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I bought a intex pool last year and put it back up this year and the pool pump doesn't work. the impeller is broken and have heard many compaints about this company. we cannot buy parts from a retailer because intex does not sell to dealers. i think we should open a class-action suit against this company. with all the complaints on alot of websites something should be done to stop these people from ripping us off.


  • Ma
    marilynNic Jul 26, 2009

    my name is marilyn and have similar complaints against intex corp. i have notified the state of california consumer affairs dept to lodge a complaint. i am seriously considering a class action suit against this company and will need names, addresses and email of all concerned. if you are interested please email me at [email protected] i have sent emails to some of you that have posted complaints. if you would like contact me at [email protected] i am waiting for all replies before contacting a class action attorney. thank you so much.

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  • Ma
    marilynNic Jul 27, 2009

    this is marilyn again. i spoke to a supervisor just now and he was no use to me. i advised him that all of us are going forward with a class-action lawsuit. i advised him to let his corporate office know that this pumps are not big enough, impellers are breaking and they are junk. got nothing from him at all so i will search now for an attorney. please send me your information because the attorney will need it.
    1. name
    2. address, city state, zip and
    3. email address...

    if you want you can include your phone number also.

    lets take these jerks to court!!!

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  • Bu
    Buddy A Oct 04, 2009

    10/4/09 Folks I have to agree, something needs to be done about this issue. I just had to replace my entire Intex Pool Pump 635 after only a few months of use. Yes, they replaced it. And the company that the store (W-M) sold me the extended warranty for is a bigger joke. They told me they will only pay the $99.00 to replace the pump and NO extra meaning S&H is out of my pocket (that's WRONG) And only if it's a warranty problem, which means they want the pump sent to them first (at my cost) they check it out, mean while my pool is turning into a huge bird bath / frog pond (NO PUMP TILL ????) and if it's warranty they will send me the $99.00 to buy a new pump (what a joke) don't waste you money on the extended warranty... First thought I had to go through them, actually I only had to deal with Intex directly. (Under the original one year warranty) The actual impeller (pump core / armature) (what ever they are calling this item) the fins just came apart. Probably from a poor design of the control flapper inside. We should be able to buy any and all parts for anything we Americans buy here in America. Some my not want to but, that is their choice. I tried to upload a picture of the part needed, but isn't loading I'll try again. What can that part cost retail ??? Maybe $5.00 Heck a complete new 635 pump from Intex site is $99.00. Intex was, I have to admit very easy to deal with for the most part. Bottom line they need to start selling parts to the public, ie: customers that have bought their products. The real problem is why is Intex's impellers falling apart in just a couple of months, cages are covering the intake and discharge so nothing but water and a very very small bug or two is passing through the pump. ???? Hope this helps . Buddy from Baker Couty Fla.

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  • Am
    Amy Joy May 28, 2010

    We had our pool stored for the winter as well. the pump worked this year for maybe 4 days and now nothing. Now I have two very sad children, because their pool isn't working. Please add me to your suit.
    Amy Ruggles
    21866 W. Main street
    Lannon, Wi

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  • Kr
    KristinD Jun 03, 2010

    I know it has probably been too long, but this will be the 3rd pump I have bought. Each year we have to buy a new one. Please add me to your suit also.
    Kristin Damron
    411 Wilgus St.
    Proctorville, Oh 45669

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  • Kr
    KristinD Jun 03, 2010

    It's Kristin again I also talked to the company. One guy hung up on me. Then a girl was just no help at all to me. I am tired of buying pumps for this pool. But I don't want my kids to go without it either. I forgot to leave my e-mail address in the last message it's [email protected] Thankd

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  • Ck
    ckrose Jun 22, 2010

    I also have a intex pool pump 635 and the impellers are breaking they are junk. Please add me to your [email protected] Blue ridge, ga

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  • Gr
    Graciebear0402 Jun 26, 2010

    I will have to agree. This pump Intex 635 is a piece of crap. It has been problem from the first day. It always ran very lound and had a knocking sound to it. This year when I went to put it up it would no longer turn on. I found out that the bushing in the propeller had worn with only a short use. I am very disappointed with it and have to purchase a new one. However, If i can i would love to avoid buying another from this company... please add me to your law suit.
    [email protected] stanford, ky

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  • Zo
    zorro321 Sep 09, 2010

    i have to agree 100% all six of the wings have broken off the water impeller and you cant buy pump parts anywhere so you have to buy a new pump.which is why they dont sell motor parts its all about making money.which is good for them and bad for the consumer.i think a law suit is a great idea.lets all stick together and show the intex corp.they cant treat customers like this and expect to stay in bussiness!!! [email protected]

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  • Na
    NanaElie May 31, 2011

    WE have to replace our pump as well becaus the impellars all broke after a few uses.i definitely believe as consumers we are being screwed by intex. [email protected], Rochester, new York

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  • Sp
    s peck Aug 31, 2011

    I bought by pool in June and the pump has not been working for about 2 weeks now. I have tried to contact the company and have gotten no where. They never return calls or emails. I am very disappointed as is my 8 year old daughter. Please add my name to your list if it is not to late. Sindy Peck 214 april ct machesney park il 61115 email address is [email protected]

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  • Ba
    Baneks Jul 28, 2012

    I am very disappointed by the behavior of firms Intex.
    Has anything changed in the meantime? If someone managed to find the propeller?
    And I join the appeal.
    Branko Jovicic
    [email protected]
    Kragujevac, Serbia

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  • Lu
    luckyapril7 Aug 11, 2012

    I have 2 non working intex pumps. Add me onto the law suit.
    Bobby Ngo
    1239 e. Rowland ave
    West covina, CA 91790

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  • Sa
    Sagard Apr 26, 2014

    Same problem. Impeller plastic coating has melted off but blades still intact. Won't do anything but vibrate and hum. The part is extremely hard to find and I cannot get anyone to help me with just that one part. Seems like they want you to buy a whole new complete filter and pump system... which ain't happenin'. Anyone else still planning on the class action law suit that was talked about earlier in the feed?

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  • Al
    altaria May 04, 2014

    Took our pool down for winter, just tried the pump today dont work doesnt com on at all

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  • Jo
    joe crouch May 05, 2014

    Same here in new jersey stored it for winter and will not turn on cant beleve it open lawsuit

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  • Ma
    Marcia Collins May 21, 2014

    The impeller shaft is actually narrowed down in two places so it will wear out and break quickly. This design actually requires Intex to spend extra time and tooling to make it weaker! This is a clear case of planned obsolescence! I have pictures of this faulty impeller shaft and the damage it did to the impeller, exposing the magnets to cause rust and breakage. I would definitely like to be included in this class action lawsuit!

    I purchased this larger replacement pump for my 15' pool hoping it would hold up better to no avail. I need this pool for medical reasons per my Heart and Pulmonary Specialists. I am completely and permanently disabled (on oxygen 24/7) from heart birth defects and I rely on this pool for daily rehabilitation. Unable to afford a gym (with pool) membership, I am forced to buy a third pump, knowing it will break again in a year or less. Intex should be forced to redesign their shafts and/or sell replacement parts at the very least. They are purposely designing faulty impellers and shafts for their pumps to ensure constant additional sales on every pool.

    Marcia Collins

    7330 Rush Ct.
    Orlando, FL 32818

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  • Zi
    zibi Jun 03, 2014

    I had 3 pumps, please add me to lawsuit, [email protected]

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  • Jo
    jorge Jun 15, 2014

    Jorge Estolt
    730 Bundaberg Lane
    Rural Hall NC 27045
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vincent Tempist Jun 20, 2014

    Same situation, bought mine last year this year it doesn't work. Took it apart and the plastic around the magnet is cracked and the magnet is rusted and exposed. Can't find the impeller anywhere and I just spoke to them and they had me send the motor back to Consumer Services in CA., hope they send me a new one or you can add my name to the lawsuit...

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  • Pa
    Partyoffive Jun 24, 2014

    I have been dealing with this Intex since 06.02.14. Our sand filter pump would no longer work and it's less than a year old. So I sent in a claim with the receipt and they sent me a refurbished motor. I now call to let them know it does not work and they want me to send them a picture of the refurbished pump with the cord cut so that you can send me another. That is done and I receive another claim #421624. Then I receive a order # 100316573 that my order should ship in 2 to 3 days. Then comes the email that the order shipped with a fedex tracking # 610307326796. I kept checking the fed ex website and it says my package will be here on June 19th. It never showed up so I go to the fed ex website and it now says N/A. I call fed ex and they proceed to tell me that this package was never sent out Intex only created a label. So I call Intex and they promise they are going to call fedex and I will have my package by today June 24th. So I now call to make sure that I will receive the package and the customer service can not give me a straight answer. I have asked to talk to a supervisor/manager and I am told that takes 24 to 48 hours? Why because your customer service is based out of China?? Very hard to understand their broken English.
    I have spent over $200 on chemicals getting the pool clear and am now going to have to turnaround and spend more $ to make it clean again if I ever get the pump.
    I expect to get my filter today and am asking to have a check sent to me for the chemicals that I have to buy again because of this misfortune with Intex.
    Please add me to the list [email protected]

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  • Bo
    Boogalu's mom Jul 03, 2017

    Bought a Intex Bubble Massage at the beginning of last summer and enjoyed it until the end of summer and then the control power tower quit working, it has power but no function's work. Has anyone had similar problem with Intex Pure Spa Bubble Massage hot tub. If so what part needed to be replaced

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