] I have no phone voice due to thyroid cancer history

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We bought this swimming pool 5/31/19 we brought it home. We have had a lot of problem with the motor. It will...

defective pool

I purchased this pool from you last year through Walmart I had maybe two months use of it and we stored it in the basement for the winter when we pulled it out this summer and filled it up last week this is what I have to look at I spent way too much money on this for it to be a one time use for just a couple months please tell me that you can do something about this issue it will not fill up all the way the ring will not blow up and there are no holes in it so we're assuming it's the seam and it looks like a big fat egg and yes it's level

defective pool
defective pool
defective pool
defective pool
defective pool

28405e hot tub

I purchased this hot tub last year (january of 2018.) I set if up in weather that is considered cold for...

intex queen size air mattress

I bought this on May 28th 2018 have only used it a few times and last night was using it and one of the seem...

prism pool not available as advertised

I received in local paper Game Outdoor catalogue 27 SEPT - 10 OCT 2018 which listed INTEX - Prism Frame Pool...

air mattress

I've bought 4 mattresses in this year alone since may and had to return them all on top of them running out...

incorrect pool support leg sent

Bought an Intex Prism Pool this year and one of the legs bent. Went on the site to buy a replacement, but there were no replacements listed on the site. Reviewed the pool legs visually as listed on their site. Found the EXACT one, ordered it and when it was sent to us, it was not the same leg as pictured on their site. Called them to tell them they did not send the leg that was pictured. They started asking the pool model model number etc. I told them it was not listed on their site, all they could say was "well you should of called and ordered it". I said "Well, maybe if you listed the part pictures correctly on your site, this wouldn't of happened". Asked to speak to a manager, there were none, called corporate, couldn't speak to anyone of importance, they referred me back to the call center. They wanted me to pay for the shipping of a $5 leg, (would of cost more than the leg itself) that they sent the wrong one on. Uh No not going to happen. They were lazy, lying, unhelpful, unaccountable for their website error, unwilling to accept the incorrect pictures THEY list on their website. I will never buy intex again, will not recommend ever. Needless to say, my husband fixed the bent leg with his ingenuity and we are stuck with an incorrect leg, that may be able to be used on some project at home in the future. Sent a complaint to BBB, they did nothing, no call from anyone at the company, NOTHING. This is how they do business, by not accepting any of the blame at all for their short comings on their website, they have the most generic website i have ever seen in my life and they don't keep it properly updated. I would tell everyone, do not bother with them and get another brand, because their customer service is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. Buy and deal with their customer service at your own risk, for warning...

pure spa jetted joy tub

Bought this hot tub after my bestway went after 5 years of crystal clear water.
The spa has 2 filters to draw water in and filter through the tub. Only one worked. I used my warranty and received a replacement spa base that was not the correct one and did not fix the problem anyway. Now they want me to pay to send back the base to send me another one. They discontinued the hot tub so sent a base that was supposed to be compatable. (Water shoots out of the tub when I use the water jets and the second filter still doesn't work and it will cost quite a bit to send the base back especially since this didn't solve the problem the first time.
If something is under warranty and it does not work even when replacement parts are sent it's time to replace the entire spa. At this point I'm not even going to fight about the water jets ( which cost twice as much as the bubble air jets.) I would just like to go out into my back yard open my spa and not see a pool of slimy bacteria. I've sent emails and made phone calls before I actually posted this my first complaint. I really believe in giving a company a chance to live up to their reputation because I know reviews from customers play a big Part in people doing business with a company.


We are on our 2nd intex pool. Next year we are purchasing a new one. Our set of recliners floats we bought...


The propeller shaft support fins broke and jammed propeller giving pump failure had to take apart and super...

poor customer service

I spoke to a women to find out what parts I needed to fix my intex pump. She provides me with the product numbers and told me to order online. I did so only to receive the wrong product. Called them to rectify the problem for them to say it's my fault I ordered the wrong products. I was supposed to hear from a supervisor to get second shipments shipping cost waved. They never contacted me. Called again to try to reorder to speak to someone with very poor English that couldn't understand what I needed. After 3 attempts of getting parts I've decided to go with another supplier ever if I pay more.

intex 10' easy set pool

I bought this pool a few weeks ago and am just now having time to write this. I took the pool and parts of the filter out of the box and threw the box away since it was trash day the next morning. I laid the tarp and rounded out the pool. It got to dark so I went inside and was planning on finishing the next day. When I went out the next day I noticed a hole in the bottom of the pool where the seam is. I was going to patch it but before I did that I went to set up the filter. All the filter parts were not in the box according to the directions. When I took it out of the box I made sure I took everything. I have had these pools before and never had an issue but this one has been a nightmare the entire process. So now I have a pool with a hole and an incomplete filter that I can't do anything with. I am frustrated and just wanted to voice my concern that I spend $ on this pool and can't even use it. Any suggestions??

dura beam dream lux airbed premium pillow top

I purchased an Intex queen air mattress several times each time after two months it either deflates for an unknown reason or has a tiny whole I use the patch provided only to figure out it offers no help it either doesn't stick or pops off this air mattress I've purchased just recently has a tiny hole no bigger than a pin and I use the clear patch and it is still deflating I'm am tired of wasting money to keep replacing I either want a refund or replacement of my defected mattress if not I will have no choice but to contact the Better Business Bureau to see why this product advertises warranty 1-2years but reaches a few months and begins to deflates.

  • Updated by Intex air mattress · Jul 12, 2018

    Please contact me at6297020061 in regards to my complaint about my defected air mattress asap

  • Va
    vaibhav k sheth Oct 05, 2018

    I purchased an Intex queen air mattress several times each time after two months it either deflates for an unknown reason or has a tiny whole I use the patch provided only to figure out it offers no help it either doesn't stick or pops off this air mattress I've purchased just recently has a tiny hole no bigger than a pin and I use the clear patch and it is still deflating I'm am tired of wasting money to keep replacing I either want a refund or replacement of my defected mattress if not I will have no choice but to contact the Better Business Bureau to see why this product advertises warranty 1-2years but reaches a few months and begins to deflates. i need someone from the company to call me at 862 221 6098 to resolve my issue about my complaints that same as above thank you

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  • Ro
    Rose Johnson Hunter Dec 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a INTEX air mattress from ebay about a year ago I also purchased the warranty for it and I'm glad I did due to the fact that this will be my third time replacing it. this time it actually split at the seam back in july. I have been trying to contact them for a replacement mattress since then but it has been a failed attempt. I finally found my receipt/paperwork from the replacement in may 2019 and I need to know the steps I need to have it replaced again. I'm so tired of replacing this product and wish I could get a refund instead. I really think this product is just no good. Please guide me as to how I get this replaced again

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titanium electrode for 16 in sand saltwater filter

This part is made poorly and only lasts 4 months and Intex won't help. This is the third season with my pool and I have had to buy 2 electrodes. They are not cheap, I've spent $180 in less than a year on this part. They only give a 90 day warranty on parts but apparently make parts that only last 4 months in order to not have to help Thier customer. They advertise being largest leader in pool sales and customer service. I am now a very pist and unhappy customer.

  • Po
    pondorey Oct 17, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    3 years ago I bought the ECO8110 salt machine. It is for up to 15, 000 gallon pools and mine is only 6800 gallons. Did that on purpose so my salt machine ran much less than a 7000 gallon model. Worked great. Then it died and I say electrodes were as much as a new machine. So bought a new machine in May. Ran good until end of August then started getting low salt alarms.
    Surgery Sept 5 so went to cl2 tabs until I healed a bit. Tested the 3rd week of September and I was at 2600 on my salt. Good range per salt machine manual 2500 - 3500. Leslies pools tested to double check me. So raised salt to 3000. Same. Raised salt to 3400. Same thing. Called in on Oct 1 because still under warranty. Submitted a claim form and have been waiting.
    Oct 10 still no news if they accepted my claim. Called. They did accept claim BUT there are no electrodes in stock. They will send when they get stock. Nice they contacted me before I had to call them. Found one on amazon that had the option for 4 year replace or money back from amazon NOT intex. 4 year FULL warranty cost a bit over $12. It is the only reason I purchased another intex. It also has the ozone treatment but don't really care about it and it can operate even if the ozone unit does not. Got it yesterday. Love it so far except it lowers my pump discharge going thru the ozone unit. I have 29 days to decide if I like or not. If not back it goes to amazon before the 30 days is up.

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intex pure spa

We have only had are spa a month and a half. And we just had r third seam come lose on the tub. The air i...