Iamnaughty.comunauthorised payments

Dear [protected]

I wish to know why did IAmNaughty charged my VISA credit card for the followings:

1. 10 October 2019 for Australian $23.17
2. 7 October 2019 for Australian $22.64
3. 7 October 2019 for Australian $3.05

I declare that I did not purchase any products online from you. And if I have given you my confidential financial info for your advertised "FREE" trial, then there is no reason for you charge my VISA credit card by "hiding" such billing terms in a mass of words. This is preying, scam and unethical business practice.

Your compensation is transfer me to other sites and sending me response emails to say I will be contacted in 24 hours. This never happened on 3 occasions.

Please REFUND my money and contact me at [protected]

In the mean time, I am filing a formal and contacting authorities in australia.


Ben Fenech

Oct 10, 2019

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