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Humana - Customer service representatives' lack of knowledge & giving wrong information

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I have called Humana Pharmacy several times about my cost for certain prescribed medications. Each time, the Customer Service Rep did not know how to spell or pronounce the drug. Even after I spelled it several times, told her how it is administered etc., the person could not "find" it in her online list. The most recent call was about Epinephrine injectable to be used in case of anaphylactic allergic reaction. I called to get my cost for the drug if submitted to Humana Pharmacy. I called on March 25, 2021, March 31, 2021, and on April 22, 2021. I spoke to a different person each time. The only one that could find epinephrine in Epi Pens was the woman I spoke to on April 22 (after 20 minutes of spelling it and explaining several times how & why it is administered). Eventually, she told me that my total cost would be $47; and, to submit a check with the prescription in the mail. I did exactly that ; and, I received the Epi Pens in the mail with a bill for $131! I now owe $84. If I had known that, I would have bought the Epi Pens at a local pharmacy with my Good Rx card, saving time and money. So much time has been spent with customer service reps who have no idea about what they are doing! I have wondered if some that I talked to could even read. Another woman to whom I spoke could barely converse with me due to her poor English grammar. Another time one told me that I would have to pay full price for Zetia from Humana Pharmacy; so I got it from a local pharmacy with my Good Rx card for a greatly reduced price. Later I learned that the rep misinformed me; actually I could have gotten it from Humana without paying any co-pay! I paid the local pharmacy for Zetia for 1 year!

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Jun 23, 2021 7:01 pm

As someone who has been trying to deal with a simple matter with Humana for two weeks, I wrote the following letter, which I am certain will be ignored. Buyer beware:
To Whom It May Concern
After spending two weeks trying to get some sort of assistance from your customer “service” people, I feel that the only recourse I have left is to write this letter. I believe that it will not be given anything but the most cursory glance, and will be followed by some standard reply that indicates absolutely no understanding of what I was upset about, but for the principle of the thing, I will say my piece.
I tried to log in to my husband’s Humana account because I needed to look at some statements. Despite having been an account holder for over two years, I was rejected several times due to login or password problems and then locked out.
Okay, I get it. Happens all the time. After following the password reset instructions, I was still unable to log in. I called and requested technical assistance to help me fix my problem.
I spoke at length (great length) with an individual named Manuel, who had me make several repeated attempts to log in, reset my password, try logging in a from different device, etc. etc. After about forty minutes of trying everything that he could think of, he said he would have to submit a ticket, which he did, giving me the ticket number INC11656784. He assured me that I would be contacted within the next couple of days.
Having not heard anything after several days, I called back, this time speaking with Julie, who commiserated with me but said no notes had been placed on my account indicating that I had ever called, so we started again from square one. She told me that she didn’t have anything to do with tech support, but assured me that someone would contact me in a few days to help me, and that she would note my account accordingly.
This brings me to today. Someone named Karnee (? sounds like Carney with the emphasis on the second syllable) refused to discuss my problem because I didn’t have a man standing next to me who could claim that he was my husband. I didn’t appreciate that, so she transferred me to Ty who also told me that she wouldn’t help me, even though my account had been noted pertaining to my previous call.
In summary, after four telephone calls I am still not able to access the account. No one offered me any alternative, nor did they apologize for failing to follow up and wasting my time for two weeks. At no point did anyone offer to mail me the oh, so very essential letter giving me permission to take care of my husband’s account.
This is how you do business. Make promise after promise, and when you don’t follow through on those commitments, you deflect from your failure by telling me I am not authorized to discuss the account—even after having discussed it on two separate occasions with two different reps.
You people sure love to say how important your customers are, but you know nothing about customer service. I worked in customer service and technical support for over 20 years, and you don’t have a clue. Basic Customer Relations 101 (not to mention common decency) says that when you make a commitment to follow up with a customer, you do so.
I am so disgusted. I fully realize that I am just one person and you couldn’t care less, but rest assured that I will tell everyone I know how woefully lacking you are in customer service.

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