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Interval InternationalHorrible timeshare experience

I am a Marriott timeshare owner and sometimes deposit and/or exchange my week to stay at properties other than my Aruba home property. I trusted that if I booked an exchange week at a property it would be on par with the Marriott's timeshares !!! BIG BIG BIG mistake. I'm supposed to be staying at the 'beautiful' Wydmark Eagle Crest property in Redmond Oregon this week. An entire trip which involved roundtrip airline tickets for two, a car rental, and taking time off from work was planned around this. Unfortunately, after my 6 hour drive from Seattle to Central Oregon I arrived at the property and was shocked !! I had spent an entire day's travel time to arrive at a roadside motel/efficiency !!! This was NOT what I would call a vacation resort. The structure was very ugly, the appearance of the property inside felt and looked like a hospital, and the room was so dated and tacky I was wishing there was a Best Western nearby (because that would have felt like a 5 star property in comparison). We promptly checked out and made a 3 1/2 hour drive to Portland FIRST thing the next morning and are now staying at a really nice hotel which we are paying $175 a nite for. I called Interval International to complain and after being bounced around and spending lots of time on hold, the best I could get from their customer service rep, Rafael was attitude and he said to make it up he would offer an additional week with no exchange fee !!! I insisted that I get my $250 exchange fee for this property refunded. He pushed selling me more crap instead trying to tell me an additional week at no fee was a great deal. He started to get rude and have an attitude when I insisted on my refund and explained that I though they should really do more than that. (considering I know am incurring an additional $1, 000 in hotels for the week and trying to figure out with the airlines if I can get home sooner). LESSON in this: DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AND BEWARE because that beautiful vacation property you think your going to with your friends and family may be a vacation nightmare.


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    Darlene Stanley Mar 17, 2009

    I feel your pain...however, we have been with Interval International for over 15 years (they were our Timeshare of choice for the property we own in New Orleans). we've been lucky as we normally exchange our week in Bonaire or St. Thomas etc., and have the Interval International book and are able to login on-line to VIEW the place we request.

    We have (not to this point) been disappointed.

    Under the circumstances I think I would have asked for a supervisior...and I do agree Interval should refund your money AND give you free weeks and anything (within reason) to compensate for your horrible experience.

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    tooootles Jul 01, 2009

    I also had a horrible experience with II. They booked me at a location that was not available and I found out only a few weeks before my flight. When they realized their mistake they refused to pay for my flight change or a stay at a hotel for the nights I had orginally booked and taken time off work for. customer service is a joke. They never return promised phone calls. Stay away from this company

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    renery Aug 02, 2009

    My advice with regard to II properties ... before you make any plans, do some Internet searches. Go to the resort's website. Check out If you haven't used that site, it is an invaluable tool. We own 3 Marriott lockoff properties, so we have had quite a few exchange experiences. I would not go without looking for reviews from other travelers.

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  • Ev
    everest Oct 17, 2009

    We experienced the same with Interval...we went to Puerto Rico and they booked us at ESJ Towers the particular room we were given was a hell hole, and it was not equivalent to our 5 star exchange either! You can speak to a Supervisor or to the Vice president of Interval, they don't care. Over the years Interval has never found us anything we don't bother calling anymore. I figure between the Membership Fee, the Fee they charge for the week, plus the higher Fee I pay to travel over the weekend I can put this money towards my own "stress free" vacation!!!

    Anyone reading this be aware that if you are a timeshare owner, you will never get out of it they (the Timeshare Company) will come after your estate and any heirs etc...!!!

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