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2:12 pm EDT
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FareBoom Great prices for air travel

Some times you just run into a air travel web site that has all the good tools to find great deals. This travel web site is one of them that has found me some incredible deals to fly around the world and I. Fly around the world several times in a year. One problem I found is that the deals do not last long, so know your prices of travel destination and when you see the deal, book it, cause they don't. Last long. Example I found flights from IAD, Washington d c to Bangkok, Thailand this past year, round trip $548. A bargain to consider for a flight half way around the world. They also show you when the peak prices are and use multiple airlines to choose from.

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10:39 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FareBoom Dishonest, delayed, patronizing, coercive, fraudulent, manipulative business

Let me begin this review by disclosing that my initial impression with this company was quite positive. The prices were competitive and the ease of booking made it an enticing buy. Therein lies the trap. If anything goes wrong with your itinerary, if there is, perhaps, a global pandemic, buckle up!

We purchased tickets for three passengers prior to the official lockdowns and global closures back in early 2020. The flights were scheduled for August 2020, departing from the US and entering Europe. The official guidelines prohibited nonessential travel and we were left with little choice on how to get a refund.
As many are surely aware, Fareboom offered a voucher that can be used at any point between March 2020 and March 2022. We decided to hold off on the trip until the restrictions eased and we could travel again.

Fast forward to May 2021, we contact Fareboom to book vouchers. The website, the most unintuitive user interface imaginable, purposefully omits the option to book vouchers separately. A notice on the exchange portal reads "Please contact customer service in order to fulfill individual voucher exchange requests". We now begin the back and forth arduous process of setting up appointments, writing chat messages, and emails to secure a desirable date at a reasonable price.

The initial ticket cost was $955/pp purchased back in early 2020. The exchange cost quoted on their own website in 2021 came to around +$550/pp, seemed a bit high, but not egregious. We proceed to contact Fareboom directly via appointments to secure a date and price. We offer all relevant details that pertain to said flights, who will be traveling, who will not be able to, and what dates they depart and return. Meticulously keeping a record of conversations. The first representative we spoke to provided us with a +$963/pp cost for the exchange. I was flabbergasted, the same day and hour we found a better price they are now gaslighting us regarding price. The agent apologized incenserily (who can fault them, it's only a difference of +$400/pp compared to fair market value). Regardless, we continue to hope that perhaps we spoke to them at an inopportune time where prices were higher and given airfare volatility we remained hopeful we would be able to get a good deal.

The process has now ground to a complete halt, emails are not being answered in a timely manner, chats are not being responded to, and appointments are spaced weeks apart. We are now left bewildered wondering how to redeem our tickets at best market value in a timely manner given this impossibly difficult scenario entirely created by Fareboom. Weeks go by with no progress regarding booking, and we begin to press them regarding their business tactics. Immediately they become defensive, accusatory and non compliant with completely reasonable requests. Their customer service effectively begins to ignore us, and knowingly obfuscate the situation.

At this point, we are at our wits end, we have three options. We can cancel the tickets and immediately lose $475 per ticket with an additional cancellation initiation fee of $75 per ticket. An over 50% loss on the value of the original tickets. Option 2, we can book a flight priced significantly higher than fair market value via Fareboom and be stuck with the potential financial consequences when invariably something goes wrong. Option 3, forfeit tickets entirely, taking a total loss.

This company goes above and beyond when it comes to defrauding it's customers, by coercing them into a ridiculous price point via their exchange program. Stay as far away as possible from this business, the fact that they employ telemarketing/mlm/pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme tactics is astounding.

Everyone I come into contact with in the future that has any plans regarding travel will be warned.

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8:15 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FareBoom Flight schedule changes and a Covid waiver were applied to our booking with Fareboom

Flight schedule changes and a Covid waiver were applied to our booking with Fareboom. We were prompted by Fareboom to choose refund options, so we submitted a refund application. However, Fareboom denied our refund request. They are refusing to provide a refund for the flight tickets we purchased on February 22, 2020, for roundtrip nonstop flights from LAX to CDG scheduled for November 14, 2020, to December 1, 2020.

Initially, Fareboom informed me that the Covid waiver they sent via email during the latest flight schedule change would not apply in this case because the airline offered an alternative flight. I pointed out that the Department of Transportation's enforcement notice dated April 3rd states that a full refund is required in the event of cancellation or significant schedule changes, and that I did not have to accept the alternative flight. It is a choice given to the passenger. I also mentioned that the carrier's own policy states that a refund is due when there are significant schedule changes, such as adding a connection or changing the schedule by more than 90 minutes before departure or arrival. In our case, both of these stipulations were violated because our nonstop flights were changed to include a connection in ATL, and the departure time was moved up by 6 hours (from 12:20 PM to 6:45 AM).

Furthermore, I am not confident that we would be able to use the alternative flights even if we wanted to, as France has not lifted travel restrictions for passengers coming from the USA. Fareboom seemed to ignore the refund policies of the DOT and Delta regarding my tickets and the changes made, and provided false information in an attempt to convince me that a refund was not possible due to "no obligation" and "alternatives provided." This appears to be intentionally deceptive and fraudulent.

Fareboom did not provide any evidence that they contacted Delta or that Delta refused to issue a refund to Fareboom. I believe that Delta, being aware of their own policies, would recognize that these flights are eligible for a refund. If Delta did provide a refund to Fareboom and Fareboom rejected my claim, it would be another level of fraud.

It is also important to note that the waiver was offered after the schedule change, but only after I completed the waiver request for the refund and cancellation. At that point, I was offered a nonstop alternative flight (although it still departed 3 hours later than the original, which still complies with refund requirements). This is deceptive because a passenger must go through the cancellation process to even be offered an alternative flight, which they then try to use as a disqualifier. We are not obligated to consider the deceptive alternatives provided by this company instead of receiving a full refund. This is confirmed by the regulations set by both the Department of Transportation and Delta.

I have uploaded emails containing the initial tickets, schedule change tickets, Covid waiver notification, and cancellation confirmation after the Covid waiver process. I have also uploaded the written communications between Fareboom customer service and myself.

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Is FareBoom legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals FareBoom as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 0% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, FareBoom stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering FareBoom should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

FareBoom earns 91% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: FareBoom achives 91% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

We found clear and detailed contact information for FareBoom. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and 2 emails, as well as 5 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.

FareBoom has received 2 positive reviews on our site. This is a good sign and indicates a safe and reliable experience for customers who choose to work with the company. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

FareBoom as a website that uses an external review system. While this can provide valuable feedback and insights, it's important to carefully evaluate the source of the reviews and take them with a grain of salt.

According to our analysis, FareBoom appears to be offering travel services on their website. While many travel companies are legitimate, it's important to be cautious and do your research before booking a trip to ensure that you are getting a good deal and not falling victim to a scam.

Several positive reviews for FareBoom have been found on various review sites. While this may be a good sign, it is important to approach these reviews with caution and consider the possibility of fake or biased reviews.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While FareBoom has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 0% of 15 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • FareBoom protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
  1. Pros
    1. Competitive airfare pricing
    2. User-friendly booking interface
    3. 24/7 customer support services
    4. Advanced fare prediction tool
    5. Flexible travel date options
  1. Cons
    1. Limited airline partnerships
    2. No loyalty rewards program
    3. Customer service can be slow
    4. No mobile app available
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FareBoom Terrible Experience with FareBoom: Unhelpful Customer Service and Policies Taking Advantage of Customers

I recently had a terrible experience with FareBoom, a third-party flight booking website. My partner and I were in the UK when we found out that our connecting flight home would have a 14-hour layover in a country that was considered high risk for COVID-19. Given the confirmed global pandemic, we knew we couldn't risk it and needed to modify our flight. However, when we asked FareBoom for help, they told us to talk to the airline, who then told us to talk to FareBoom again. We were stuck in another country for over 24 hours with no clear route home.

Eventually, we had to spend $400 each on a new flight home that didn't have a layover. It was a stressful and expensive experience, and we were hoping to at least get a voucher for the FareBoom flight that we had forfeited. After returning home, we had to wait a while to receive confirmation of the voucher, but we were satisfied once we got it.

However, our satisfaction was short-lived when we found out that we could only use the voucher to book a new flight home from the UK. This was ridiculous since we had already gone through the hassle of trying to modify our original flight to avoid the layover in the first place. We had no intention of going back to the UK after just having been there, and it felt like FareBoom was taking advantage of the global pandemic to make money off of customers who were in a difficult and scary situation.

Overall, I would not recommend FareBoom to anyone. Their customer service was unhelpful and unresponsive, and their policies seem designed to take advantage of customers rather than help them. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy flight booking website, I suggest looking elsewhere.

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Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FareBoom Unsatisfactory Experience with FareBoom: Cancellation Woes and Refund Issues

I gotta say, I had a pretty rough experience with FareBoom. I booked 5 airline reservations with them way back in September of 2019, with plans to fly out on June 28th of 2020. But then, the airline went and cancelled our reservation and rescheduled it for July 1st. And then, they cancelled again and moved it all the way to July 12th! I mean, come on, how am I supposed to plan my life around that kind of nonsense?

To make matters worse, the country I was flying to wouldn't even open up their air traffic until July 14th. And even then, they were only allowing domestic airlines to land at their airports. So the airline I was traveling with wouldn't even be able to get me where I needed to go! I tried contacting FareBoom multiple times to get a refund, but they told me they were going to charge me $75 for each passenger. That's $375 total, just for a cancellation that I didn't even initiate! The airline was the one that cancelled my original tickets, not me. They didn't honor their commitment to fly us on the date that we chose. I know I'm entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Now, I've been using FareBoom for years. I travel with my family every two years, and I even bring my mother along once a year. Plus, whenever anyone comes to visit me, I always purchase their tickets through FareBoom. I'm even a board member of a large community, and I always recommend FareBoom to all of our members for their travel needs. But after this experience, I'm not so sure anymore.

I'm willing to give them one more chance to make things right and refund my money. But if they don't, I might have to start looking elsewhere for my travel needs. My order number is O-2B***, and I'm expecting a full refund, no questions asked.

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FareBoom Unprofessional Customer Service: My Experience with FareBoom

So, I recently booked two international tickets with FareBoom. However, two days later, I noticed that my husband's name was misspelled. The last letter of his first name was missing. I immediately contacted FareBoom via email to have the issue resolved. However, their response was not satisfactory. They told me that this kind of misspelling is acceptable, and it should be accepted by the airlines. But, it is also subject to the airline's discretion if they will accept it or not.

I was not satisfied with their response and asked for the name to be corrected. However, they told me that I needed to pay a $100.00 name change fee, and they would request it from Lufthanza. They also said that hopefully, Lufthanza would approve it. I did not agree to pay before the problem was fixed, and there were several emails back and forth.

In the meantime, I contacted Lufthanza customer service, and they advised me to agree to pay $25.00 and no more. A note was placed on my itinerary from the Lufthanza agent. However, FareBoom stated that they have different rules and fees, so they decreased the amount to $75.00 and to be paid once the name is fixed.

I authorized them to charge me $75 after they changed the name, but they came up with a different solution. They told me that they would cancel my ticket, reissue a new one, but I needed to pay the difference in the airfare and some "other fees that may apply." I asked them what the total amount due was, but that was my last email, and they never responded back.

I regret purchasing tickets with FareBoom, and I hope more people read the reviews before they decide to use them. Their customer service is very unprofessional and not loyal to people. In my opinion, they should close their business.

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FareBoom Avoid FareBoom for Your Travel Needs: A Complete Disaster with No Customer Support

This company is a complete disaster. I strongly advise against using FareBoom for your travel needs. If you run into any issues with your flight, you are on your own. Their phone line is a complete joke and is set up to avoid speaking to customers. Emails are hardly ever responded to, and when they do respond, they are very dishonest. Here's my story:

I got stranded overseas due to COVID-19 and made a concerted effort to reach out to FareBoom for assistance. However, I was unable to get in touch with anyone. To make matters worse, I received an auto-email confirming my flight on the original return date despite airport closures due to COVID-19. This resulted in me taking a wasted trip of over 800 miles to and from the airport of departure.

When I finally managed to return via an emergency evacuation flight at an extra cost of $1350, I reached out directly to the airline in April and requested a refund on the return trip. Delta promised a full refund, and I requested a direct refund to me since I could not get hold of anyone to speak to and no response via emails to FareBoom/

Unknown to me, when a customer pays on their website, they collect the money and then pay with their own credit card. Delta refunded the money to their credit card. I have every evidence, including a refund tracking number and the last 3-4 digits of the credit card number where over $549 was refunded. Yet, the company claims they are yet to receive the refund. They refused to respond to my email request for a refund, and there is no way to speak to anybody as their phone was purposely set up not to let customer's calls go through.

Even when one manages to go beyond those robo-messages in order to speak to a customer service agent, you can hold unend and the system ends the calls no matter how many times you try. If there is a way to give a minus 5 rating, I would give it.

In conclusion, I strongly advise against using FareBoom for your travel needs. They are a complete disaster, and you will be on your own if you run into any issues with your flight. Their phone line is a complete joke, and emails are hardly ever responded to. They are very dishonest, and there is no way to speak to anybody as their phone was purposely set up not to let customer's calls go through. Save yourself the headache and use a different company for your travel needs.

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FareBoom Fareboom Review: Cheap Fares, Terrible Service - Buyer Beware!

Fareboom is a website that sells cheap tickets, and I was happy when I thought I got a good deal. However, my experience with them quickly turned sour. Six weeks after I bought my ticket, I decided to check my reservation on the UA website, just three weeks before my flight. To my surprise, the UA website said that my flight was cancelled. Fareboom never notified me about my flight being cancelled, which could have resulted in me going to the airport for a cancelled flight if I hadn't checked that night.

When I contacted their agent, it took a good 40 minutes to get through chat, and it was nearly impossible to get through on the phone. They told me that their system did not catch the cancellation that happened a few days ago. I had to rush to buy tickets that were more than double the price, and when I tried to cancel the ticket for the cancelled flight, it was another nightmare.

UA said that this was a travel agent ticket and needed to be cancelled through the travel agency. Fareboom was hell-bent on charging me $75 per passenger, even though UA said the ticket price should be refunded in full. Fareboom had already caused me to spend thousands extra on getting a new ticket. They also said that I should be contacting UA to request cancelling those tickets to avoid being charged by them.

Eventually, after a three-way call with Fareboom and UA, during which they talked about why my reservation record was not found in the UA system, and how Fareboom found in their system that my flight was cancelled on 5/1 (so they had been sitting on notifying me of my cancelled flight for five weeks), I was finally able to get Fareboom to request the cancellation of my ticket. However, the ticket cancellation request was denied by UA, and I ended up needing to do a chargeback.

This was the worst experience I have had with a travel agency. They may have cheap fares, but make sure you never need to change or refund a ticket before you try to use Fareboom. Also, pray that your flight will never be cancelled. Otherwise, you might have an unpleasant surprise and financial loss. I ended up spending almost $4,000 more for my four tickets, all because Fareboom did not notify me about my flight cancellation.

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FareBoom FareBoom Review: Disappointing Experience with Refunds and Communication During Covid-19 Pandemic

We recently booked our family's overseas trip through FareBoom, a ticketing company we had never used before. As seasoned travelers with 20 years of experience exploring different parts of the world, we were excited to embark on another adventure. However, as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and our flights were cancelled. We had purchased the tickets in February, before the pandemic became a global issue. When we contacted FareBoom, they assured us not to worry and discouraged us from requesting a refund, as it would take up to 6 to 12 months to process. Instead, they offered us a free change of tickets, which we accepted.

We kept in touch with FareBoom, hoping to find available flights, but due to travel restrictions and flight bans, it was impossible. Finally, when the flight bans were lifted, we contacted FareBoom to change the dates. However, they informed us that we had to pay an additional charge because the fares had increased. We reminded them that we were entitled to a free change of tickets due to Covid-19, but they claimed that the "free" only referred to the date change, not the fare difference. We were confused because we did not initiate the change, and we were victims of the pandemic.

We decided to request a refund, but FareBoom informed us that we would be charged $75 per ticket because they were a small family-owned business and would lose their commission. As a family with limited financial resources and children to feed, we were disappointed that our money was being held by FareBoom. To make matters worse, they stopped answering our calls and only responded to our emails every 2 to 3 days, making it difficult to cooperate.

To summarize, we did not initiate the change of tickets, and the government had issued a free change policy due to Covid-19, which FareBoom did not honor. Additionally, the government had also issued a money-back policy if we did not agree with the airlines' offer, which FareBoom also did not honor. Their lack of communication and delay in processing refunds made the situation even more frustrating.

Many of our well-traveled friends have had positive experiences with other airlines and ticketing companies, receiving their refunds promptly. FareBoom, however, seems to be different. We have since contacted the Department of Transportation, who wrote an article in April stating that passengers affected by Covid-19 are entitled to a refund. We hope that FareBoom will honor their commitment and refund our money soon.

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FareBoom Fareboom Review: Disappointing Experience with Refund Process and Fees

This is my first time using Fareboom and I have to say, I'm not impressed. My wife and I purchased tickets to fly from Tampa, FL to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and back to Tampa (August 14th - August 21). At first, we were happy with the tickets we were able to reserve through Fareboom. But then, we received an email.

Fareboom informed us that our flight(s) had run into seating/cancellation problems and gave us two options: allow them to reschedule us on alternative flights or pursue a refund. We chose the first option and wrote back to them. However, their response to finding us alternate flights was to confirm our cancellation, which we did not choose in our initial response.

Having to confirm the cancellation (which we didn't make), we were left with choosing a refund. Fareboom gave us two refund options (allegedly). The first option was to accept the cancellation through them and pay $75. The second option was to request a refund from the airlines (in this case United Airlines).

After reading reviews, we learned that the standard answer from the airlines is that we purchased our tickets through a 3rd party (Fareboom) and therefore the airlines were not responsible for any refund. So basically, it appears that Fareboom did not give us any refund options other than to pay a $75 fee (per ticket) for them to provide us a refund within 2 months.

We were charged $150 for the refund and received an email stating that our Fareboom order had been cancelled and filed for a full refund per United Coronavirus waiver conditions. However, the email also stated that we chose the expedited processing option with a $75.00 per ticket administrative filing fee.

Our problem is that Fareboom used the phrase "expedited processing option" to justify the $75 fee per ticket, but this option was not given to us when we were forced to pay the $150 fee for the refund. There was no option to get the refund from Fareboom without having to pay for the "expedited processing option".

It appears that Fareboom is forcing people to pay $75 (per ticket) when the industry and government regulations/standards clearly say "Full Refund", which is a terrible way to do business. We hope that Fareboom does the right thing and refunds our entire amount, instead of keeping $150 of our money.

Overall, our experience with Fareboom has been disappointing and we would not recommend them to others.

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FareBoom FareBoom Flight Booking Review: Complicated Process, Varied Charges, Delayed Rebates, and Confrontational CEO

Booking a flight with FareBoom was a real headache for me. The process was so complicated that I had to go through it several times to make sure I got everything right. And even then, the charges that ended up going through were different from what I was quoted. I received an email with my ticket and itinerary, but the amount on it was different from what my bank statement showed. It was frustrating to say the least.

To make matters worse, the rebates that were advertised as "instant" were not instant at all. I had to wait several business days for them to be applied, which was not clearly communicated to me at the time of purchase. And the payment verification charges were not reversed within 24 hours as promised. It took about 48 hours during normal business operating hours for this to happen. This could be the reason behind the variance in charges, but it was not explained to me upfront on the site.

I was surprised to receive a confrontational email from the CEO after I left a review about my experience. The review was edited for clarity after an email request from the CEO. However, I was contacted by a customer support representative who was professional and sympathetic to my situation. He apologized for the miscommunication and misunderstanding, validating my experience and assuring me that FareBoom is constantly striving towards improvement and doing things better.

I appreciate that FareBoom takes a lot of steps to ensure payment security, but the process was too complicated for me. I commend them for pre-authorizing a small amount to verify that I had access to the card I was using for the purchase. However, the email asking me to enter the verification said that the charge would be reversed within 24 hours, which was incorrect.

Comparing my experience with FareBoom to my recent experience with another provider, I have to say that the latter was phenomenal. The process was super straightforward, and there was no change in the amount charged. The final amount ended up being exactly as quoted, with no surprises.

Overall, my experience with FareBoom was traumatizing. I feel extremely slighted and irate by a lack of empathy and professionalism from this organization. My issue is not with the additional amounts that were charged, but with the difficulty and complexity of the process, the false information, and the hostile email communication I received from the CEO himself. I had many options to choose from in terms of providers for the price I paid, unfortunately FareBoom was the wrong one.

I am more than happy and willing to provide evidence of all my claims, including emails and screenshots of communication with FareBoom and my bank statements.

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FareBoom Fareboom's Refund Policy During COVID-19: A Customer's Experience

I had originally booked a flight for my son Matthew in November 2019 to Germany for a summer internship on AirFrance flight for May 10th 2020 returning August 5,2020. The cost was $926.18 with $66.17 Travel Insurance included and the Order # was O-2B***. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his college advised him not to go due to safety concerns. However, the internship was technically not cancelled. When I reached out to Fareboom, I was told that they couldn't refund my money and I couldn't use the travel insurance because I didn't have a cancellation statement from the internship in Germany. But I could use the ticket for another date prior to 1 year from the purchase date.

After discussing with Matthew, we decided he would take the trip before going back to college, so as not to lose the opportunity to visit Germany since I had already paid the money. The flight was rebooked for August 3rd on Delta Airlines (Order #O-2B***), and we had to pay an additional fee of $52.00 for the difference in fare. As the date approached in late July, it appeared that the travel ban to Germany that was in place may not be lifted by August 3rd, and his travel may be restricted to Germany. We reached out to Fareboom and were told that if travel was restricted and flights were cancelled, then we would get a refund. We were told just prior to flight departure that we would have to request cancellation of tickets to assure we received a refund.

We followed their guidance and logged into the Fareboom website on July 28th. On the website, a "Popup" appeared that said the flight would be eligible for a refund due to COVID-19 government mandates. However, this communication was not actually sent in their message system that can be traced back. We followed the steps that they outlined in order to cancel the flight and confirm for a refund. We were asked how we wanted to receive reimbursement, and we selected putting it back on the original debit card that was used. However, no refund came within a few weeks. I messaged them about the refund and was told first that since the flights did depart (with anyone not restricted I assume) and weren't cancelled, then I wasn't due a refund. Then I was told that since we cancelled the flights and not the airlines, we would not receive a refund. Then I was told that I would have to go to AirFrance, which confuses me since Matthew was rebooked on a Delta flight. And next, I was told, "but the Airlines are not giving refunds on government mandates."

COVID-19 has turned into the biggest excuse for not doing anything or at least the right things today. I can't actually talk to a person at Fareboom because of COVID-19. No one answers the phone, and the automated message says you have to message them on the website. I wonder why the customer service people can be safer typing on a computer vs answering the phone for people they've taken money from and given nothing in return. A majority of this nation's office staff is working remotely. Can't FareBoom's customer service employees answer a phone at home safely?

My standpoint is that I paid for a flight to Fareboom (not AirFrance or Delta), and Fareboom is then my "travel agent." They have my $978.18 in their bank account, and they weren't able to provide my son a flight. Therefore, it didn't cost them or the airlines anything for his travel, and I want my hard-earned money back. Do they think it's okay to take money from people and not give them anything in return? I don't believe their business is charity! I assume they figure we'll just let our money go in their circle of excuses. I'm not asking for a free ride. I'm the only one here that lost money, and although I'm sure the airlines and Fareboom are losing money in this situation, it's not my responsibility to support their companies for nothing in return.

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FareBoom FareBoom Review: Shady Tactics, Terrible Customer Service, and a Scam Alert

I gotta say, my first impression of FareBoom was pretty good. The prices were competitive and booking was easy peasy. But let me tell you, if anything goes wrong with your itinerary, you better hold on tight!

So here's the deal. We bought tickets for three people before the world went into lockdown in early 2020. The flights were supposed to be in August of that year, from the US to Europe. But then the pandemic hit and nonessential travel was a no-go. We were stuck with tickets we couldn't use.

FareBoom offered a voucher that we could use anytime between March 2020 and March 2022. We decided to wait until things got better and we could travel again.

Fast forward to May 2021. We tried to book our vouchers, but the website was a hot mess. There was no option to book vouchers separately. We had to contact customer service to make it happen. And let me tell you, that was a whole ordeal. We had to set up appointments, write chat messages, and send emails just to get a decent price.

The original tickets cost $955 per person. The exchange cost quoted on their website in 2021 was around $550 per person. Not great, but not terrible. We contacted FareBoom directly to secure a date and price. We gave them all the details they needed, like who was traveling and when. The first representative we talked to gave us a price of $963 per person. What the heck?! We found a better price on the same day and they tried to gaslight us. The agent apologized, but come on. That's a $400 difference!

Things just got worse from there. Emails took forever to get a response. Chats were ignored. Appointments were weeks apart. We were starting to lose our minds. We just wanted to redeem our tickets at a fair price and in a timely manner. But FareBoom was making it impossible.

We tried to cancel the tickets, but that would mean losing $475 per ticket plus a $75 cancellation fee per ticket. That's over 50% of the original value. We could book a flight through FareBoom, but it would be way more expensive than it should be. Or we could just give up and lose everything.

Honestly, FareBoom is a scam. They use shady tactics to get you to pay more than you should. Their customer service is terrible. They ignore you and make things difficult. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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FareBoom FareBoom Review: Untrustworthy Company That Doesn't Honor Policies or Refunds Money

This company, FareBoom, is not to be trusted. They operate under the name Best Travel Store, but don't let that fool you. They offer travel insurance that they claim is affordable, but it's not worth the paper it's written on. They don't honor their own policies, and they'll do anything to keep your money.

Recently, my family and I had a terrible experience with FareBoom. We had booked a flight, but due to a Presidential proclamation, our flight was canceled. We were concerned about our health and the possibility of detainment, but FareBoom didn't seem to care. They tried to put us on a different flight, which was also canceled.

After this, FareBoom told us that we would be getting a full refund since our flights were canceled. We were relieved to hear this, but our relief was short-lived. Just two days later, FareBoom changed their minds and said that they wouldn't be refunding our money after all. We had purchased travel insurance, but it didn't matter. FareBoom was determined to keep our money.

I'm not the only one who has had a bad experience with FareBoom. I'm considering contacting others who have had similar issues and filing a class action suit against them. It's clear that FareBoom is not a company that can be trusted. If you're looking for a travel company that will treat you fairly and honestly, look elsewhere. Stay away from FareBoom.

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FareBoom FareBoom Review: Terrible Customer Service and Hidden Fees

Let me tell you, I had a real bad experience with FareBoom. Like, the worst ever. I was all set to go on my trip, but then just 48 hours before I was supposed to leave, they went and cancelled my return flights. Can you believe it? And they tried to blame it on the airlines, but I know better. It was all FareBoom's fault. They really messed up my travel plans, let me tell you.

So I called them up and asked what was going on, but they wouldn't give me any answers. All they said was that my concern had been sent to the ticketing department. Like, what does that even mean? I needed to know why my flights were cancelled and what my options were for getting home. But they wouldn't tell me anything. It was so frustrating.

In the end, I had to cancel my whole itinerary and ask for a refund. And get this - they charged me a $97 service fee for each ticket! Can you believe it? And to make matters worse, they didn't even refund me the full amount I paid. I had to pay an extra $680 to change one of my flights earlier, and they didn't include that in my refund. It's a total scam, if you ask me.

I would never use FareBoom again, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is terrible, and they don't care about their customers at all. If you want a stress-free travel experience, go somewhere else. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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FareBoom Unreliable and Disappointing: My Experience with FareBoom

I gotta say, I was pretty disappointed with my experience with FareBoom. I mean, yeah, their prices were a bit lower than some of the other sites I checked out, but man, if I had known what I was getting into, I would have paid the extra bucks for a more reliable service.

So here's what happened: the day before I was supposed to leave, I got an email from FareBoom saying that one of my return flight segments had been cancelled. I called them up to see what was going on, and they denied that they had cancelled anything. They reissued my e-ticket and I thought everything was good to go.

But then, the day before I was supposed to come back home, I got the same cancellation email again. And this time, when I tried to call FareBoom, I couldn't get through to anyone. I had to request a call back through their website, and when someone finally did call me back, they promised to fix the situation and call me back again once it was sorted out. But of course, no one ever called me back.

Luckily, I was able to make it back home, but it definitely wasn't because of FareBoom. I don't know what kind of business practices they're running over there, but I wouldn't trust them again if you paid me. So if you're thinking about booking with them, I'd say think twice and maybe look for a more reliable option.

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FareBoom Warning: Avoid FareBoom for Unethical Business Practices and Poor Customer Service

I have had an extremely negative experience with FareBoom and would strongly advise anyone considering using their services to steer clear. In my opinion, this company has demonstrated a complete disregard for ethical business practices and has failed to provide adequate customer service.

My issues with FareBoom began early in 2020 when travel restrictions were put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that these restrictions were beyond anyone's control, FareBoom seemed to be playing a game of "musical chairs" in order to avoid taking responsibility for refunds. They repeatedly referred me to third parties who had no control over the situation, such as airlines and insurance companies, and refused to take responsibility for issuing a refund themselves.

To make matters worse, FareBoom has consistently avoided blame and feigned ignorance when it comes to this issue. They have failed to comply with appropriate business practices and have blatantly refused to refund the cost of my invoice, despite the fact that it is entirely their responsibility to do so.

In my opinion, FareBoom's behavior is completely unacceptable and they do not deserve any respect or consideration from customers. They owe me money and have refused to comply with basic standards of customer service and business ethics. Unfortunately, I am not the only person who has been victimized by FareBoom's gross negligence and disregard for their customers.

In conclusion, I would strongly advise anyone considering using FareBoom to avoid them at all costs. This company has demonstrated a complete lack of integrity and has failed to provide adequate customer service. If you value your time and money, you would be wise to look elsewhere for your travel needs.

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FareBoom Unacceptable Customer Service: FareBoom's Voucher Policy During COVID-19

This agency, FareBoom, is not the best one out there. They seem to be more interested in money than in helping their customers. My family and I had been saving up for a trip to Europe from July 8th to July 18th, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to travel. They issued us a voucher that was supposed to be good for one year, but it didn't work for us since we had booked our trip in January 2020 and our kids are school-age, so we could only travel during the summer. We tried calling them countless times, but we were never able to reach them. Their phone number kept telling us to go through their website, but the website only offered a voucher for a year. This is unacceptable, especially during a pandemic. I strongly advise against booking with this agency. The CEO, Marc Cadez, seems to be a crook who is stealing everyone's money. I would like a personal phone call from him to explain why he is doing this to my family and me. He is a terrible person, and I hope he will face the consequences of his actions. He should speak up and tell everyone what he is doing. He deserves to go to prison for what he is doing to all of us.

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FareBoom Nightmare Experience with Fareboom: Delayed Refund and Poor Customer Service

My experience with Fareboom has been nothing short of a nightmare. I purchased two plane tickets in January for a trip to Switzerland in April. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my flights were cancelled. When I contacted Fareboom, they informed me that I had the option to receive a refund with some fees or to go through the airline with no fees. I chose the latter option and filled out the necessary forms with the airline.

After waiting for over a month, I received an email from the airline stating that my refund would be sent to Fareboom and that they would then send me my money. I was shocked to receive this news and immediately contacted Fareboom for clarification. To my dismay, I was informed that it would take an additional two to three weeks for them to process my refund.

This situation is a complete rip off and has left me feeling extremely frustrated. To make matters worse, when I attempted to call Fareboom for assistance, I was met with a recording and was unable to speak with a human being.

As a customer, I believe that it is important to remember that businesses will eventually reopen and that trust is a crucial component of any successful relationship. Unfortunately, my experience with Fareboom has left me feeling anything but comfortable doing business with them in the future.

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FareBoom FareBoom Review: Unfair Voucher Policy, Hidden Fees, and Non-Refundable Charges

I gotta say, my experience with FareBoom was not a good one. I booked a ticket last year for an international flight this year, but then Covid happened and everything got messed up. They offered me a voucher to reschedule my flight for 'FREE', which sounded great at first. But then I decided I wanted to fly in December because it showed on their OWN website that the ticket is $200 less than my original ticket. However, I was forced to pay an extra $269 because according to these thieves, December is a "peak" season. I mean, come on, that's just not fair!

Anyway, because of my willingness to see my family back home, I went ahead and paid the extra money. But then my flight got canceled again and they couldn't find a flight that would work for me. So I insisted I get a refund so I could book my flight somewhere else. Days went by and I was told ok I'm getting my refund but I would have to pay $35 to process it. I mean, seriously? That's just ridiculous. But I paid it anyway because I just wanted my money back and be done with FareBoom.

I did eventually get refunded, but not the extra $269 I paid them because they said that was non-refundable which I wasn't told about. I mean, how was I supposed to know that? It's not like they made it clear or anything. I'm still trying my hardest to get my hard-earned money back and will never ever use this site again. They are out to get you, I tell you!

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FareBoom In-depth Review

In summary, FareBoom offers a user-friendly platform with competitive pricing and a variety of flight options. While the website design is visually appealing and easy to navigate, some areas could be improved for a better customer experience. Below is a detailed review of FareBoom's services and features.

Website Usability and Design

  1. Ease of Navigation: The website is structured in a clear manner, making it simple to find necessary information and book flights.
  2. Visual Appeal: FareBoom's website has a clean and modern look, which is quite inviting for users.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: The site adapts well to mobile devices, ensuring a seamless booking experience on the go.

Booking Process

  1. Search Functionality: The search engine is straightforward, allowing users to easily input their travel details and find suitable flights.
  2. Booking Steps Clarity: Each step of the booking process is clearly outlined, reducing the chance of confusion.
  3. Payment Options: FareBoom provides multiple payment options, catering to different preferences.

Price Competitiveness

  1. Comparison with Other Travel Sites: Prices are often competitive when compared to other travel sites.
  2. Deals and Discounts Availability: There are occasional promotions, but it's not always clear how to access these deals.
  3. Value for Money: Customers generally feel they receive good value for the prices paid.

Flight Options Variety

  1. Range of Airlines: FareBoom offers a wide selection of airlines, including major and budget carriers.
  2. International and Domestic Flights: Both international and domestic flights are available, providing a comprehensive selection.
  3. Flight Times and Flexibility: There are multiple flight times to choose from, which adds to the flexibility for travelers.

Customer Service

  1. Responsiveness: Customer service response times vary, with some users reporting delays.
  2. Support Channels: Support is available through phone, email, and chat, offering multiple ways to get assistance.
  3. Resolution Efficiency: The efficiency of resolving issues is inconsistent, with some customers expressing satisfaction and others frustration.

User Reviews and Testimonials

  1. Customer Satisfaction Levels: Reviews are mixed, with some customers very satisfied and others less so.
  2. Common Praises and Complaints: Common praises include competitive pricing, while complaints often focus on customer service.
  3. Trustworthiness of Reviews: The reviews appear genuine, reflecting a range of real customer experiences.

Additional Services and Features

  1. Travel Insurance Options: FareBoom offers travel insurance, which is a plus for risk-averse travelers.
  2. Car Rentals and Hotel Bookings: These additional services are available, making it convenient to plan an entire trip.
  3. Loyalty Programs or Rewards: There is no clear information on loyalty programs or rewards.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  1. Clarity of Terms: The cancellation and refund policies are outlined, but could be clearer and more detailed.
  2. Processing Time: Refund processing times are not specified, which can be a concern for customers.
  3. Fees and Penalties: Some users have reported unexpected fees, suggesting a need for more transparency.

Transparency and Fees

  1. Hidden Charges: There are occasional complaints about hidden charges, which could affect customer trust.
  2. Price Guarantee Policies: FareBoom offers a Best Price Guarantee, which is reassuring for price-conscious travelers.
  3. Cost Breakdown: The cost breakdown is provided, but could be presented in a more user-friendly manner.

Security and Privacy

  1. Payment Security Measures: The website uses secure payment systems to protect transactions.
  2. Personal Data Protection: FareBoom claims to protect personal data, but specific details are not readily available.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: There is no clear information on regulatory compliance.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

  1. Services for Travelers with Disabilities: Information on services for travelers with disabilities is not easily found.
  2. Multilingual Support: The website does not clearly state if multilingual support is available.
  3. Family-Friendly Options: FareBoom provides options suitable for family travel, but more details would be helpful.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

  1. Sustainable Travel Options: There is no clear information on sustainable travel options.
  2. Carbon Offset Programs: Carbon offset programs are not mentioned, which could be an area for improvement.
  3. Community Support Initiatives: FareBoom does not highlight any community support initiatives on their website.

Industry Reputation and Awards

  1. Industry Rankings: There is no information available on FareBoom's industry rankings.
  2. Certifications and Accolades: Certifications and accolades are not prominently featured on the site.
  3. Media Mentions and Features: Media mentions and features are not readily found on the website.

Comparison with Competitors

  1. Unique Selling Points: FareBoom's competitive pricing is a strong selling point.
  2. Market Position: The market position is not clearly defined, making it difficult to compare with competitors.
  3. Competitive Edge: The main competitive edge seems to be the range of flight options and pricing.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

  1. Overall Experience: The overall experience with FareBoom is positive, with some areas for improvement.
  2. Suitability for Different Types of Travelers: FareBoom is suitable for budget-conscious travelers looking for a variety of flight options.
  3. Tips for Booking with FareBoom: It is recommended to review all terms and conditions carefully and to book well in advance to secure the best deals.
How to file a complaint about FareBoom?

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to file a complaint or review about FareBoom on

1. Log in or create an account:
- Start by logging into your account. If you don't have an account yet, create one to proceed.

2. Navigating to the complaint form:
- Locate and click on the 'File a Complaint' button on the website. You can find this button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Writing the title:
- Summarize the main issue with FareBoom in the 'Complaint Title' section.

4. Detailing the experience:
- Provide detailed information about your experience with FareBoom.
- Mention key areas such as transactions, steps taken to resolve the issue, personal impact, and the company's response.

5. Attaching supporting documents:
- Attach any relevant supporting documents to strengthen your complaint. Avoid including sensitive personal data.

6. Filling optional fields:
- Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to state any financial losses.
- Utilize the 'Desired Outcome' field to specify the resolution you are seeking.

7. Review before submission:
- Review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness before submitting it.

8. Submission process:
- Click the 'Submit' button to submit your complaint or review.

9. Post-Submission Actions:
- Regularly check for any responses or updates related to your complaint on

Ensure each step is clearly defined to guide you effectively through the process of filing a complaint or review about FareBoom on Remember to use simple language and provide all necessary details for an effective complaint submission.

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