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Countless reviews and warnings online should verify this, but ikeyless is an untrustworthy business. They should have had their license to operate as a business revoked long ago.

I placed an order with ikeyless for three remotes. The order totaled more than $190. They debited my account immediately. I decided to add a fourth item to my order and emailed less than five minutes after placing the order to see if the item could be added to my parcel. I was informed that this was not possible, as the item had already shipped. So I stupidly placed the second order and paid the $5 extra shipping.

After a week and a half of NO word from the company, having now spent over $200 there, I began emailing the customer service address. I received no response. Ever. I finally received my packages a few days ago - two weeks after ordering and paying for them.

The transponder key for my Toyota 4runner is a generic, knockoff key. The remotes are old, very used and dirty. I am not at all satisfied with the items and want to return them for a full refund.

The problem is that apparently no one bothers to answer ikeyless' telephone number or customer service email address. I have called many times, emailed several times, and am still waiting on a response.

I'm now to the point of blogging, tweeting, reporting, and contacting my bank to dispute the payment. This company is shady at best, but there is no 'best' when dealing with crooks like this. These people give internet businesses a bad name.

Buyer beware - it's worth it to research your vendor and take note of what people are saying. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM IKEYLESS. You WILL regret it.


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      Oct 06, 2011

    Since posting this complaint, I checked into reporting this company with the BBB in Louisville and found their local number. If you're having problems, call this number, as it's the only one they'll answer.


    I spoke to Amanda, the operator, who directed me to Jeremy - I believe he said he was the sales manager. At any rate, he said that he was emailing a shipping label and would refund my account as soon as he received the items.

    I will be adding a signature required feature to this package and will update this complaint as soon as the issue is resolved.

    Lesson to whomever is struggling with shady businesses - KEEP DIGGING. Keep going until you get an answer. I blog, tweet, and report on Google, here, and to the BBB, because I believe that people should be able to trust businesses they deal with.

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      Oct 07, 2011

    Since speaking with Alohilana over the phone we were able to get them set up for a full refund, and email them a prepaid return label. If any of our perspective customers have any questions/concerns about the issues presented above, please feel free to email me directly at [protected]

    Best regards,
    Ikeyless Customer Service

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      Feb 01, 2012

    I have had so many problems with Ikeyless that it has become a nightmare. Their web site is not up to date, they say the items are in stock but are not. I ordered a 4 key remote 3 weeks ago, finally canclled that & ordered a 3 key remote, speaking on the phone with a respresentive by the name of Stephanie, she SAID the item was in stock and would ship out via Priority mail & send me a tracking number for it, of course I have yet to receive the tracking order.
    Don't order from this company. IF IF I receive a used, or lousey part then I will also contact the Attorney General, the BBB & take legal action.
    Just beware-----service is lousey.

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      Feb 29, 2012

    It should be noted that while PJClark had some issues with their order we did everything we could to resolve them. We eventually ended up issuing them a full refund, and a $30.00 in-store credit.

    If any prospective, or current customers have any questions regarding this issue please feel free to email me directly at [protected]

    iKeyless Customer Service

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      Feb 29, 2012

    Yes, I did get a refund---but who in the world would ever use an 'in store credit' after having so many problems?!!!

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