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arrogant employees

I was suppose to board an intercape bus from ptretoria to durban at 9:30am this morning (7/12/13).I was at the bus station ny 9:00.A bus came to collect passangers atabt 9:15, I was seated outside the intercape offices because it was full inside.When the passangers started boarding I approached the hostess and asked her if the bus was gping to Durban and which passangers was it picking up meaning da 9:00 or the 9:30 passangers.She answered that yes it was going to Durban but it was for the 9:00 passangers only.So I went bavk and took a seat and continued waiting.At 10:00 I realised it has been 30 minutes and the bus has not yet arrived, I went to ask about the bus from a young gentleman who is an intercape employee and was loading luggage on a bus thay was said to be going to Cape town.He told me the bus had left at 9:30.I was shocked, he told me to go inside and ask the ladies at the counter if there is any arrangement that can be done.I explained what had happened to a light skinned lady who told me theres nothing that she can do I should catch the gautrain ti Park station amd it was already 10:15 and she said the bus leaves at 11:00.I was very upset, because I did not understand why I had to run around and get private transport and chase the bus, and she was not sympathetic at all, she then stood up and left.The ypung lad tried to help me saying I must board on the bus going to Cape town and they will drop me off in Park station but it was already late the bus was going to leave at 11:00 going to Durban.I then asked for a refund so that I can rebook with another bus line so that I can make it to Durban for my mothers birthday party.Another lady was asked to assist me, she immediately told me I must be lying, how can the bus leave me alone, the hostess would not lie to me, and she is sure I came late and im making up a lie.I was soo upset, she embarrased me infront of other customers, calling me a lier even when I discribed the hostess to her.After that I asked her to call the hostess of which she did and the hostess denied ever talking to me and said that she had spoken to alot of people.I then cancelled the ticket and got a voucher which is 45% less than the purchase price.I am nt against human error of which the hostess might have made but insulting me infront of people and the hostess denying we haf such a conversion, is rude, arrogant and unproffesional.I do not want to use an intercape bus ever again, I want my full booking fee back because it was not my fault that I got left behind.I would really appreciate it if you would consider my complaint and ensue that such treatment is not given to any other customer.Looking forward to hearing from you

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    primrose mkhize Jul 25, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Afternoon intercape we book a bus yesterday in durban to midrand, we were using bus number 152 8t left durban at 11:hoo they only stop at montrose mind when you go to the rest room you find que when you go and buy refreshments you find the bus left us there 8t stop at a T junction and the driver was very rude and he insulted us 8n a bad way.please improve your customer service to your drivers .it was very unfair for as we had run for the bus thinking about our luggages.this happened on the 25 July 2016

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bad service

I was travelling from Durban to Pretoria on 16 October 2013 on the 21:00 bus. I could not sleep a wink as the environment was too cold from the ridiculously cold airconditioner. After numerous attempts to request adjustments to the airconditioner, our "hostess" BONGI met me with a response that smacks of insolence. Furthermore there was no water in the toilet sink, what is this?!?, a shebeen? I'm sure even shebeens enjoy better facilities. I travel frequently with the bus in between these two destinations and I choose to travel with Intercape due to the Christian values it professes. If respect and excellent customer service is not one of your core values then I suggest you step out of the service business. It is not for your company!!

major time delay issue

Good day
I would like to lodge a major complaint against intercape and I am very more angry than upset at their timing schedule that they arrive

If a bus is showing on computicket as a certain time then the bus should be there at arrival at that certain time not 2hours later...and this is not the first time this happened...its no use coming in late and saying sorry about it, that really doesn't help at all...people have to be at a certain place at a certain time...that is why they booked that available bus...different case if there was traffic maybe half hour delay maximum due to traffic..but if the office is trying to contact the bus driver or copilot they should answer their phone or check in with 24hour tracking system...not leave the customer in the dark...and secondly their check in system is all messed up...firstly they check that the lines are all in order then they check the tickets at the building door, then at the already delayed bus they check tickets at the bus door then they check the tickets inside the bus by 2 more people, I mean come on...firstly the lines should be arranged such that they be in order...check in should be done at the bus door...that should be it...nothing more...they should get their acts together and work systematically, that is really insane, this is the first time and last I'm taking intercape and I'm not the only 1 that's not taking this bus in future...this email should in fact go to the director or managers eyes for him to see what's really going with this service...url call urself a luxury liner...doesn't mean that that you have to take your own luxury time to arrive.please fix this issue of late arrivals or I will...


late bus no communication

You could have at least sent an SMS. I am not sure if it's because the bus is going to Zimbabwe but we have been for almost two hours for a bus that should have left at 1pm to Harare. It is now 2:46pm no one has said anything. I called the intercape office at 1pm and was promised the bus would arrive in 30mins but alas, I am still sitting in stinking Park station With a four month old baby with NO explanation from ANYONE! How appalling intercape. HOW APALLING! 

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    Christine Azevedo Feb 02, 2013
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    My 80 year old Grandparents were on the Intercape bus 2 days ago. They left Bulawayo Zimbabwe at 4pm, arrived at the Beit Bridge border at 7pm and the Bus broke down. They only left the border at 6am on a "rescue bus" which took 12 hours to travel from beit Bridge to Jo'burg. The air con wasnt working, neither were the toilets, and the music was so loud on the bus that my gran had a splitting headache. All my gran's medication that was due to be taken by 9am was in her suitacase, and she was only able to take it the following evening. No one has given us as much as an apology, and we would like to know what we can do about this situation. In Zimbabwe there are laws protecting Pensioners, what laws does South Africa have in this regards? O

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believe abuse... warning fundamentalist views-needed

Besides the 3hr delays in the Grahamstown - Cape Town leg, things happen, the return trip was an ear opener. Whatever happened to ones right of one’s own religion or non-religion? The entertainment space was occupied by relentless and sanctimonious drivel from start to finish. The trip opened with a tacky prayer and the video selection had a cheesy mid-west story line with a church theme interspersed as this was with much Jesus talk. If this wasn't enough, this was followed by a plug for the "surfers" who were making inroads in signing up new members in the South African hinterland, an area of untapped opportunity. What horror! Leave our ears and minds alone on these trips please. This was torture. I will never again take the fundamentalist mainliner unless I've a gun to my head. Question is. Do we push for firing the driver if hwe chooses the "entertainment" or do we fire the company?

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    DezWeeks Oct 02, 2012

    Its Belief Abuse . . . Warning needed on bus- "Fundamentalist views"

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bad experience

I booked the bus from Midrand to Cape Town, Firstly bus was delayed and broke down twice before departing from Park station< had a problem with its gears once we were on the road. They could not serve refreshments as urn was broken, toilet door lock brocken and Tv broken, no system to talk to passengers hostess has to shout, hence the amount you have to pay for such bad service, the staff advise you as a passenger they have to make the busses get to there destination at any cost, top management dont want to know about deteriorating busses. we then stuck with out diesel ouside worcester as the guage is faulty, had to wait an hour for a coach from bellville


On the 20th Oct 2011, 7.05am in the morning, U24 which stop at jln Genting Klang.I was working 8am shift today n i was siting inside the bus for 30mins without any moving!!!the driver park his bus there waiting for more passenger, i get into the bus at 7.05am n the driver start to drive at 7.35am after 30mins waiting time!and after he start to move the bus, traffic was jam due too the peak hour in the morning!!!i was getting late and the bus was full of people inside just like a ''saddin can''!! Obviously the driver is very greedy to earn more money for his company but he never think of his passenger! Everyone was rushing time for work & study, n i was end up wit running early in the morning n without breakfast to work!this is an unpleasant experience i ever had!Hope the Rapid KL company will see my post & do something about this issue, together with the driver on duty today!

  • Sv
    svacation04 Nov 24, 2013

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  • On
    ONKE Dec 10, 2013

    My family had respect for the Intercape buses up until their poor service and greediness. They just don't care about their customers at all all they care about is the profits they make. Its the festive season and the rates went up but because it was within our family we always travel with intercape but that relationship ended the past weekend.

    I bought a ticket for my mum for sunday but then the cashier printed the tickets with incorrect dates for saturday, because of circumstances i was under i took the ticket not noticing this because i believed i was dealing with professionals but little did i know the ticket expired saturday. Then at the station on sunday as per booking they said the ticket expired as it was for saturday so i had to pay again for her and i was advised by the bus driver to report it to customer service but then the senior manager insisted they cannot do anything as i was at fault but taking & signing the ticket. I am at fault ofcause by not properly checking, but i still feel like it is unfair to pay that much money nothing. Here i am left with the unused ticket. To make things worse the bus that i paid for for the second time did not honour the times as it got in Mthatha at 6pm instead of 02:30pm and no communication as to why it delayed or it will delay,

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horrific experience

I will NEVER again travel with the Intercape Sleepliner! On the 16th of August i booked a bus trip from...

rude, incompetent staff with bad attitudes

On the Sat morning 06th March 2010, I had to collect my fiancé at JHB Park station, upon arrival at park station we waited for the luggage, her suitcase ended up in PTA luggage, when we asked the guy that he must look at the PTA luggage he refused. Then he shouted at me that I am stupid why I put it at the PTA destined luggage. I was not in the bus, Even if I was in the bus who packs the luggage in the compartment, the was no need for insults. He was not planning to stop his insults I then apologized for “incorrectly” placing the suitcase, I then asked him to look for it he refused & told me he’s not going through that entire luggage for one suitcase. He then said I must enter the luggage compartment & search for it since it was my fault, to avoid further confrontation with him I elected to enter the compartment there were not even ten bags remaining. Worst case scenario if it was my fiancé’s fault, no paying customer deserve such treatment, what if I refused to go into the compartment. To think that I was not even in the bus and that the attitude I got, I pity the people who are stuck with such crews for such long hours. needless to say she had an encounter with hostess enroute.


I have booked a bus on the 20/08/09 at 18:15 at Khayelitsha mall Shoprite that will be leaving the same day from Bellville to Bloemfontein. There was a taxi strike and i could not get the taxi to take me to Bellville, so i have gone back to Shoprite to cancell the ticket, but their system did not allow them to cancell it. The person called Simphiwo Vananda and Zintle Gcolotela contacted intercape emmidiately and i was given the voucher that they said i can use it whenever i will be travelling. The reason why i was given this voucher was because i was foced to leave the same day because i was going to Bloemfontein for attending the funeral of the family member, but yesterday on the 03/02/2010 i have contacted the number i was given by people mentioned above to check if the voucher is still available. I was told it have expired on the 21/08/2009.

I need help from your department, because i am working hard trying not to add on criminals and now intercape is robbing me day light.

I do not think myself, family, friends and people close to me will ever trust intercape services anymore

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details and the voucher number on this numeber. [protected]

not considering the passengers

Wow did I have a horrible experience with Intercape, We booked for a sleepliner, when we got there on sunday, the bus was giving problems with the clutch, the just sent us sms's to say that we have to use the mainliner, or cancel, They sent us a broken mainliner, anyone could see that the bus could stuck anytime, We went to the office to coplain, and they said that it is either there way or no way, I paid for a sleepliner, but got a mainliner, the aircon did not work in the bus, We were actually boiling out in the bus, The tv was not playing, The seats were so uncomfortable, when we jumped in the bus, it was smelling off, like it stood clossed for long, When we got to bloemfontein, the clutch gave in, we were driving 20k, bearing in mind that some of us had to go to work, others had to catch their flights ens, when the assistant called the office they said that they are going to send out an tecnitian to fix, why couldn't they just send out another bus, We had to go stand on the corner by the robot and look for a taxi, we had to pay the first taxi, R15-00 to take us to the town taxi, when we got the, we had to pay the taxy R18.00 to take us to town, to top it off we had to go back to park station the evening to get our luggage, Intercape is very dissorginised, inconcederate and selfish, I would never ever recommend anyone to go to intercape, it is the worse service ever.

  • Va
    Vanker Feb 06, 2015
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    Verified customer

    The Bus broke down three times!!! absolutely horrendus. Not sure why they allow this bus to still operate

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  • Da
    DawievdW Dec 06, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I have used Intercape a number of times over many years, but add my wife and two sons, then it adds up to many dozens of times. My conclusion is that no bus is taken out of service for long enough to do proper maintenance, so they keep every bus running until it breaks down, and then only emergency repairs are being done.

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poor service & payment facility

Be aware when you pay for a Intercape bus trip online with your credit card in South Africa. The money is deducted from your bank account, however you will be unable to get on board the bus if you do not have your credit card with you.

Despite having my identity card and drivers licence when attempting to board the bus, the driver informed me I needed the credit card which was used to purchase the bus ticket. However as I did not have the card on me, boarding would be denied and I would be fully refunded.

However after several calls to the Intercape complaints department I established Intercape will not refund any money and would not offer a voucher or complementary travel ticket instead.

The credit card transaction was completed on the day prior to travelling.

In my opinion Intercape operates an inferior payment and bus service. The buses are regularly more than 30 minutes late (Their terms & conditions ensure the company is not liable for anything ) Intercape changes the services offered online after the booking is confirmed, while the Intercape lost luggage liability does not exceed R.50 per consignment (which is a joke!)

I strongly advise using an alternative bus company.

  • Ih
    ihateintercape bus Apr 01, 2013

    Apparently I experienced the same situation as you 3months ago and they never returned my money, Intercape south africa you suckkkkkkkkkkk.

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  • Yo
    Youcan May 02, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. Today I booked via Internet. Credit card debited. Bus boarding time was 01h25. Waited for bus from 12h52 to 02h55. When I call, after holding for 20 mins, I was told that, the bus was not aware of passengers form Pietermaritzburg and passed there at 12h50.
    No refund, apology, no calls, nothing. Paid full bus fee, plus R350, 00 taxi fee to bus stop and back home. Missed my meeting in Johannesburg, causing me loss of R65000, 00.
    May your bus service, lead you to bankruptcy.

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  • Ja
    Jan van Riebeeck Oct 08, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Intercape, you useless, unreliable good for nothing mother humping imbeciles!!!

    If your buses aren't late, then they usually experience a breakdown without informing your passengers. on top of that, if your buses aren't late (probably due to your inexperienced, ill equipped staff who have no concept of time or being structured), a refund is usually out of the question - another way of ripping off your passengers.

    Even your call operators are just as bloody incompetent and brain dead as your service. one stated the bus arrived an hour later than scheduled. the other said the bus would be 5 hours late. are they even working for the same dismal company??

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Resolved bad service

I booked the Intercape Mainliner bus from PTA to CT for the 9/04 departing PTA at 17:00. A sleepliner arrive...