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I ordered a PC three months ago. Keep in mind, I paid for it during the Black Friday sale, so any hopes of getting the same deal today are long gone. Long story short... PC arriver about 2 weeks later, but the GPU was broken, they wouldn't send me a replacement GPU, so I shipped back the whole system directly after. I called them to speak with them to make sure everything was in order, including making sure they had the correct address. Not only did they have my address from me personally, but I also left a note inside the box that I sent the system back in, and I made sure it was right on the website. After about a month of waiting, they finally reship it, but they shipped it to the wrong address (they shipped it to the Walgreens it was shipped from and not my house). Walgreens obviously refused the package and it was returned to them. I called iBuypower again (about the 4th time total now) to find out what was going on. They of course apologized and said they would re ship it right back to me at the correct address. 2 weeks go by and still no PC. I talk to them again and they say "The PC is still in testing". Why is it in testing again? Another two weeks go by. I call them again, "It's still in testing". I finally had enough and requested a full refund. At this point it's been 3 months and they still have my money and I still have no PC. The refund status was posted online as "in progress" the very day I called them (a Monday) and they said "you will have your money in 3-5 business days. 3 days after that, they ship the PC AGAIN. 2 days after that (the tracking info for the pc now says"item being returned to sender by request of sender"I call them again and ask where my refund is as it has now been 5 business days. They said"we cannot process your refund because your order is still in transit". Why did they ship it again 3 days after I requested a refund? It's been 3 months since they took my money and I still don't have a PC or my money. iBuyPower is a scam. Do not buy from them. I have records of dates, order status and transcripts of conversations with them. They are complete pieces of garbage and absolute scammers and thieves. They need to be shut down.

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