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Idrotherapy / Idro Labs complaints 43

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - the trial product of argan oil

This company is so deceitful!
It doesn't mention its in us dollar for one so when you pay for postage its twice as much as expected then they add on another product that you know nothing about and pay postage all over again let alone international transaction fees and then they start taking $130 dollar increments out of your credit card with more int trans fees!
I sent the products back wiht out even opening and trying because I felt they were trouble form the beginning because of their lack of transparency! Do not try this product
I demanded they give me my money back and they didn't even give me the full amount back... They're theives


Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - not receiving product

Order # 262561
I have tried to ring this Aust # you have listed. Unable to connect
Have sent endless amounts of emails... No suitable answers to any of my questions.
Would appreciate it if somebody could contact me ASAP.

My trial date has been & gone still no product...
Have contacted my bank, they will not allow any money to come out of my a/c..
I am also seeking legal advice, through lack of correspondence on your part.

[protected] my contact #

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - unauthorised credit card charges

I wanted a set of "false teeth" as a gag and was ready to pay the $4.95 postage. When I got to checkout I found I had to purchase a tub of skin idrotherapy. $9.91 head office. 39 Main street Balluta...

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Apr 06, 2018

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - automatic ordering

friday april 6 I called in to cancel my subscription for idrotherapy and essence of argan oil, I was informed that I had ordered another essence of argan on friday april 6...i don't want any of...

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Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - anti age cream product

On the 28th March 2018 my credit card was debit with the amount of $148
I answered an add for trial tubs of idrotherapy cream and anywhere argan, i was only supposed to pay the postage as it was a trial. Since then they have used my credit account on at three times debiting $148, I am furious and I have not authorised them to debit my credit card on these occasions. All I received was this package with NO billing notice at all and no further letter to accompany with this package. I want this stopped, and I will be contacting my bank to block this fraudulent company and I request my account to be credited.

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - essence of argan

Responded to ad which came up on Facebook site ordered sample and was deducted 4 amounts €110.71, €125.36, €118.43 €131.58 Totalling €486.08 before I realised what was going on as I was going...

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Nov 27, 2017

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - scam

I was charged 600 dollars last Friday without any notification. Thank god I check my bank account every day and I noticed it.
I used Idrotherapy just once and paid 300 dollars, so maybe their system was down and they charged me more. But they don't admit it. They keep saying that there was no mistake.
Is it not ridiculous? Why would they act like scammers?
I opened a dispute with my bank and we're trying to get the money back. Don't know how it will be finished... I hope we'll succeed.

Oct 16, 2017

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - shady company

Please, be very very careful. Read the reviews before buying from them. It may cost you a lot. Just like many other people I made the same mistake and bought their cream without paying attention...

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Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - debiting my credit card multiple times

I answered an add for trial tubs of idrotherapy cream and anywhere argan, i was only supposed to pay the postage as it was a trial. Since then they have used my credit account on at least 7...

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Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - idrotherapy wrinkle cream

I recently applied for the free trial and was sent a jar of your cream.
I just received my bank statement and you have billed me $134.34
I do NOT want this product and I will send you back the cream and I would expect a full refund on my master card or I will get the bank to take action as the product was of no use to me
Thanking You Kindly


Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - unauthorised credit card charges

To our surprise we were charged AUD $281.44 for two product which were meant to be for AUD$5.00 each, as advertised on the promotion. I would like to return this product as we would never pay for two...

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Dec 21, 2016

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - stole money from my card

I have ordered a product from Idrotherapy and got an extra charge!
They took over $200 from my card without my permission and authorization and I have absolutely no idea how they did that. Anyway, now I have to think of a way how to get a full refund. I need to contact them as soon as possible, but unfortunately they do not reply. I really need help, I'm sure I'll never get the product and that they'll do everything just to keep my money. Stay away, this Idrotherapy is a real scam!

Nov 04, 2016

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - this website is a true scam!

Bought about $300 worth product from Idrotherapy website and decided to cancel my order. After I placed my order I decided to read the reviews and I was shocked when I saw all the negative feedback...

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Aug 03, 2016

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - scam alert

I found Idrotherapy website and signed up. I was very interested in this product because of all the pictures on their website and I was really curious about does it really work, so I ordered a small sample.
Later I got billed and they charged me $300 for who knows what! I tried to reach Idrotherapy customer service with no luck. Later there was another charge and they took another $300. Tried to contact them and nothing.
I called my bank and blocked these scam artists from further charges.
Sample was never received.

May 19, 2016

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - terrible company

I have ordered a sample from Idrotherapy because I just wanted to try their product. But then I noticed a charge and even received a payment confirmation email. I had no idea what was going on so I contacted customer service and asked them why did they charge me. They said that when I subscribed I agreed to their rules and etc. They said that I'll be getting some of their products every month. I cancelled my subscription but they refused to give me money back. Terrible place!

Apr 27, 2016

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - fraudulent charges!!

I joined Idrotherapy and decided to buy some samples to try their products. When I joined the site I subscribed for a free trial which was not actually free and later they charged over $500 from me for some kind of membership! I ordered small samples but they started sending me creams and I was charged again! This place is terrible. When I checked my account I found out that there was a new order placed so I immediately contacted them and asked the to cancel the order which I did not even made! They did as I said but refused to refund the money which they stole from me! Warn as many people as you can and avoid Idrotherapy at all costs!


Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - eye cream/argan oil

I ordered a "free trial", was told I only had to pay shipping, which totalled about $9.00. This company then withdrew $145.00 from my bank account, which I was not advised would happen. I would never have ordered the product had I known. This company is defrauding people out of thousands of dollars (the complaints are endless)! This needs to stop! I am going on strike on January 10, and definitely cannot afford this financial hit right now. Actually, I would not want to take a fraudulent financial hit at ANY time, just to clarify.

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - wrinkle reducer & essence of argan

Had to cancel "subscription" that I never subscribed to other than initial "postage only" products. Slugged $130.61 and $155.11 nov and dec 2015 respectively and have yet to receive products. Try and...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - unauthorised bank deduction

I accepted a free trial offer online and paid 5.99 dollars for two samples in April 2013. On 11 July, this company deducted 178 Dollars, from my bank account. On 15 July I received two small package...

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Idrotherapy / Idro Labs - I was scammed

I ordered free samples from and I was scammed. They didn’t tell me about extra charges and took money without my permission later. If I knew the conditions I would not order from them. It is false advertising. Watch out!

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