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1800 446 2333 (USA and Canada)
+1 800 487 5951 (United States)
+44 152 751 9480 (United Kingdom)
+61 243 373 737 (Australia)
+43 662 640 027 (Austria)
+32 68 251 211 (Belgium)
+372 641 80 11 (Estonia)
+39 233 3391 (Italy)
+31 334 502 050 (Netherlands)
+41 628 715 665 (Switzerland)
+852 24 812 883 (Hong Kong)
+970 22 220 932 (Palestine)
+966 126 481 900 (Saudi Arabia)
+27 129 982 581 (South Africa)
+82 27 771 892 (South Korea)
Box 7454
Stockholm, Tennessee
Sweden - SE-10392
United States
9335 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 500, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
United Kingdom
Ravensbank House, Ravensbank Drive, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 9NA

Locked bag 40, Gosford NSW 2250

Moosstraße 60, 5020 Salzburg
Fax: +43 662 643 959
Z.I.2, Avenue des Artisans, 50, BE-7822 ATH, Belgium
Fax: +32 68 251 473
Generatorvej 8D, 1st TV, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark

Pärnu mnt. 76, 10131 Tallinn

PL 676, 331 01 Tampere, Finland

Bât La Nacelle, 6 Rue des Marguerites, 92737 Nanterre Cedex

at the factory space 34, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Postfach 41 07 80, 76 207 D-Karlsruhe
Via IV Novembre 92 / M, 20021 Bollate (MI)
Spacelab 35, 3824 Mr Amersfoort
Postbox 785 Brakerøya, 3002 Drammen, Norway
Leśna 6 Street, 32-020 Wieliczka

Avda. Diagonal 429 Planta 3, 08036 Barcelona
Hauptstr. 91, CH-5070 Frick 

201, Richmond, 2nd Cross Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri(West), Mumbai 400 053, India

Hong Kong
Shui Wing Industrial Building, 12-22 Tai Yuen Street, Kwai Chung, Flat A,10/F, Hong Kong

11-11, Kudankita 1-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 102-0073 Japan

P.O. Box 63, Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
Fax: +970 22 227 697

Saudi Arabia
P O Box 24392 Jeddah 21446

South Africa
407 Roslyn Avenue, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, South Africa

South Korea
4F Dadong Bldg, 92 Dadong Chung-ku, Seoul

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Husqvarna Husqvarna Jade 35

I purchased a Husqvarna Jade 35 from Abby Sewing Center in Springfield IL. I'm an experienced seamstress. Loved the machine, but was seeing a linen placemat and the machine quit working and the hand wheel locked. Took the machine back to the dealer two weeks ago and it is still at the dealers- not at the service center. I want my money back on the machine or another new machine to replace it. Purchase date 12/23/2020. Today is 3/13/2021. I've contacted my credit card company to help me with this circumstance. I want a working machine for the money that I paid, or my money back. I do not intend to have a sewing machine that spends more time sitting at a dealer's than on my sewing table at home.

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    Nov 30, 2020

    Husqvarna — Designer diamond royale

    I purchased my Diamond Royale after returning my Ruby, which was a lemon. I bought the Diamond in November...

    Husqvarna Rider 322t awd ser# [protected]

    Bought mower brand new which was shipped to me on [protected]. I have seen it listed for as much as $6, 500.00. It was leaking transmission fluid upon arrival. I am 74 and unable to work on the machine. My neighbor tried twice to fix the leak without success. This machine has two transmission with hoses
    between them. Sent it to the shop which said that warranty should cover the cost. They did not cover anything. Total bill came to $293.85. One of the hoses was leaking, now fixed no thanks to Husqvarna.

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      May 18, 2020

      Husqvarna — Viking epic sewing machine.

      I bought a demonstrator from a Viking store. It came with full warranty. Within the first two weeks the...

      Apr 25, 2020

      Husqvarna — Diamond designer embroidery sewing machine

      I have a Diamond Designer and it has given me problems in embroidery since I got it. Using the same fabric...

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      Jan 06, 2020

      Husqvarna — Product / service

      I am in the process of looking for an attorney that will do a suit against Husqvarna Viking also known as SVP...

      Husqvarna Viking topaz 40 sewing machine

      I purchased a husqvarna viking topaze 40 sewing machine in madison, tn on 05-31-2019. I joined the classes to learn how to operate the machine. When the embroidery part of the class came up, my "arm" for embroidery, didn't work. They told me they would have to send it out and I would get it back in 2 weeks, the most. To this date, 08-05-2019. I still do not have my arm. I have not been able to use this machine since I purchase it over 2 months ago. I was told it would be back.. I was told they never sent it in and it was their fault. I was told after then finally sent it in, that I would have to pay $400 to get it repaired. I should have been given a brand new one!! Then I was told they had to order a part and they would call the repair man and he would come to the store and pick it up. I was told the part is in and that was two weeks ago. All this time I am told someone will call me.. Never one call! I am the one that keeps going in week after week getting the run around. I am still told that they haven't resolved the issue regarding the $400 charge and my part is still there! What kind of customer service is this??? I am so upset and disappointed. I purchased a very expensive emboridery program from you and have now spent over $2000. Now they tell me I need a warranty for $350 by the end of this month!!! For what??? A machine that I have that I can't use since I bought it!! I would like a full refund and please send me information regarding how to go about the return of the machine. I am beyond upset and soured by your company and how I am being treated. I wait for a prompt response. Linda rausch [protected]@yahoo.com [protected]

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        Jan 08, 2019

        Husqvarna — Designer diamond royale

        I purchased this machine brand new. Within 2 weeks of using it, it broke a needle, threw off the timing and i...

        Husqvarna Lawn tractor faulty, terrible customer service

        We brought the Husqvarna LTH2142DR lawn tractor which is an all around terrible product. I emailed Husqvarna NZ as I really just wanted them to recognize what a bad product this is, and the really bad time we've had with it. Instead the after sales & technical support team leader while said he was sorry to hear of the problem, tried to pawn it off as not being a 'Husqvarna' problem but a 'Briggs and Stratton' problem.
        I was very dissapointed with his reply as we did not buy a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, we brought a Husqverna lawn mower, and to brush it off as not being their problem to deal with is such bad customer service and after support.
        Shame on you for not standing by your products Husqvarna.

        ------------------- Original Message -------------------
        From: [protected]@hotmail.com
        Received: Thu Sep 27 2018 10:25:07 GMT+1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)
        To: ; customer.service; customer.service; customer.service; customer.service; NZ Customer Service; NZ Customer Service
        Subject: LTH2142DR lawn tractor

        To Whom It May Concern,

        My partner and I as a young couple brought or first house in 2011. It is a house on a 1 acre section. We didn't have much money but wanted to start off the right way so we got many reviews and opinions from friends and decided that Husqvarna was a good, reputable brand and would be the way to go. So in 2012, we went to the Husqvarna dealer in Taupo and they advised us that the LTH2142DR lawn tractor would be not the cheapest but the most suitable for our section so we purchased it.

        Since then we have had nothing but trouble with it, it`s a terrible product which we have been informed that there have been a few known issues with that particular model.

        Because money is hard to come by, the $5000 we spent was a huge investment for us, we have looked after this mower very well, we take care of it, it lives inside and gets a regular service.

        From the very start we have had wiring issues where the mower power kept cutting out, and a blown head gasket. Since then, the battery stopped charging after about two years we have had three more blown gaskets, broken brackets, the mower has never cut evenly, it likes to throw belts and just this week, with no warning, the motor has completely seized, so after six years of nothing but problems our mower is now a throw away as we cant justify spending any more money on it.

        I would like to repeat incase it is assumed we are rough with it, we have always taken care of the mower and treat it well, we take it slow and if the grass is longish, it gets cut with the deck right up, then gets a go over.

        As the mower has now died, I wanted to send this email to share our constantly, really bad experience with this model of lawn tractor. I would have expected that with looking after, its life expectancy would be far more than six years, this is extremely disappointing and from our experience I certainly have nothing good to say about the Husqvarna brand.

        Doreen Pearce

        Sent from Mail for Windows 10

        FW: LTH2142DR lawn tractor CRM:0504855
        Richard Cuthbert
        Wed 3/10, 4:10 p.m.
        HI Doreen

        Sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with your mower.

        The mower had a two year warranty when it was purchased . The engine had a 2 year warranty with Briggs and Stratton.

        Unfortunately the issues you have had relate to the Briggs and Stratton engine e.g. the head gaskets and the charging issues.

        Do you Know what is wrong with the engine at this stage ? Have you had it checked ?

        At this stage as the mower is 4 years out of warranty we can't assist you .


        Richard Cuthbert

        After Sales & Technical Support

        Team Leader NZ

        Phone: +[protected]

        Fax: +[protected]



        PO Box 76-437, Manukau City 2241

        51 Aintree Avenue, Mangere, Manukau 2022

        New Zealand


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          Husqvarna — Designer epic

          I was the manager of a fabric store that sold Vikings. I actually sold 18 EPICs before they were released. I...

          Husqvarna — Epic

          Purchased Husqvarna/Viking Epic February 18, 2018. The thread cutter does not work properly. Return machine...

          Husqvarna — 576 xp autotune chainsaw

          $1100.00 Chainsaw purchased NEW with a 2 year warranty (OWNERS MANUAL CLEARLY READS FEDERAL EMESSIONS CONTROL...

          Husqvarna — lgt 48dxl riding mowers

          Poor design on front bracket that holds the deck and no grease in right side deck barring. I sent the mower...

          Husqvarna — Zero turn mower

          We pd $6000 for a piece of crap. We still owe $4000 and for the umpteenth time it is in the shop at our...

          Husqvarna — huscavarna riding mower

          I have a brand new mower w a bent frame that does not have a scratch on it, somehow according to huscavarna I...

          Husqvarna — jade 35 electronic part with problems

          I bought a jade 35 on 03/26/2017. On 01/08/2018 my machine showed a few problems in the electronic part and...

          Husqvarna Viking — designer topaz 50 sewing machine

          I have a 4 month old topaz 50 and have multiple issues with it. The thread cutter bar will not return to it'...

          Husqvarna Embroidery Machine Model 1250lack of interest from husqvarna

          I have been emailing the Husqvarna support on details about how to convert the 1250 Husqvarna Embroidery machine from working off a Windows 95 pc to a newer laptop or computer.

          All I get told is contact these agents in my country - well these agents NEVER get back a person and I am tired of being directed to them. What is the point of being an agent if you cannot even assist a customer?

          I cannot believe that these reader cannot be converter - so must I know just bin it?

          My mind is blown that Husqvarna brags about all the latest technology they are trending in but yet they cannot assist with a simple query.

          No living being can find a Windows 95 PC any longer with a bloody stiffy disc slot and an old printer port - Good God they are like hens teeth.

          Really am disappointed and totally irritated about the lack of assistance from Husqvarna.

          Obviously once you buy a machine and pay a fortune for it - you are on your own afterwards.

          Great customer service I must say!!

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            Husqvarna Viking — getting mild electric shock from the first day of using husqvarna viking designer diamond deluxe

            Hello! I am from India . Last year I bought my Husqvarna Viking - Designer Diamond Deluxe from India's Viking...


            Husqvarna Viking — jade 35 embroidery machine/been repaired still doesn't work

            I bought a new Jade35 in Dec 2015, loved it!!! I hated to send it in for my included-with-purchase first-year...

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