Interrentcar rental

While on holidays in Sicily we placed an online order for a car rental at the Palermo Falcone Airport in Italy for October 5th for pickup at 11:00 AM. The order was through the rental company Interrent under the Booking Number‭ [protected]. We paid the fee with our credit card in advance over the internet.

When arriving to pick up the vehicle the lineup at the combined Goldcar/Interrent stand was extremely long. We got into the line up at approximately 12:20 PM and after the wait time of nearly 2 hours we reached the counter. At the counter we were told that after 3 hours have passed our reservation for the car is turned into a no show and our reservation/conformation is closed and we are charged a no show fee. We did not receive a vehicle and did not get our fee returned.

While at the airport we called the service help line a twice to ask them about our reservation and reopen our confirmation as we were there to pick up the vehicle. During the first phone call we were hung up on when we tried to turn the call over to the service person at the desk we had just dealt with so they could explain how long the line up was and why would could not pick up the vehicle in the 3 hours. On the second call we got the phone to the local representative but were told both by the people on the phone and in person that they could do nothing to reopen the reservation and that we would be charged the fee.

Reviewing the terms and conditions after this event we cannot find this 3 hour pickup limitation, in fact our review after this incident indicates that we would have until close on the day of the rental pick up to get the vehicle. We were charged our fee, and did not get the car after that amount of time waiting in line. We chose to take our business to another service provider after this event as we believed we were not treated fairly.

We would like a full refund of our fee and the addition costs of the alternate rental covered at Interrent's expense as we believe they unjustly charged us for the rental.

Oct 09, 2019

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