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I booked a flight that was gonna cost me just over $300 and it was a return flight. And now my bank has been over drawn and the website won't let me see half the page at all, and I can't see how much my ticket cost apart from the very start number which is a 3. This money was not mine and now we are confused as to where $100 maybe less went missing.


  • Updated by Ally Mizen · Jul 20, 2019

    Sorry update I'm from aus and I'm going Perth to Kalgoorlie 9am Sunday morning 21st of July to 11th August.

    They have changed me $450 in total now as I've just seen another transaction.

    It was only supposed to cost $300 give or take. And I want my money back or an explanation why it's take a second amount and more than the whole in total.
    The first transaction is $412 and the second is $39
    What is this.!?

Insanely Cheap Flightsinsanely insane

I have nothing new to say. I, like many other people, paid for my tickets and the next day the prices were raised and they asked me to pay the difference or they won't book anything. It works when you urgently need to book tickets. Using tactics like this is unethical. It only shows how much you disrespect your customers.
plus, they have a bunch of hidden and additional feel they will never tell you about until the moment of payment.
So you decide whether you want this mess in your life or not, but I would stay away.

Insanely Cheap Flightscancelled flight

I booked a flight via InsanelyCheapFlights website. It was easy to book and customer service seemed nice and friendly.
On the departure date I arrived at the airport and only then I found out that my flight was cancelled. No one from InsanelyCheapFlights bothered to contact me and tell. I was very disappointed and immediately called the hotel and cancelled my stay. When I settled everything up with the hotel I called InsanelyCheapFlights and their rep said that they were very sorry. They refunded my money but the fact is that they don't care about their customers. Because of their mistake I wasted my time. I came to the airport, paid for the taxi, then I had to take another taxi to get back home and etc. I'm very disappointed.

Insanelycheapflights.comtotally unprofessional

I have purchased two tickets for me and my wife. But due to some circumstances we had to change dates. I called InsanelyCheapFlights and asked them to cancel our booking. They said that they can just change dates, but I told them that we still haven't decided when we will be able to go on a trip. They promised to cancel but who knows why they cancelled only one ticket. I called them again and asked about the second one and they said that they'll cancel it right away. In the end they did nothing and we received only half of our money back.

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    Insanely Cheap Flights Apr 21, 2016

    Nathan, in order to assist you, we need you to reach out to our cs department at [email protected] with your booking number, and we will certainly look into this. Very sorry for any inconvenience.

    ICF Customer Support

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Insanelycheapflights.comthey need only money and they didn't care about customers

I booked flight through the website I was really disappointed, ‘coz I needed to change the date of the flight. I called several times, but the rep finally replied and told me that they would charge me for the cancellation. After that they promised to cancel and I ordered new ticket, but these jerks took money for the flight and for the cancellation, but they haven’t returned money for the first ticket. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.

Insanelycheapflights.comthey didn't return money and cancelled wrong flight

I booked the flight through the website After 2 hours I called them and cancelled one of the flights. I checked the info, and it turned out that they cancelled wrong flight. They also didn’t refund and when I tried to reach them, all agents were unavailable. The worst company and services ever. Please, share this info and post comments about your situation with these people.

Insanelycheapflights.comit took the website 26 minutes to just answer the phone

Well, we have had a medical emergency and I need to cancel our flight. I have also purchased insurance just in case of something like this. Well, it took the website 26 minutes to just answer the phone and then some guy got on the phone and told me he was going to have to transfer me to customer service although I'm pretty sure that's what he was. Well, it is now 1 hour and 30 minutes and still on hold with no answer in site! There has got to be someone somewhere regulating this!