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Stoneacre Motor Group review: Misinformation 12

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I had planned to buy myself a car on my birthday and in the morning I phoned a few dealers to see if they had the model that I was after. I phoned the Stoneacre Fiat branch in Hyde and told them that I was looking for a 3door black Fiat 07 Grande Punto. They told me that they had a few cars that fitted my exact criteria and that they would fall in the price band of £4995 quoted in the Manchester Evening News (local paper).
I decided to withdraw £5000 from my account and get a lift from my Mum to Hyde so that I could buy the vehicle. On arrival I was ushered inside where I was once more told that they had what I was looking for but suggested that I discuss terms first. We sat at a table whilst a sales rep took all my personal details and began to initiate payment proceedures. At that point I asked if I could see the car and take it for a test drive before we go any further, the sales rep got up and dissapeared for about ten minutes leaving my mother and I slightly puzzled as to what was going on. The sales rep then returned and told me that I could drive exactly the same car but in blue (which seemed very odd as I expected to be test driving the car that I would ultimately be buying, but for some reason I allowed myself to be pushed into it). I took the car for a drive and on returning was ushered back into the office where the rep continued to attempt to take my payment. I was literally forced to demand that I see the car before I pay for it and after a very uncomfortable minute of silence the rep admitted that they did not have the vehicle I had specifically requested when I had phoned that morning.
I left immediately as I was furious.
I do not know what it was I would have bought if I had not so forcefully interviened and I do not know what will happen to my personal details. I wasted 4hours of my birthday completing a round trip to purchase a vehicle that did not exist.
I am furious at the pushy approach of the sales team and I wonder how many people they have taken payments from for vehicles that later did not match their requests.
I am appalled at the arrogance of a the sales team that believed that they could completely ignore my personal choice and beleived that they could push the sale any vehicle they wished.
Later in the day I rang Stoneacre to complain and found myself speaking to a manager who showed no remorse whatsoever. I was told that it must have been me who misunderstood what the sales rep had told me and that it was basically tough luck.

I think that it is disgusting that a company can claim to have what a consumer is seeking and allow a consumer to travel a great distance to discover that the product in question is not available. If I had walked in off the street without any prior contact I would have expected the sales team to attempt to convince me to buy their product, however, I would never had travelled all the way to bloody Hyde on my birthday if I had been told the truth.

Please protect other consumers from suffering the same fate. I came within inches from agreeing the purchase of God know's what, and I had a chunk of my birthday ruined. PLEASE PROTECT THE CONSUMER FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Thank you.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mr Townsend
Walsall, GB
Sep 23, 2023 5:09 pm EDT

I requested deposit refund.

They refused stating they have done work.

The only work they did was an MOT.

On initial enquiry salesman promised rear tyres & service, I requested invoice of work completed , when it finally arrived it was day before delivery & it showed no tyres & it was dated 3 months earlier - nothing to do with me!

mrs lacy
wirral, GB
Jun 22, 2013 1:06 pm EDT

I brought a car from stoneacre Wallasey when to took it for a test drive the car had no power, we told them and they told us it would be
sort out well six months down the line and the fault is back, along with the windscreen wipes don't work, and the boot wont shut, and the stereo doesn't work I have spoke to sean, craig in the complaints department but the want to charge me more money every month, as we have negative equity, I have also spoken to trading standards, why is no one doing anything about this company, I think the newspapers would be very interested in this company how they seem to think that no one can help or wants to, it very upsetting iam paying for a car that doesn't work properly

Blackburn, GB
Mar 30, 2013 8:53 pm EDT

I had an awful experience with stone acre Blackburn. A salesman approached us within a minute of arriving i asked him about the offers i had seen in the local paper to which he replied they didn't have such cars. I suspect the ads are basically a ploy to get you to visit them which is a disgrace. The salesman then showed us a car which we liked but refused to discuss any finance deals initially. I just wanted done quick monthly figures and term. Instead he suggested we take the car for a test drive first and figures could be discuss after i thought this wad strange but went along with it. After the test drive he asked is if we would sign on the day for the cat i explained this was the first cat we had seen and unlikely to commit on the day but would be very interested and would be outbidding a cat in a couple of weeks.the salesman went away came back and said the manager won't allow him to discuss figures until we say that we we but the car.i hour up to leave and told him i can't believe they do business this way how can i commit to buying without knowing the finance terms or already the basic figures up front! Will never use them

rochdale, GB
Nov 29, 2010 7:43 pm EST
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I am writing to you with regards to the disgusting way I have been treated by a Fiat dealership in Rochdale, its called Stoneacre.

On Friday the 26th November I went to have a look at the current offers on the new Fiat Punto Evo Active. my wife took a demo car out for a couple of hours and decided that I really liked the car and rang my husband to meet me at the dealership.

We asked about purchasing a new car and was told the car was pre-registered on a 2010 plate and was being sold for £7995. I asked could I choose a new car in red, he said he could get me one, but it was at the Liverpool dealership.

He then came back and said that the car was £1000 dearer and would cost me £8995, I was a bit shocked and said we did not want the car, the sales manager Tim came out and started knocking bits of money of here and there and played about with the APR and we was sat there for at least 2 hours well he pressured us into signing for the car, we got up to walk out and he followed us and kept on saying have we got a deal have we got a deal? after a bit of negotiating we managed to get a few extras thrown in to help cover the extra £1000. But we felt very irritated by the very high pressure sales tactics, and we felt we said yes just to get out of the showroom.

He told us the car would be ready on Sunday. My wife contacted the dealership at 10.30am on Sunday morning and said she would be in to collect the car at 1500hrs.The salesman said it would be ready no problems.

We arrived at 14.50hrs to collect the car, and was directed to the waiting room for what seemed ages, in fact it had been an hour, so we got up and said why is it taking so long? He said the car was in the valeting bay and would be out in a few minutes, yet another wait of 30 minutes and we decided as it was going dark outside we wanted to see our new dream car, so we went across to the valeting bay and saw the car, the first thing we noticed there was no number plates on it, and there was a chip in the near side rear wing, also a number of major chips on the front of the bonnet, we showed them to the salesman and all he said was oh that's due to us driving it back from Liverpool, hang on I will go get you a touch up paint stick!

We went in and spoke to Tim the manager and said this was disgraceful and we wanted the car repairing properly. He agreed to have a paint expert come in and rectify the car that week, we then waited and waited another hour and still no new car, we asked Tim where the cars tax disc was?

Tim told us that it was still in Liverpool locked in the safe... I could not believe what he said next, its OK we will put a tax disc applied for note in your window! There was no way that the car had any tax as it was driven from Liverpool on trade plates on the Saturday and they was just being deceitful with us. We then asked where the extras were? He said oh the mats and the sat nav are locked up so you will have to come back for them. It was supposed to be a simple new car collection, what a joke!

Myself and my wife had taken as much as we could, we had been at the garage almost 3hrs and still had no new car, so we grabbed our old car keys from our part exchange car and walked out of the building, my wife gave Tim such a mouthful as she was so upset.

The next day we decided that the car was unfit for purpose, and we cancelled the car all together, we paid good money for a new Fiat car in fact an extra £1000 for this car, and it was in such a mess, we had been messed about by the dealership and to be honest no one cared one way or another, the customer relations at Stoneacre is none existent, the manager and his team are just heartless thugs that pressurise people into signing for cars, its a disgrace. My wife is now so upset about all of this, so much that we wanted Fiat to know what we have been through.

Ferrybridge, GB
Nov 17, 2010 1:34 pm EST

We purchased a car from Stoneacre in Ackworth, 4 months ago. The first day we got it I was shown that there was no rear seatbelt cover but that would be fixed. On the hot drive home we found out that the windows didn't open, so back the car went and the repairs compLeted. When we returned home, we tried to lock the door and lo and behold there was no working central locking. Again the car was returned and fixed. 2 weeks ago the car emissions light came on and having spoken to the garage they said that it would be repaired under the warrenty and we needed a new coil pack . Driving home down the m62 las week the car lost all power, we had no brakes or anything. The car was returned again to Stoneacre, who said that the engine had blown up. We have only had the car 4 months now, so we contacted the finance company, filled in the forms and waited. Stoneacre contacted us to resolve the issue, which for them meant that we had to refinance and that the payments would be twice the amount we are currently paying. The finance company advised me not to speak to Stoneacres again and that they would now be dealing with it. It would appear that they too are being given the brush off as so far for 2 days thay are still awaiting for a call back. All we want is for this to be resolved. I don't see why we should pay for the repair when we have oly had the car 4 months and done 5000 miles. I WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER CAR FROM THEM AGAIN!

Liverpool, GB
Sep 17, 2010 4:17 am EDT

i bought a car from stoneacre liverpool with the belife the car was finance which able's me to return the car after 2 years and the loan to be disregarded from then on. When i tried to do this i was informed the renault clio 02 reg was actually paid for using a personal loan. Bascially I was missold a loan and told it was finance. over 5 years i will now be paying £10000 back for a car i dont want. I totally agree with everything that has been published on this website regarding stoneacre. I urge everyone who has a complaint about stoneacre to make a complaint and speak to watchdog to prevent this happening to anyone in the future.

michelle stewart
Harrogate, GB
Jun 17, 2010 5:42 am EDT

WE bought a car from stoneacre harrogate, They did the same to my husband and i with the fainance, took £100 off our card after aggreing the payments would be £160 pm then my husband sat down to do paper work to be told it will be £199 pm.
I was angary, the bottom line is they took the payment then when i said we don't want the car now they said you can't give it back the fainance has gone through, It is not about being stupid you don't think you are going to get taken for a ride
We are angry with them also, NEVER AGAIN TO DEAL WITH THEM AVOID !

peterborouh, GB
May 14, 2010 1:43 pm EDT

i agree that stoneacre are an absoloute disgrace, after spending hours of pampering me and offering me cups of coffee and are you ok's! i have my car 10 weeks for it to go wrong twice and be told that i will have to pay for it as it was my fault! after taking it to another garage and being told it would cost less than half of what stoneacre told me i let them do the work! a few hrs later the garage rang me and asked me to pick up my car and they had something to show me, which they showed me the radiator to say that it was rusted and corroded and that there was no way it way my fault and the warranty will cover it! i took the rad to stoneacre and was told by the senior manager to "jog on" "piss off and come back when i want to apologise for calling them liars" i am disgusted and will be taking this much further than they bargained for! i will never use them ever again and you are right they are liars and cheats nothing more nothing less!

Manchester, GB
Mar 30, 2010 4:22 am EDT

Well can't say much has I am taking then to court, I viewed a Fiat on there web site which quoted a price and mileage, went to the show room in Rochdale to view the car, it was there on the forecourt but with no price on it. I enquired if it was still for sale, a sale rep said yes and quoted a price of over £1200 listed on there web site, I questioned this and they then stated the I could have it at the price stated on the website, after quite a long time being quizzed on what method I was going to use to pay for the vehicle and kept being told how there financial manager would get me a good deal. I finally decided to see what the financial manager; a personal loan was offered by barclays finance partnership. BE VERY CAREFUL THESE LOANS ARE NON-RETRACTABLE AND TO CANCEL IT WILL COST YOU AROUND £500. ‘NO 14 DAY PERIOD’. The car also had an additional 7, 500 miles on the clock! Which they keep saying I was told, strange why was I complaining the next day? The car add defective windscreen wipers and to this day I am unsure of its fit for purpose.

Oldham, GB
Nov 15, 2009 11:54 am EST

I have had an terrible experience today when I and my wife went to Stoneacre Rochdale. I was looking for a FIAT new/hardly used Punto or Panda on cheaper finance as saw in paper. When asked the rep, Tim, was totally appear to be unaware of any such offer - fair enough. He showed me 06 07 Reg Puntos and just a Panda. Though the cars looked good but the prices were not the same as in the paper. I told Tim about my capacity to afford a car, further I would only buy the car if the finance is suitable. Tim asked he would only ell me the finance option if I want to go ahead with the deal. I said tell me the finance options first then I will decide. He then started pushing me to take a finance in which I had to part-exchange my V reg Toyota Yaris, pay £200 in deposit and then £6995 in 5 years - for 56 Reg used Panda. I wasnt comforable with this idea, nearly over £8000 for used panda, so I said NO. Also I was feeling being pushed and forced by Tim like on gun point. Ater my NO he stood up from his chair and asked why we are wasting his time. I was just shocked they was he spoke to us, he then said we agreed to buy the car and now backing off. He also said we've not been honest and truthful. How dare he said that, I couldnt believe what he just said. I asked to see his manager to report his behaviour but the manager, like his rep, was more bothered about the deal instead of the actual issue. He said he cant do anything as we are not buying the car.
Awful people, no maaners, no customer service no respect to anyone. I would not recommand Stoneacre to anyone, never in million years. I will make a formal complaint to their bosses tomorrow morning.

Barnsley, GB
Sep 17, 2009 12:54 pm EDT

I don't get how they are "liers and cheats" You either wanted to buy the car or you didn't?!? Sounds like you signed an order form? Maybe you should read what you are signing? Just a thought.

Grimsby, GB
Jun 14, 2009 12:03 pm EDT

I went to stoneacre Grimsby today to purches a car, After test drive, i agreed i would like the car, i was pushed into signing a form which i was told was for the credit company, we asked six times was this a contract, no he said a contract would not be signed until the credit agreement came back. along came another form with another sales man (the other one made a sharp exit, which i found strange) i asked what this form was for, he told me it was for the credit company. When i asked what the previous form was for (as i thought that was for the credit company) he told me it was a contract for the car. i ripped it up and left. I would urge anyone who is thinking of buying a car not to use STONEACRE. they are liers and cheats

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