[Resolved] iBuy Storesvery slow shipping, unable to return item, and incorrect item

C Mar 25, 2019

Selected the belt for the tile saw from the diagram on their website. Confirmed the saw model and make matched exactly and that the correct belt was selected. No indication of the shipping time was given.

Approximately 50 days later the belt arrived. The belt that was sent did not fit the saw and was completely incorrect.

Because of the delay in shipping, I was unable to use the saw for about 2 weeks while waiting. Because the belt was incorrect it cost me another week while I sourced the belt locally and had it delivered in less than 1 week.

I set the frustrating belts aside and forgot about them. About 4 months after receiving the item I found them and tried to return them, only to be told that I could not. Now I have two $100 belts that are incorrect and they won't take them back. The belts are still in brand new condition.

  • Resolution Statement

    iBuy accepted return of the belts for a full refund, less 25% restocking fee and shipping costs. It took only a few emails back and forth, a printed shipping label, and on receiving the return they have acknowledged receipt. Refund appears to be en route. Notably this was only offered in direct response to lodging a complaint. Additionally, after lodging the compliant they appeared to threaten to take legal action because of the complaint. Not exactly consumer friendly, but in the end they were able to resolve the problem in an acceptable way.

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