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K Oct 30, 2019

Good Day,

I have been trying to get information regarding exams, submitted assignments and general questions answered by Intec,

I have sent countless emails over the past 3 months and have received zero feedback. I gave the call center a call as was told that its not their job to find out why I ma not getting answers. I have registered for exams and payed R900.00 for two exams which were listed on the registration form, when I called in to find out when I would be getting my exam confirmation letter I was told I am only writing one and that I can not get refunded, I then asked if the college could be a little more open and helpful as the documents sent to us make no sense and we are always left in the dark - the nice lady put the phone down in my ear and that was that.

I would appreciate that either the college start doing their job which I have paid for or refund me the R20 000.00 I paid at the star.

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