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+1 305 666 1861 8 0
+1 800 468 3782(Exchange Services) 1 0
+1 800 843 8843(Membership Services) 3 1
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Interval International / IntervalWorld.com Complaints & Reviews

Interval International / Intervalworld.com / no availability ever in desirable resorts equivalent to mine. only miserable studio types in remote areas

Waffe on Aug 19, 2017
I have been told each year that i have made late Deposit and therefore need to book exchange more than 59 days ahead of time. At which point they also inform me that as late deposit i only have access to x and y, and not a and b. If my deposits are late, that is because they only send me...

Interval International / I never applied to become a member--staff at II ignore my requests to be cancelled

Tuxedo Cat on Aug 3, 2017
My husband and I fell for a timeshare selling scan we are presently involved in trying to get out of. One of the things these people did was to sign us up for Interval International. We belong to two other vacation clubs, so this is nothing we would have accepted. We get promotional...

Interval International / accommodation certificates

DukeBedford on Jun 1, 2017
We regularly receive Accommodation Certificates related to our Prime Week at Hilton Head Waterside. In recent months, we've tried to use three Accommodation Certificates, one of which has now expired, one of which is about to expire, and one of which will expire in the fall. In each case...

Interval International / Intervalworld.com / Vacation exchange

APegues on Apr 5, 2017
Exchanged for Fantasy World 2 resort. Room was infested with ants and other bugs. I spoke to the management several times about the bugs. I had to look all my food in the car at each night. The company sprayed but this did not help and they would not provide another room. I checked out 3...

Interval International / Intervalworld.com / Useless accommodation certificates

nelshafei on Mar 15, 2017
Accommodation certificates are provided and sold as a 'benefit' to the user, however when trying to exchange, you are limited to the resorts it can be used for which end up being mostly, if not all, all inclusives. the all inclusives are charging more $'s for the 'inclusive' part than what...

Interval International / Intervalworld.com / Accommodations certificates

scampi on Feb 15, 2017
No benefit to get when all thats offered is only the junk hotels and the window to view availability is only 59 days. Expand the window and allow members to choose from more of the inventory. Its only a source of frustration to spend days scouring the site at even 3am and only junk remain...

Interval International / Lack of room availability / getaway reservation platinum membership / exchanges fees / customer service

I am an owner of a Timeshare and a member of Interval International over 10 years, I was a Gold Member and recently they sold me to moved up to a Platinum Membership. I have tried numerous times to book through Interval International first trying to use 3 gift certificate promotions from...

Interval International / Lack of room availability

Malph on Jan 20, 2017
I am an Interval International Gold Member through Shell Vacations Club. I have tried numerous times to book through II only to be told the dates and destination areas desired had no availability. Full disclosure, I was offered less desirable locations and dates. I have been told several...

Interval International / Getaway reservation

Kensteinberg on Jan 16, 2017
I am planning a vacation week for my family. I found Grand Seas resort in Daytona Beach, FL. Before purchasing, I called Interval and Grand Seas directly. I needed to be sure that I could reserve a handicapped room with walk in shower for my father, who is 85 years old. I was told that 1...

Interval International / Meal deal package payment system

Angelamclry on Nov 7, 2016
My husband rang in July 2016 and obtained a quote for the meal deal package for 14 days In Moon Palace Jamaica Grande for over the Christmas holiday (23Dec-6Jan2017) having already secured the room. We made two initial payments and requested our outstanding balance for the meal package a...

Interval International / San francisco fisherman's wharf and interval international

Suzy White on Oct 15, 2016
We bought a timeshare at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf around 1998. So far we have not ben able to get an exchange. They guaranteed that we could get an exchange anywhere anytime if we bought a 2B/2B. We did that and have never been able to exchange weeks except in Iowa, Nebraska, and other...

Interval International / Platinum membership scam

mbugsmom on Jul 11, 2016
Several years ago Interval sold me on their Platinum membership which have several minor benefits but the only benefit worth jumping from their Gold to the Platinum is the companion air certificate. My account is on auto renew and I just last week received the welcome back packet outlining...

Interval International / Timeshare

Reviewer66788 on Feb 4, 2016
My husband and myself bought into Interval International over 3 years ago. We were promised so much. None of it is true. We bought a timeshare in Branson and were shown this beautiful 3 bedroom condo and if we didn't use it we would accumulate so many points every other year to use...

Interval International / Unethical management and lack of customers data security

t.ruth on Feb 3, 2016
In 2013, I was asked by someone I considered a professional colleague and friend to do her a favor and fill a VP level role on a temporary basis at Interval International (Interval Leisure Group, INC., IILG) after at least 3 turnovers for the position within about a 6 month period. I did...

Interval International / Exchange availability

Reviewer70671 on Feb 2, 2016
I have been a member of Interval International for close to 20 years. There was always a lot of availability to exchange. I never had a problem. In the last couple of years there is more availability for Getaways than for Exchanges. This company has become more of a travel agency. They are...

Interval International / Availability

Esi2randy on Jan 1, 2016
I have now been a "gold" member for over eight years and never has there been one time any property, cruise or vacation available regardless of how early I tried to book (Even over a year in advance) ! Interval international is nothing but a ponzi scheme... You pay fees... They post...

Intervalworld.com / Hidden fees, changing fees, and worst customer service!!

Reviewer31638 on Oct 27, 2015
I won a bid for a week of time share via intervalworld. First they did not have the place I wanted to go which was listed on website. Next I have to pay meal plan bc I booked an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica ( which is fine ) but it was way tooooo expensive. I called costumer service for...

Interval International / Poor customer service, inaccurate information, no resolve

MB88 on Aug 27, 2015
I booked an exchange with Interval this year for my daughter for her honeymoon. I expect when using Interval to do exchanges and bookings to know what they are selling, and to read the amenities and promotions, with an understanding, and correctly communicate to the customer what they will...

Interval International / Scam false certificate

Dolly Madison on Aug 4, 2015
On Sept 2014, I won a bid receiving a Gift Certificate from Interval International while attending the Headdress Ball. The gift certificate was valued at $1000.00 and despite numerous emails I have received poor customer service and hotel denials despite providing flexible dates and time...

Interval International / Exchanges

Fjj200sq on Feb 17, 2015
I contacted II about an deposit. The service worker put me on hold and I was passed around to other service workers for over an hour. I was repeatedly told that the managers would not take my call when i asked to speak to one. This company does not consider service as a part of their job...

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