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E Aug 03, 2018

I just got home from restaurant no. 1298, us 31 south Indianapolis.
My friend and I were there for over two hours. We both ordered coffee but split one small pot that did not work until we unscrewed the lid off of the pot. In the time we were there that's all the coffee that was offered. I ordered an omelet, the same omelet I have ordered for over thirty years. they brought out the wrong one. I never send back food but in this case after trying it twice, I just didn't like it so I sent it back and specified what I wanted and they brought out, after a half an hour, the same omelet I got the first time. In the time we were there many customers came after we arrived and left before us. My friend finished her food, all I ever got was three pancakes. All the time I was there the manager never left their office. This wasn't the waitresses fault, Managers should know what is going on at all times. I have been going to this IHOP for 25 to thirty years, through several managers some good and some fair. I will not be back! I have five thousand friends on face book who value my opinion, 5100 0n Linkedin and more! I'm going to share this with my friends.
I didn't pay for the omelet I ordered but never received.

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