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I purchased the 5 session bbl light therapy because I was informed it would remove dark spots, even my skin tone, and reduce redness. After the third treatment I complained that it was causing dark patches on my skin. No medical physician looked at my skin but I was told they would provide a lightening cream after all my treatments were complete. After the fourth treatment my skin was not getting better and this rejuvenation treatment was actually making me look older!! They said they would refund me for the last unused treatment but I was never paid. They did provide a lightening cream but it did absolutely nothing to correct the damaged skin. I called repeatedly to find out the status of the refund and was told their lawyers should have emailed me a docusign form to start the process and they would look into it. I still have not heard from anyone. They also said they would ask their physician about a different cream but I have not heard back on this either.

This is only one of a list of problems I have with this company.

Ideal Image Development
Ideal Image Development
Ideal Image Development

Nov 08, 2019

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