Impark Parking Corporationwrong stall # and defective fob

Rec'd Fob and green permit Sept 27th in the mail from Impark. Was told this is for Lot 1392 and Stall #1, located in the Seymour Medical building. I went and checked it out and there is no Stall #1. Called Imperial 8 times between Oct 1 - 3 and was put on hold 2x for almost an hour and half and the rest of the times I just hung up as I have work to do - don't have time for this ! I got this pass for our new employee and she started Oct 1 and has been parking in the street parking paying herself. My acct # 389953. Oct 3rd I sent my employee to Imperial head office to get the fob looked and and to clarify where the parking stall is. They said the fob was defective so they replaced it and they keep saying the stall#1 is in an alley way so I checked the alley way and there is a garage there but it does not open with the fob. I asked if someone can come and show me and open it for me but they refused. This is not good customer service at all. I need to have someone show me the spot, I need to get a refund back as I paid for services not rendered, and I need to be reimbursed for my employees street parking. This is rediculouse. I need to be heard and no one is listening. Please email me at [protected]
Frustrated, Kuldip

Oct 04, 2019

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