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Complaints & Reviews

New lawn mower blew up

After a lot of research on the mower (not Mowers Direct) I bought a Husqvarna from them which was delivered...

Resolved spare parts

2 months ago I handed in my Husqvarna SE for service due to the needle that made terrible noise when in start...

Potchefstroom Repair Services

Resolved Warranty denied by Husqvarna

I purchased a brand new Zero Turn Husqvarna Lawn Mower from Lambert Distributing Ltd in June 2013. After...

Saskatoon Home & Garden

Resolved No quality control for product or website

I bought a $2, 500.00 Husqvarna Garden Tractor {Riding Lawn Mower}at Lowes about 3 weeks ago, June 6, 2013. I had issues with the Mower as soon as I got it home. It is my policy to check everything on a piece of equipment before use as I find many company's no longer have "quality control". I grease every zerk, check fluids and air in tires and the level of the deck. A grease zerk in the front wheel was not installed properly and the grease came out between the zerk and the wheel {stripped out hole for zerk}. I called Lowes and took the wheel in expecting a wheel and tire assembly replacement. After spending about 1 1/2 hours at Lowes trying with the sales person and customer service to locate a replacement I left with the store manager telling me he would get me a new mower sent to my home as they could NOT find a fix for this problem. They brought me a new mower in about 2 weeks. I am happy with Lowes!
Now I decide to go online to register my Garden Tractor. Ah, the website has massive problem and I get the message "The webpage cannot be found" when I hit Husqvarna Online Product Registration So I try to call customer support at [protected] and go through a nightmare of button pushing. I finally get a real person and he tells me they know there is a website problem {apparently for a really long time} and he thinks they are working on it? So I say I will mail in my registration, and he tells me the address is wrong on the registration card, and that it has been over 6 months and the post office will no longer forward the card so I will need the new address! They have been sending out registration cards with the wrong address for over 6 months!!! Their website has been malfunctioning for a very long timeAnd their customer support phone system is a nightmare! And they have quality control problems!

Does this sound like a company you want to buy from?

  • Tr
    t rushing Jul 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought hu700f hafe to clean drive belt every outher week because of grass built up mower has a hard time pulling itself

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sewing machine never worked, bought new

SVP Worldwide C/O Husqvarna Viking P.O. Box 7017 LaVergne, TN [protected] ALAN RISBERG Kalamazoo Sewing...

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Resolved Huskylock s25

I hate my Huskylock s25. The machine is awful - after 2 years of use I would throw it away if I could, but since it is my business to sew, and this is the only machines they make now, I am stuck with the 2k+ investment that is a nightmare to use or service.
It is all plastic, poorly designed for use, has sharp corners that scratch you when you thread the machine, has no free arm anymore, and is generally cramped for working or threading.
It constantly breaks needles, goes out of alignment so easily, and is so complicated that you cannot service it yourself in any way. I use to love Husky's but their choices to eliminate simpler, better made machines like the 910 has turned me off, and I will never recommend them to anyone. They discontinued parts as well as their older, better machines, so now you cannot even repair and maintain the older machines. I feel so let down by a company I thought stood for great reliable products. I have no recourse and that is the most frustrating part of this. I tried to return it weeks after buying it, already knowing I was unhappy, and the 'seller' would not take it back. So buyer beware - this is not the kind of machine we all came to expect from Husqvarna, it is a cheap plastic version of their former glory, clearly designed without any thought of how a sewer would use it and made to break within a few years so you have to buy a new one.

  • Ja
    Jackie O. Dec 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While challenging to learn it sews great and is a great machine, in my opinion. My error was in not truly understanding the directions, expecting it to be somewhat self explanatory. I tried to do the calibration not realizing it was only of the touch screen and ended up locking myself out of being able to use the touch screen at all.
    The tragedy in my situation is I am trying to sew Christmas gifts and there is no way I have found to contact anyone after 6 PM CT to see how to reset the touchscreen. I am not going to be able to finish my gifts in time for Christmas morning.
    There should be instructions on how to reset factory defaults for the touch screen included in the manual under trouble shooting. I don't see it there... I don't see a phone number to call for phone assistance, etc. I know the dealers are supposed to help but I have a feeling that those women are going to refer me to a repair something or other and I'll have to pay and wait or send the machine in or something. It should not be that difficult considering it is less than 2 mos. old. I've only been able to complete 2 projects using it.
    If someone knows how to reset the default on the lcd let me know...

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Resolved Assembly

Purchased equipment today 09-04-2012. I had Ace Hardware Rep start to see if it worked. It started fine but...

Resolved Rural King mechanic says it may have a bent valve

I purchased a new 46" Husqvarna Zero turn off the floor of RURAL KING. When they brought it to my trailor...

Sapphire 835 Sewing Machine

I bought a brand new Sapphire 835 Husqvarna Sewing Machine on Oct o5, 2009 for $1, 398. Six months after...

$6000 for nothing

On September 3rd, 2010 I paid six thousand dollars for a Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Sewing/Embroidery machine. I took it home and sewed on it for 30 minutes and it quit functioning. I returned it to the store September 4th. Since it was a holiday weekend another machine was not ordered until September 7th. On September 13th a new machine came in to replace it, however, it was a much lesser model, not a DesignerRuby. The Regional Rep was contacted and another order placed and being sent the quickest way possible. Today is September 23rd. I contacted the main number from the Husqvarnaviking.com website and was told "Sorry, the DesignerRuby model is on backorder until the end of October." So apparently the recession is over if that many people can buy 6000.00 sewing machines that there isn't a SINGLE machine left in the U.S. to send me. The store I bought this from has been nothing but apologetic and nice, but I think I will get my money back and buy something other than a Viking Sewing machine. Apparently their quality is as poor as their customer service.

Resolved Machine broke in 30 minutes of sewing

I purchased a brand new Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Sewing/Embroidery machine for $6000.00 on September 3rd. I used it for 30 minutes and it quit functioning. I took it back to the store the next day. It, of course, was a holiday weekend. A new one was ordered September 7th. On September 13 it came in, only it was a much lesser model, NOT the Designer Ruby. The store contacted the regional representative and were told they would ship another new one the quickest way possible. So now it is September 23rd. I still don't have my sewing machine AND I am out SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. I contacted Husqvarna's help line this morning and was told "Sorry, the Designer Ruby is on back order until the end of October" In other words, we wont' do diddly squat to help you, but we are happy to have your money. Seriously, there are that many people, spending that much money, on these sewing machines that there is not a single Designer Ruby in the United States to send me one. If the ladies at the store I purchased it from hadn't been so nice to me I would go back and get my money TODAY. I may yet do that. I will never, ever recommend Husqvarna Viking to anyone. They are jerks.

Resolved Be smart, dont deal with this company

I am getting such a run around bought a riding lawn mower wouldnt start salesman brought another battery from store wouldnt start took service center over a week to pick up then called to get runaround trying to find out when they were gonna return my mower store manager not helpful nor took me seriously be smart dont deal with this company.

Warranty issues!

I purchased a brand new aerator from Husqvarna and paid $2500 for it. I never used it but supposedly had gas in it when they tested to make sure it worked at the factory. The tank was empty when I received it. It would not start so I took it to a Husq dealership. They stated it had a bad carburetor and was not covered under warranty. It would cost me $165. I contacted Husqvarna and they stated it was not covered under their policy. Even though they were the ones that put the gas in it. Look it up on the internet and you will find many warranty issues with this company.